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Nowadays every person knows that a good romantic relationship with your partner is something that has a great value and can make your life bright and exciting. Everyone seems to be obsessed with love: the number of love songs and romantic movies increases every year and it's hard to spend a day without seeing romance-related media around. People of different ages, nationalities and interests meet, date and have relationships: though every person is unique and different, everyone seems to need general things: love, care, respect and good attitude make it perfect for everyone and are believed to be the basis of a good relationship. While some relationships end with breakups, the others evolve into marriage: when a couple is sure that they both can spend the rest of their lives together, then it’s a great time to create a family. But even if a couple is married and happy to be together, does it mean that they are guaranteed to become old together and to die at the same one day? Unfortunately, they aren’t.

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Sometimes life is hard and unfair: even if you’re lucky to meet your real soulmate and to be happy with them in your family life without scandals, cheating or misunderstandings, there’s still one thing that can change everything and break your heart. The death of the partner is a terrible thing: whether it was a deadly illness or an accident, that moment changes your life and makes everything meaningless and grey for a really long time. A widow woman who has lost her partner might feel helpless, vulnerable and alone: it’s extremely painful and terrifying to be left alone without your beloved spouse without any understanding what to do next. There are lots of families where women are housewives who look after their children when their husbands work and earn money for their families, so it’s a real disaster for such women to become widows: except their immeasurable pain, they need to struggle with financial problems and change their lives completely.

A widow woman who has lost her partner might feel helpless, vulnerable and alone.

Though it’s hard to cope with the pain after your spouse’s gone, it doesn’t mean that you have to be alone for the rest of your life. Lots of women think about their future after their period of grief and understand that their deceased partners wouldn’t want them to be lonely and miserable their whole life: everyone wants to be happy and deserves to be loved and to love back. That’s why some widow women decide to try once again: even though a new partner won’t replace their memories about their deceased spouses or completely heal their wounds, they still can be happy again with someone new. Though some ladies prefer to stay single because they feel like it’s more respectful towards their deceased partners, the others are sure that being lonely is not something their husbands would like them to be.

What you should know about dating a widowed woman

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Though lots of people imagine widows as ladies wearing black who are always sad and never smile, it’s not completely true: though people usually experience grief for a period of time after their loss and may have severe depressions, lots of people naturally can’t be sad and gloomy all the time. Slowly their life becomes almost normal again, at least from the outside: they still have their sad moments and some detail might trigger them into tears, but they try their best to stay strong and integrate back to society and have a normal life again. Though most widows don’t want to get any special attention or pity because of their status, they are still extremely sensitive and should be treated carefully.

A widow woman is someone who wants to keep her respectful and special attitude towards her deceased partner but to be happy again at the same time. People often don’t know for how long they should grieve or stay single and are afraid to do something wrong, they also find it difficult to fall in love with someone new because they tend to idealize their deceased partners a lot. A person’s death doesn’t mean that their spouse doesn’t love them any more: it’s an aching wound in their heart that can be healed with time but the scar will remain forever. A widow is a person who knows that their family life could be amazing and they would never even think of being with another person if their spouse was alive, and that pattern of thinking is something that can repel potential partners a lot. That’s why many widows prefer to date other widows: they both know how it feels and how important are their deceased spouses for them. They don’t try to replace these deceased spouses in each other’s hearts and are generally more sensitive and understanding with each other’s feelings.

A widow is a person who knows that their family life could be amazing and they would never even think of being with another person if their spouse was alive.

There are lots of important factors which can influence a widow’s condition a lot: her age, the amount of time she spent with her deceased partner, their common kids, her psychological and mental condition, her character, etc. It’s hard to find any ultimate rules of how to behave with a widowed woman or how to date her, but there are still some general rules which are important to know if you want to have a chance to build a happy and stable relationship with her:

  • A widow woman needs time to grieve in the immediate aftermath of her loss. It’s impossible to say exactly how much time it takes, so you shouldn’t try to hurry to her or to be too pushy with her. A widow needs to understand her feelings and her readiness to start something new, so it’s her decision whether she’s ready or not. Learn to wait and to be patient and respectful with her feelings;
  • Remember that even though her spouse is gone, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love him anymore. Don’t call him her “ex”, because it wasn’t her choice to end the relationship but a terrible accident or illness which ended her happiness. She will always have a place in her heart which belongs to him: learn to accept it and understand that he’s not your competitor or contender. Think of that situation from another perspective: if you were in her husband’s position, you would like your relatives, friends and especially wife and children to remember and love you even after your death. Respect her wish to remember and love him as someone who made her happy;
  • There are lots of things which remind her of him, and these tokens are very important for her. Though they can trigger some painful memories and thoughts, these are things which are connected with some happy moment of her life, so let her keep them and try to understand her feelings;
  • Remember that there are lots of important dates for her which are connected with her deceased partner: their wedding day, his birthday and obviously the day of his death are days when she’ll be sad and quiet and will probably want to be alone and grieve. Respect these dates but don’t try to become a part of it if she doesn’t want you to be involved: you don’t have to be included in her life in some moments of her pain to be important for her. Accept that there are things which are not connected with you and just be around to help her when she will need you;
  • Don’t try to imitate her deceased partner in anyways. You don’t have to dress or act like him to be important to her, you shouldn’t buy her the same presents as he used to buy or to call her like he used to call: you are a person who deserves to be loved for who you are in the first place. Also, their similarities won’t make her feel better: she will probably be triggered and sad to see something which reminds her of her deceased husband;
  • Create some new traditions and things which you both enjoy to make new memories in your relationship. You need her to feel that a new relationship is something which can also be enjoyable and heartwarming even if it’s not connected with her deceased partner. Cook together, go for a walk or travel, watch some favourite films and spend time together in a new way to create lots of amazing memories;
  • If you see that she has some healthy and uncomfortable behaviours, then there’s a high possibility that she might need help. Though you should be very sensitive and understanding with her grief, it doesn’t mean that you should always be on a second place for her: her inability to recover at least a bit might be not only a sign that she is not ready for new relationships yet, but also that her mental trauma has become bigger than she can handle. Offer her help and therapy and explain that you wish her to feel better and feel worried about her.

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Whether you’re a widowed person who wants to find a widowed partner who can truly understand your pain and feelings or not, there are lots of opportunities to meet a special person for dating and relationships. There are lots of things which were made for widows to help them to overcome their pain and meet new people: there are special groups and meetings for widows and widowers, there are websites and forums where they can communicate and exchange their experience and feelings and there are online dating sites and apps which can sort people by their marital status and help them to find people who can understand their pain and thoughts. Online dating is a very powerful thing for a lonely and heartbroken person: they can try to communicate with new people in their own pace without anxiety and nervousness, they do it comfortably without leaving their houses and they don’t need to smile or pretend to be happy and careless while being in front of their monitor.

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