What is the right way to date Mexican women?

If you are truly interested in Mexican dating, then you should be aware that you will hardly meet a blond among these passionate women, the prevailing majority is brunet. Perhaps, for this reason, their women are generally not considered stupid and brainless because of fair hair.

You will not hear foolish jokes about golden-haired, and not even mothers in law. Despite having lots of mocking songs, it is not clear whose mother they are about, as there is no distinction between a husband’s or wife’s mother in law. The same term «suegra» is used for both and who exactly the song is about becomes clear only knowing the signer, if it is a man or a woman.

Hot climate has an influence on the style of clothes preferred by Mexican women, that is extremely revealing and short. At the same time, contrary to the accustomed opinion, this kind of outfit is not seen as an inherent feature of fireflies or women of low social status.

If some foreign fellow start throwing comments with broad hints to a woman wearing a mini skirt and a transparent blouse, she will not consider it offensive.

Moreover, bright makeup is harmonious with an image of a real Mexican queen and does not add a sense of vulgarity.

  • Victoria, 20
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Rihem, 21
    Monastir, Tunisia
  • Marissa, 23
    Guyana, Philippines
  • Eslendy, 26
    Lebrija, Colombia
  • Leticia, 23
    Cancún, Mexico
  • AMAL, 23
    Casablanca, Morocco

Mexican woman, like all other women in the world, want to get married

Being married, especially to a rich and handsome man is more prestigious that being single. When it comes to the requirements of the husband, apart from the stated above, he must be kind, smart and of course deeply in love with the Mexican girl.

All those stories from Mexican soap operas are not too far from reality. But even in a TV series not a single woman seeks attention of a drinking, or worse, greedy and envious man.

Despite being an exotic country, Mexico’s trend of women’s’ emancipation is strong. 

You shouldn’t wait for a Mexican girl to say yes only because she was offered to get married and because she needs it for a social approval. Women in Mexico are very wayward and proud, they think highly of themselves and very often rely on their own abilities. Therefore, girls choose men who don’t put any limit upon their freedom and who treat them as equal partners in relationships. Women work on equal terms with men. For example, among taxi drivers, who are predominantly men in most countries, there are quite a few women in Mexico working in this sphere. A huge number of leadership positions are held by women and they support ironclad subordination in a team.

In large cities and urban areas, early marriage and large number of children becomes more uncommon. In the rural areas, however, old traditions are still strong. Civilization and modern trends did not pass by the Mexican region, and if the lifestyle change is positive or negative, there are no means to determine at the moment.

Customs and traditions

If you want to date a Mexican girl, you should get used to a lot of small traditions,  inseparable from daily life. They have a lot of ceremonies inside the family - meeting parents, compulsory family dinners, relatives and siblings visits. Everyone around will be sweet and laid-back, so you will need all the communication skills to gel along with such a crowd. Have you ever tried Mexican tequila? Women there have. Alcohol takes a very special place in their culture, it's not just about drinking, it's has a huge amount of customs and traditions behind it. At any age they can tell you how to drink tequila properly, how to choose lime, and which salt it will work best with. Some of them never tried even a drop of alcohol, but they still know all these things.

On the dance floor Mexican women feel confident and relaxed. And, believe me, you have never seen such revealing dancers. It is also a part of their culture and a way to express themselves. For a Mexican girl dance is it true language, it helps her to express a huge amount of feelings and thoughts about you, so pay attention and try to feel, not understand what you were told with a dance.

Mexico is rich with small daily rituals. “Hello, how are you?” is the first thing you will learn in Spanish classes. And the answer is always the same - “Good, but what about you?”. It doesn’t matter what is really going on, but don’t worry, in the end you will have an opportunity to complain a little bit, but only a few hugs and kisses later. When you leave a family dinner, you need to say goodbye even to those who you have not exchanged a word with. You should hug them and say “See you”, even if both of you are sure that you will never see each other again.

An important skill that works great in Mexico is the science of understanding the subtext of spoken words. At first, it is very pleasant that no one drops the hammer, but still it can cause difficulties, especially when one of you are not a native English speaker. Mexican mentality excludes directness as a fact. Mexican women will give you a lot of automatically promises, it’s just a part of their communicational habit. Sometimes small daily promises can be filled with air, just don’t take it personally. 

At the same time Mexicans are very delicate and precise when they deal with something serious, especially marriage. Women here deeply care about their family and future kids, so they do everything they can to prepare themselves for it. They build a career, save up for their own housing, and expect the same attitude from a partner. So if your intentions are serious, you need to prove it and be fully included in the process of creating a family.

Specifics of dating Mexican ladies

There is nothing more simple than dating a girl from Mexico. In fact, this task is way simpler than meeting a girl from any other European country.

That said, your major tool is the expression toughed at the first Spanish class: “Hello, how are things going?” And the unsaid rule is: do not try to be to creative, stick to the phrase, and you will be fine.

Talking about the reply, there is only one valid option. You have to say “Oh I am great! And you?’ Even if you are not doing so great, your answer to her needs to come with a cheerful smile, if you are Skyping, and even when you message.

  1. A very important skill when dating Mexican females is the ability to read between the lines and understand the underlying message in both oral and written communication. Ladies generally hide the meaning behind beautiful words and metaphors. Yet, the pleasant part of it, that if she does not feel that much attracted to you, she will not fling you off harshly and categorically.
  2. Mexican women are very courteous. Even a rejection will most probably be said in a long veiling phrase, or even extend to a whole paragraph or half a page of text. The politeness is especially noticeable when they start using set expressions as “Thank you in advance” or “Your wish is very important to me,” which would evoke only laughs in most cases.
  3. Even in every day communication they are remarkably soft-spoken and you will hardly ever hear them talking in a harsh or provocative manner. A conversation with someone who has dialed the wrong number will be filled with “Could you please,” and “Extremely grateful,” and “I am so sorry,” and other polite wording.
  4. Mexican women are usually hilarious, they love joking and kidding, but still they are quite touchy and there is a vague line that cannot be crossed.  Mostly it is a national feature, so they can understand your jokes or innocuous comments in a wrong way and become deeply offended. Be careful with what you are saying. If something happened, you need to apologize, they’re good enough in reading people to see that you meant it sincerely. Talking about traveling, hobbies, music, asking about their native country and traditions is a good start. Try to avoid any political and religious matters, it would definitely kill an easy-going mood;
  5. Ladies here are sociable and usually go a little far in a small talk. After five minutes of conversation, you will know the name of their best friends and what they wrote in compositions at school. Don’t worry, it’s just their way to make you feel comfortable. If they notice that you didn’t understand something or got lost a little, they will help you immediately. Mexican women won’t leave you in a difficult situation and the next ten days they will ask if everything is all right and whether you need to be saved again. Therefore, don’t be surprised with excessive attention;
  6. If you have a date, don't even try to come on time. They are always late, you have just to get used to it. Consider this as one of native features. And don't you dare shame them for being late, it will offend any Mexican women.

Mexican women are undeniably a well of patience.

Do Mexican ladies easily fall in love?

The answer is yes. They do fall in love easily. On the other hand, they are to lose interest as easy as they are to take it.

All because Mexican girls, like no other in the world, receive so much care and attention from local men, even despite it being a patriarchal country. They are always seen home, held by the hand and opened doors even by strangers. It is surely a country with the largest number of kissing and hugging couples.

Nevertheless, there are certain obstacles if you want to marry a beautiful and kind Mexican woman:

  • The thing is, the couple might be dating for a long time and even live together for the last 5 or 10 years, yet the relationships will still not be formalized with marriage.
  • Mexican females tie the knot closer to the age of 30 or later.
  • When it comes to children, they appear even later, when she is in her 40s. The reason is the necessity of building a career and accumulate for personal housing.

Mexican ladies just love to save

Even if having a prestigious job and high income, this does not stop a Mexican woman to save on every peso starting with buying the low-cost food to choosing the cheapest clothes. But then, she will go on holiday other than to a 5-star all-inclusive hotel. And if a girl is accompanied by a boyfriend, he will not be given a chance to pay, so she can feel independent.

And the last, most striking feature of Mexican culture, which applies to both genders, is that they take their own food when being invited and paying a visit be it a friend or a relative.