Dating single divorced women

Nowadays people have much more freedom in relationships then they used to have a couple decades ago. They are discovering themselves and their interests, which also leads to a desire of having a perfect partner. When a person knows themselves well, no wonder they want to have a suitable individual by their side. This leads to higher divorce rates - when people are no longer satisfied with the person they married, they don’t want to struggle for the rest of their life and choose a divorce.

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That being said, when you get to the dating scene, you will inevitably meet divorced women. Some men are kind of scared of such ladies - who knows, why their previous marriage fell apart? But you shouldn’t be too judgemental before you know a divorced woman closer. You can never tell, which life circumstances led her to the decision of separating with her husband.

We understand how scary dating after divorce can be for women, but also for their potential partners. But we know it is possible to meet the love of your life, even if your previous relationships were not as successful. We prepared everything people should know about dating divorced women, but we also suggest an amazing platform which can help you unite with your soulmate.

Is it a good idea to date a woman who is going through a divorce

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Sometimes you’ll meet a woman you like and understand that she is currently in the middle of divorce process. Of course, you’ll have some doubts about it being the right time to date. Your concerns are totally understandable - we think it is best to postpone dating and engaging in new romantic interactions until the divorce is complet and the previous marriage is well grieved upon.

The relationships, which led to marriage, probably were really serious, which is why when they end, it is hard to get over all the feelings fast.

Generally, women who are getting a divorce need some time to break all the bonds with their ex-husband. The relationships, which led to marriage, probably were really serious, which is why when they end, it is hard to get over all the feelings fast. A divorced woman might think she desperately needs a new love affair, but that is only because she is afraid of being lonely or wants to show her ex how independent she is.

You can easily understand whether a woman is ready to move on or not. If she is constantly talking about her divorce on a date and you feel like you serve as a therapist - she is probably still getting over her feelings. In this case it is best to step aside and let her go through all of these emotions first.

Signs a woman is ready to date after divorce

But how do you know for sure that a woman you like is ready to start new relationships? Here are some definite signs:

  • A woman feels independent in most ways. She is perfectly content about being single and is not desperate about getting into new relationships. Clearly, she may have a desire to establish some personal life, but it shouldn’t be her only need. A woman, who is fine with being single, knows how to entertain herself. She has her own interests and is not afraid of spending time on her own. She has her personal space and respects the personal space of her partner;
  • She sees both the good and the bad of her previous relationships. We all know the stages of acceptance people have to go through. If you see that a woman only feels grief or anger towards her ex-husband, she is definitely not ready to move on. She should have a clear perception of her previous marriage and take all the necessary lessons from it. But when somebody is still living through the tragic loss, she may feel like she lost so much good when she decided to separate. She may also feel nothing but anger or hatred. If you see some of these signs, just accept it, that this woman might need some more time.

Pros and cons of dating a divorced woman

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Now, let’s see what’s so good about having a relationships with a woman after divorce:

  • You don’t have to worry about common future. Many young women, who have never been married, want all serious relationships to end with a proposal. While you can hardly find a lady who doesn’t like long-term commitments, divorced women have a bit of a different perspective. They have already had a ring on their finger and they know, that relationships don’t get better with a marriage certificate and they definitely don’t want to hurry too much, so they can easily start dating over 30 without being marriage-minded;
  • Divorced women know what they want. It is always nice to have a confident partner by your side, and divorced women are definitely confident in their desires. After long-term relationships end, women regularly come to certain conclusions and learn their lessons. This is why their demands for future partners are very clear and distinct, but never unrealistic;
  • They value personal space. And not only their own, but their partner’s as well. Many women are only able to understand the value of personal space after divorce, but when they finally learn it, they really appreciate having some time on their own. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your girlfriend having a desire to spend all her free time together with you or texting you every five minutes, because otherwise she feels lonely;
  • They are vulnerable. First of all, divorce itself gives a load of emotions. And secondly, women, who choose not to suffer from unsuccessful marriage, probably don’t hide their emotions and allow themselves to feel. So even though divorced women may seem rational or materialistic, they are actually really emotional and vulnerable.

But on the contrary, there are a few things which outweigh the previous positive traits:

  • Divorced women may be afraid of attachments. They already know that being open to a person and creating a strong bond doesn’t necessarily lead to happily ever after. This is why it might take a divorced woman quite a bit of time to open up to her new boyfriend - she needs to know for sure, that he won’t betray her;
  • They can compare their new and ex partners. Of course, if her ex-husband was a bad person, you will have a load of advantages in comparison. But generally, if you understand, that you’ll constantly be compared to someone, it’s not a pleasant feeling. Just keep in mind that we all have our own past, and our background doesn’t let us see everything as a blank paper. As your relationships develop, her constant comparisons will go away as well;
  • Kids might be a big complication. When parents get a divorce, it is always stressful for the kids, even though it might be done for their own good. And when a parent decides to get a new partner, children can be very judgemental and unaccepting. Show them you are not planning to replace their father - even though you might marry their mother at some point, it doesn’t mean you become as close to them, as their real dad. But still pay attention to the kids and try to build relationships with them as well, since their opinion might influence your affair with a woman at some point;
  • Divorced women can be demanding. Since their previous relationships fell apart and now they for sure know what they need, these women may be quite demanding of their new partners. Be sure, you’ll be told about all your flaws. And if you promise to do something and then think you’ll get away with inaction - just beware. You probably won’t get a temper tantrum or a big argument, but in case you never do anything for these relationships, they will probably fall apart at some point.

How to date a divorced woman

While dating a divorced woman can be challenging, there are a few things you can do to make these relationships successful and enjoyable for both parties.

First of all, accept the fact that she probably will still communicate with her ex-husband. Even though he might not be suitable for her as a partner, they still have a huge background in common. And if they had kids, she will never put the communication with her ex away completely, at least for the sake of children. Just keep in mind that if she decided to get a divorce, she was definitely not satisfied with their relationships and she won’t go back.

Don’t play games with a divorced woman. She probably hates men, who treat relationships as a game. Be serious in your treatment of her. If you promise to do something, do this. If you agree to go exclusive, don’t date other women. Just generally be serious - another trickster is not something a divorced woman needs in her life.

If you agree to go exclusive, don’t date other women.

Appreciate her good sides and tell her about it. Divorced women often feel self-conscious, because society tells them they are guilty of the marriage falling apart. This is why it is so important to remind a woman how great she actually is. She might seem extremely confident on the outside, but deep inside she might have a lot of doubts.

Pay attention to her personality and be genuinely interested in her. She might be a great girlfriend and wife, the most caring and loving person you ever met, but what else do you know about her? Pay attention to her interests, do something she likes together and don’t forget she is just as much of a person as you are, so treat her with respect.

If she has kids, you have a whole new treaty to establish relationships with. Start by asking your woman about her children - she probably knows them better, than anyone. Take things slow and don’t expect the kids to like you from the very first time you meet. But don’t toady up to them either - if you show too much interest or make too many gifts, it might feel fake. The best thing to do is to show them you like and care about them just as much as about their mother. You should also show the kids how much you like the woman you are dating. When they understand you are genuinely interested in their family, they might become more accepting and allow you to blend in.

Dating divorced women online

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Many divorced women don’t know where to start looking for love again. In this case, online dating sites are very handy. We advise you to try dating online on, and here is why:

  • We have an amazing matchmaking system, which allows you to meet precisely the partner you need. You can choose as many criteria as you want, and when you are finished, the website will present you a list of the most compatible partners, who meet your requirements;
  • We are safe to use. pays a lot of attention to security, be it payments or personal data. You can be sure, none of your payment information will get into the wrong hands. But the people you meet on the website are also safe to date. The security denotes scams and fraudsters and bans them from the platform. But if you come across something suspicious, you can also send a report, which will be investigated. And developed a set of rules for everyone, who wants to take extra safety precautions as well;
  • We have a great reputation. Thousands of happy couples, who met here, are our biggest pride as well as proof for the fact that our system works spotlessly.

Just check it yourself and you’ll find out how easy and convenient dating with is. Even if your previous relationships didn’t work out, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love. We’ll help you meet just the right person for a truly fairy tale love story!

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