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In our modern world, sports and an active way of life have become extremely popular. Millions of people attend gyms and improve their diets to achieve their dream bodies and look stunning, but some people enjoy sports even more and put lots of efforts into becoming very athletic and strong. These people are healthy, they are strong, they can be great examples of people’s determination and willpower: they motivate others to work hard to achieve their goals and to be persistent and patient to finally get what you want. More than that, they look stunning: their sporty bodies can motivate lots of people to improve their lifestyles and to achieve bodies of their dreams.
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It’s no surprise that beautiful athletic people are extremely attractive in many people’s eyes: lots of people would like to date partners who look like fitness models from the magazine covers. They look like movie stars: their attractive bodies, healthy hair and glowing pretty faces are what most people imagine while thinking about ideal partners of their dreams. While women dream of dating muscular men, guys want to date slim strong ladies who look stunning both in gym suits and beautiful dresses. If you want to date an athletic woman, then there are lots of things you should know about dating her in advance: it can help you to be prepared and to expect some things from your relationship. Read the article on how to date a pretty sporty lady correctly to meet a woman of your dreams.

a strong athletic woman is working out

Why men love dating athletic women

Though standards of beauty change from time to time, being healthy and attractive is always important: in many people’s eyes, everything is great in moderation, so a perfect lady’s appearance is often seen as pretty slim and muscular, but curvy in some parts as well. A sporty woman is perfect for almost everyone: there are so many popular sporty women in modern media that it’s easy to understand that people love it, so it’s worth trying to achieve great physical shape to become attractive and appealing.

There are lots of reasons why men would like to date beautiful athletic women: though some men don’t look deeper than a lady's appearance in the first place, there are lots of amazing features of these determined and strong women which can influence their relationships a lot and make them amazing partners. Dating a sporty person can improve your health, your attitudes towards different aspects of your life, it can make your life more colourful and exciting: a person who is full of energy and always wants to improve their life can become an amazing partner who can motivate you and be a reliable companion. There are a few reasons why guys love dating athletic girls:

  • These ladies are independent. Athletic women know well how to protect themselves: these ladies train hard to achieve their amazing physical shape and understand how strong and able their bodies are. Their independence is seen not only in some critical situations but also in everyday life: they tend to see men as equals, not as protectors or providers. A strong independent lady can carry heavy bags, she is not afraid to present her opinions, she is not just a man’s companion - she’s a personality with her own wishes, goals and ideas on how to achieve them;
  • Strong sporty ladies are confident. A great physique allows sporty ladies to have very healthy self-esteem and confidence which can sometimes break all the difficulties in their lives. Their confidence is not only based on the fact that they look amazing (which is true), but also on the fact that an athletic lady sees how her goals and efforts turn into her accomplishments. She knows that hard work pays off and understands that her motivation is stronger than many people’s willpower: this makes an athletic lady almost unbendable and able to withstand anything;
  • They know how to work hard and how to relax. It’s easy to see that very sporty ladies know a lot about working out: their grooved muscular bodies require hours of hard exercise regularly. But regardless of how much you enjoy doing sports, it’s almost impossible to do it all the time: people need other hobbies and they also need to relax to be more effective, motivated and satisfied. Therefore, most athletic women know how important is to relax properly: whether your sporty lady loves chilling with Netflix at home or (what is more often) doing some active stuff in her leisure time - she definitely knows how to relax;
  • Sporty ladies don’t have lots of complexes which are usually connected with some extra weight, cellulite and other stuff, but it’s not the main reason for their healthy self-esteem: they understand their strength, they know how much they’ve accomplished and they feel valued and worthy in every situation.
  • They are not only physically strong - they are tough inside as well. It’s easy to imagine an athletic lady carrying impressive weights and doing cardio exercises - these activities require lots of effort and strength from her. But it also requires a lot from her willpower and character: imagine being on a strict diet and practising every day a lot - it’s definitely not something which everyone can do. Most athletic women are tough: they have strong characters, they are fearless, brave, down-to-earth and determined - and these qualities make them even hotter. Dating a strong personality is enjoyable for everyone who is interested not only in dating a pretty body but also a deep and suitable person;
  • They have healthy self-esteem and respect themselves. Though some women start going to the gym or doing exercises because they are unhappy about their looks, athletic women are interested in sports on a much deeper level: they often don’t want to fix their little “imperfections” - instead, they want to achieve their bigger goals and to improve their sporty and strong bodies even more. Sporty ladies don’t have lots of complexes which are usually connected with some extra weight, cellulite and other stuff, but it’s not the main reason for their healthy self-esteem: they understand their strength, they know how much they’ve accomplished and they feel valued and worthy in every situation;
  • Athletic ladies have real motivation. Though some people are never sure about what they want and how to achieve that, athletic ladies know how to set up realistic goals and understand how to accomplish everything they want. It’s not that type of people who want something “passively” without doing anything to achieve that - an athletic lady is a person of action who knows that you can only reach your goals when you move. Dating an athletic person is sometimes like dating your personal motivational coach - though it’s not her duty to motivate you, it’s hard not to get infected by her enthusiasm and determination;
  • Difficulties are seen only as challenges by athletic women. People with strong character and determination are not afraid of difficulties: they know that their efforts help them to accomplish almost everything they want, so they see the process of achieving something as a game or a challenge. Where an average person decides that a goal is too hard to achieve, an athletic person sees an opportunity to add another accomplishment to their list. If you prefer dating someone who chooses action over complaining, then a sporty lady is your choice;
  • a young athletic woman is working out in a gym
  • They respect teamwork and can be great partners. When a lady takes part in competitions or at least enjoys sports games from time to time, she definitely knows how important teamwork is. A sporty person values every member of their team, so they always try to achieve the best mutual understanding to accomplish their goals. The same goes with relationships: they want their relationships to work, so they try to communicate efficiently with their partners and use their communication wisely;
  • Athletic women are adventurous. A person who spends most of their time in a gym is less likely to spend their leisure time at home: they often go camping, they love travelling, they try extreme sports and live their life to its fullest. It’s never boring with an athletic lady: whether she offers you to try horse riding, bungee jumping or skiing, you always know that it will be more exciting than spending another evening in front of the TV;
  • They are healthy and attractive. The most obvious reason why guys love dating athletic women is their healthy attractiveness: a person with a beautiful and strong body and healthy self-esteem is more desirable and likeable by most people. Though appearance is not the most important thing for a great relationship, it’s still essential for partners to be physically attracted to each other - so dating a sporty lady can be a great experience. Your lady will always be beautiful and healthy, and it will influence your relationship a lot.

What you should do to date an athletic lady right

It’s not enough to meet a beautiful athletic lady and to start dating her to achieve happiness: just like any other relationship, dating a sporty lady requires lots of effort and understanding from both partners to work well. A relationship is a process that evolves or degrades almost constantly: there are no saving points where you can stop trying hard and just relax. Though a good relationship brings you lots of happiness and joy, it requires hard work from both of you: just like your athletic lady works hard to achieve her dream body, partners work hard to build their perfect relationship.

a sporty woman in a black sports outfit posing for a photo

There are lots of things a person who has never been dating an athletic lady should get used to. Of course, dating someone who is very motivated and dedicated to one specific goal or interest has lots of differences from dating a general person: a sporty lady has lots of needs and rules which help her to achieve her goals and keep her perfect physical shape. It’s not that easy to look that perfect all the time: they spend a lot of time working out, they control what they eat and their lives are much more structured and planned than other people’s lives. It’s important to understand that your life will probably change a lot as well: dating another person often means finding compromises and changing your routines to make them more suitable for another person’s needs. It’s not something you can just skip: if sports is so important in your girlfriend’s life, then expect it to be integrated into your life as well.

Though dating an athletic lady has lots of differences and features which can influence your relationship a lot, it’s still a romantic relationship with a lady who can also be sensitive, fragile, emotional and tender. Though athletic girls cry much more rarely than other women, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings: they still require their partners to be loyal, sincere, truthful, loving and caring. Dating a sporty lady requires all the dating rules from regular dating like respect, politeness and honesty but also has some extra things you should remember about:

  • You should be more active to suit your athletic lady well. Dating a sporty person usually means that your partner is active, full of life, they want to spend most of their time at the gym or doing active things because it’s hard for them to spend a day being a couch potato. It’s hard for them not to move - so they spend most of their time moving and doing so many things that it sometimes feels like they have more than 24 hours in a day. Therefore, you should get used to their pace of life and try your best to suit it well: if you want to spend a lot of time with your partner, then you should start with becoming more active and sporty in the first place;
  • Don’t assume that she’s weaker than you only because she’s a lady - but don’t tell her that she’s too strong and you feel uncomfortable with her as well. It’s a theme that requires moderation: if your lady is very sporty and strong and you’re not, then she probably knows well that she’s stronger than you. Sometimes it might be perceived jokingly, some ladies are kinda proud of being stronger than their men, but there are also lots of ladies who feel uncomfortable because of that. It’s not only men who might have complexes because of their strong girlfriends: even a strong sporty lady wants to feel weak and fragile sometimes, so even if you can’t compete with her physical strength, then develop your character and intelligence to make her feel protected;
  • Deal with the fact that there are often lots of muscular men around her. An average gym is full of guys who are extremely muscular and strong, most of them look like they pose for sport magazine covers (and some of them might really do). It doesn’t mean that your girlfriend goes to the gym to look at them all the time: sporty people acknowledge other people’s great sports accomplishments and physical shape, but they don’t see every sporty person as a potential partner. If your lady says that these masculine guys at the gym are her friends, then trust her: the fact that she dates you tells a lot about her preferences and choices. Don’t be jealous of some random people at her gym: it only shows your lack of confidence and trust issues;
  • Your sporty muscular appearance will be more attractive in your sporty lady’s eyes: she works hard to keep her great shape, so she deserves someone equally attractive and strong to be her partner.
  • She’s got lots of needs and her schedule is very strict. Even if you are the type of person who loves spending evenings ordering pizzas and watching movies, it doesn’t mean that your girlfriend will be happy to join you and forget about all her training and diets. An athletic lady spends lots of her free time trying hard to accomplish her goals and improve herself, so don’t expect her to give up everything just to be more comfortable for you to spend time with. She’s got lots of rules and limits, so try to find compromises and never plan anything without asking her: she might have a planned workout in the evening, so she won’t have time to go to the restaurant with you;
  • Compliment her muscles - especially in some specific areas to make her understand that you’re sincere with her. If your lady spends so much time trying to improve her body, then it will be pleasant for her to hear you complimenting her results. Avoid complimenting her butt and breasts and concentrate on her muscles and great results: be more specific and notice some changes in her muscles to make her proud of her accomplishments;
  • Accept that sport is very important to her. It’s easy to understand that a person who spends most of their time at the gym values sport a lot: a person who sees sports as a minor interest won’t probably put so much effort into achieving amazing results. Therefore, don’t make her choose between you and sport and never try to belittle the importance of sport in her life: whether you discuss her favourite team or her favourite kind of sports, be respectful. Don’t try to convince her that “people should not put so much importance in sports” or “a person needs other serious hobbies in their life in the first place” - it’s rude and disrespectful;
  • Start working out. This obvious step has lots of benefits: in the first place, it’s a great opportunity to meet your potential athletic girlfriend, and doing sports will help you to understand her and her life better. Secondly, your sporty muscular appearance will be more attractive in your sporty lady’s eyes: she works hard to keep her great shape, so she deserves someone equally attractive and strong to be her partner. And finally, it’s a great opportunity to boost your own confidence and fight your complexes based on the fact that your athletic girlfriend might be stronger than you: work out, improve yourself and achieve your goals together with your beautiful lady;
  • Remember that she’s a human being. A sporty lady has a personality: she’s not just a calorie-burning machine who wants to make her muscles bigger and thinks about sports all day long. These ladies tend to be versatile: they have lots of other interests and hobbies except working out and dieting. They have friends, they have their favourite books and movies, they have other social roles than “athletic women”: they are daughters, loving wives and mothers, they have colleagues and devoted friends. Don’t simplify her personality and don’t assume that she’s just a sport obsessed freak: don’t give her random presents which are connected with sports and discuss other topics with her which don’t involve her sporty routine or sports games;
  • Don’t assume that she has no life outside the gym. Sporty ladies do eat lots of products except things which are included in a “healthy diet”, they meet their friends and have jobs, education and lots of activities except working out. She doesn’t need to be too strict or harsh with herself unless she’s preparing for a competition or a game: don’t be surprised to see her eating pizza or snacks and avoid joking or commenting on her food choices because her perfect body shape says a lot about her ability to control her life and doing everything in moderation;
  • Be a gentleman. Even though dating an athletic lady might be different from dating a general girl, some things are always important: a respectful attitude, good manners and mutual understanding are valued in every relationship regardless of your girlfriend being sporty or not. Treat her right: be understanding, loyal, caring, polite, don’t neglect her needs and interests, listen to her and make her feel like she’s a princess who deserves the best. Though a sporty lady often wears gym clothing, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like beautiful dresses and high heels: make her feel feminine and special and respect her interest in sport at the same time.
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