Dating single Kurdish women

Have you ever heard of Kurdish women? You probably think these are just representatives of another tiny nationality somewhere in the Middle East. But Kurdish people are actually widely spread all across this region, having their own unique customs and living an outstanding lifestyle, which is not common to any other nationality in the world.

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Life is pretty tough for Kurdish people, with multiple military conflicts and deserted lands they have to cultivate. No wonder they tend to stick to their families, as it is the only sanctuary which is always there for them. While dating Kurdish women you might face the influence of their background and have to adapt to the views and values unusual to the western culture: it’s not like dating American women because you should learn a lot of their features in advance. We are happy to give you some guidelines in terms of dating Kurdish women as well as some assistance in finding the perfect Kurdish wife.

What to know about Kurdish culture

The main trait of Kurdish culture are religious beliefs, Islam in particular. Muslim religion, being one of the strictest faiths, penetrated all spheres of Kurdish life. But don’t worry - unlike people from some Arab countries, the kurds have a more moderate interpretation of religion. Though they adapted the patriarchal beliefs, they still are quite tolerant to other worldviews and lifestyles.

Just as you might have already guessed, Muslim Kurdish people mostly value family and choose it over anything else. Traditionally, a Kurdish man is a breadwinner here, and not much has changed since the old times. Women still consider it right to keep the house nice and welcoming while their husbands earn the living for their whole family.

But there is a reason for such a choice as well. Kurdish people mostly live in smaller settlements, like villages. They are regularly very distant from one another, not to mention any bigger cities. There are not many work opportunities in such places, and many jobs include physical labour. Kurdish people often work in the agricultural industry, since they live in rural areas. There is not much work in general, and work opportunities for women are extremely limited, therefore they just have to rely on their husbands in terms of provision.

If you come to a Kurdish family as a guest and friend, you will always be welcome.

Tough characters of Kurdish people may be difficult for european people to understand. Though if you come to a Kurdish family as a guest and friend, you will always be welcome, not everyone gets such hospitable treatment. It takes time for any person of a Kurdish background to get used to new acquaintances and start relying on them. Friendships are very meaningful to everyone here, but becoming friends is definitely not the easiest and fastest process.

For Kurdish people the sense of community is also extremely important. The interest of a group is often much more valuable than the interest of a particular individual. Therefore Kurdish women think a lot about the impression they leave on the whole family, and so do Kurdish men. There are many examples of kurds left alone without family support, and people here don’t want to have such hard times.

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Beliefs and life approach

Kurdish women live in the environment which any western person would consider extremely conservative and even kind of misogynistic. There is not much a woman is allowed to do by herself. There are lots of things which are pretty similar to dating customs and traditions in Turkey

Dating as a Kurdish woman, you actually have no real ability to choose a partner. Moreover, dating as a concept primarily doesn’t exist. Pre-arranged marriages are extremely widespread in the Middle Eastern region, with families making the choice for their children. American and european people would see this tradition as barbaric, but people in the Middle East have nothing against it at all.

And even if a Kurdish woman gets to dating, she will never be able to simply marry a chosen one before he is approved by her family. Moreover, the groom also has to ask for the permission of his family.

Marriage and family in Kurdish culture

When we speak about relationships between men and women in Kurdish culture, they regularly mean marriage. Physical contact is not allowed before marriage, and a couple can’t live together before they become a wife and a husband. Parents won’t let the two people of the opposite gender be left alone in a room as well.

If a woman is left without a family or previous husband, the only thing left for her is to get married again.

Since there are so little work opportunities for Kurdish women, they often rely on their partners in terms of material provision. If a woman is left without a family or previous husband, the only thing left for her is to get married again. Men also have more control in Kurdish families, but they genuinely love their wives and care about them.

A goal of getting married is regularly having kids. Kurdish people have big families, and the desire to get one is inherited from generation to generation. Having children is so important that an infertile woman might have trouble finding a man to marry, even though she is a great person in all other respects. But when the happy times come and the kids are finally born, Kurdish women can account for the help and assistance from all the members of their huge families.

What to know when dating Kurdish women

So, you happen to date a Kurdish woman. Here is what you should do and expect to make the relationships work:

  • Be persistent, but not pushy. Kurdish women enjoy being courted and want their man to make an effort in order to win over them. Just like in any patriarchal society, men should show signs of affection and be generally attentive to their women. But pay attention to your girlfriend’s feelings as well. If you see that she is not extremely satisfied by what you are doing or just generally doesn’t want to accept your affection, don’t insist on it. No matter how strict the roles in her society are, she is still a person with a valuable opinion;
  • Treat her like an equal. Regardless of traditions installing certain ideas into the behaviour of Kurdish women, they still like a bit of independence. Don’t make all decisions for your significant other, let her decide what she wants for herself. Address issues which concern both of you and bring them up for discussion. Accept the fact that she is a different person still, even if you earn the living for both of you;
  • Show her your interest in the future. Kurdish culture shows women that if there are no potential prospects to have with a partner, there is no possible future together. You should have plans on a family together, on having your kids and your own household. This is what serious intentions look like for any Kurdish woman. And if you only hurry up to get in bed with her, you probably won’t be successful, even if you treat her amazingly otherwise;
  • Get to know her family. Her parents, siblings and other relatives are a great part of her life. If they live anywhere nearby, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time with them too. Treat them with respect too and show interest in their lives. It is always pleasant to know that your daughter’s significant other treats her family the right way too. And expect some potential suspicion from the side of her relatives at the beginning. Especially if you are not of Kurdish or muslim background, they’ll take some time to develop the trust in you;
  • Learn more about her culture. You might not easily understand your Kurdish girlfriend, but that is because you don’t know much about her background. Take some time to study more of the Kurdish culture and history and you might get a better understanding of her traditions and behaviour if you learn how everything was established;
  • Accept her modesty. If you are dating a beautiful Kurdish woman, you probably already know that she has a different view of beauty and appearance than any western woman. Kurdish traditions imply modest dresses, with most of the body being covered. It is not a hijab, like in other arab cultures, but just quite a covering look. But even with some restrictions in terms of appearance, Kurdish women still manage to look amazing and shockingly attractive.

Kurdish women and online dating

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But what about online dating Kurdish women, you might ask. Well, if you happen to visit Middle Eastern countries and hope to find a Kurdish bride there, online dating is not really an option. Though some women still register on dating websites, the whole process of meeting a partner online is quite hidden and looked down upon. But if you are looking for a Kurdish woman in more progressive countries, you’ll easily meet many of them.

You’ll start with regular communication, just as if you got a friend. If you both happen to like each other, you will be presented to her parents.

Remember, that Kurdish women are not easy at all. Even if she has a profile on a dating site, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to even kiss her on your dates. You’ll start with regular communication, just as if you got a friend. If you both happen to like each other, you will be presented to her parents. And if they finally approve you, lucky you are, you can start dating (and planning marriage, of course).

Kurdish women on dating sites always have serious intentions. They are looking for a life-long partner, who will love them dearly and support in joy and sorrow. So if you have nothing in mind rather than a one-night stand, better pass by and turn your attention to the girls of other nationalities. is a safe and secure platform to look for a partner. These are some of the important features Kurdish women are looking for in a dating website, which is why they often choose It is available all over the world, so you can find yourself a Kurdish bride when you are in her country or even if you are miles apart. These are the steps you need to take in order to find a girlfriend at

  • Complete the registration procedure or log in using one of your already existent social media accounts;
  • Create a profile and describe yourself as a person. There are suggested fields you need to fill, but you can also get creative and include anything you think your partner might need to know about you into your profile bio. Don’t forget to add some pictures - the first impression is often made by appearance;
  • Start looking for a partner. Use the settings of our searching system to customize the choice. You can specify any potential traits you want to see in your girlfriend, from education to appearance, from cultural background to hobbies.

After you go through these steps, you get a list of the most compatible users. Feel free to message any of them. Get to know each other through chatting, but don’t hesitate to ask a date out once you form a connection. Dating online should always develop into real life relationships. The love of your life is definitely out there waiting for you.

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