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While lots of Chinese singles prefer to use local dating websites, many people still use international services to hook up with foreigners and meet new interesting people. If you want to meet a Chinese potential partner, then you can find them at most dating websites but not all of them are equally good. Choose wisely and use this service to make the best possible choice and meet a perfect partner for dating or even a long-term relationship.

  • Ahlam, 30
    Tunisia, Tunisia
  • Damian, 38
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Antony, 43
    Paris, France
  • Ysabel, 44
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Sarah, 32
    Manila, Philippines
  • Silvina, 47
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Yulia, 42
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Natalya, 50
    Bari, Italy
  • Natalia, 44
    New York, USA
  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Julieth, 29
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Wenfang, 55
    Chongqing, China

Are you interested in Chinese dating sites in China? provides you with the opportunity to meet your Chinese love online without wasting your time. If you do not know where to find love, then the dating site is the most obvious answer to this question. Of course, on such sites, there are also people looking for adventures, but many people come to sites like in order to find their soulmate.

If you do not know where to find love, then the dating site is the most obvious answer to this question.

To be honest, Chinese people differ from people from all over the globe. It is well-seen in the way they have romantic relationships and treats their partners. One of the most significant differences between Chinese and European civilizations is parental pressure. And with these words begins the real Chinese "Santa Barbara", because the decision of the parents is influenced by the opinion of their neighbours, distant relatives, a security guard and a saleswoman from the vegetable department of the store. It is a generally accepted norm: taking into account the opinions of relatives and relatives of their relatives, and the relatives of their relatives.

Top-5 chinese online dating sites in china

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  1. The sites, which allow users to swipe the photos of potential partners. There are some popular online applications that allow you to find a romantic partner in accordance with the specified search and geolocation parameters. To start working with the program, first of all, you need to download the application and create an account. You just scroll through the profiles of candidates and click the "I like" mark if the applicant has caught your eye. In case the person you have chosen also feels sympathy, the program automatically creates a pair, and you can start chatting directly in the application.

  2. The sites, which provide you with video calls. Chinese dating free usually offers you to see the companion, so you can feel the emotions of the conversation better and deeper. Nowadays, only a few people are satisfied with simple text communication.

During a video call, you can change some settings with a single click. For example, you can:

  • Sending a text message to the other person
  • Enable / disable video
  • Mute microphone
  • Transfer call to computer / smartphone
  • Switch between device cameras
  • Make sure the call is encrypted
  1. The sites, which allow people to send voice messages. The main advantage of voice messages is that it’s easy, convenient and safe. You do not need to type the text carefully and for a long time. Holding the record key and saying everything you need is enough. You can do it in the car, in almost any situation. Voice messages are easier, more convenient and safer to enter because you do not need to look at the smartphone screen to enter them.

The second plus is that it is fast. The text input speed, no matter how good it is, cannot be compared with the speed of voice input.

The main disadvantage of voice messages is that it is not always convenient to listen to them. The second minus is also related to the conditions around - it is not always convenient to record voice messages. If you go along a noisy street the other person may not hear you tell him with a voice.

  1. Chinese singles dating sites, which allow simple text messages. Text chats are widely used in Chinese dating. They are kind of classy. The companions always have time to think of what they are going to say and to put it in the appropriate form.

  2. The best Chinese dating site is In fact, it doesn’t specialize in Chinese online dating, but still, there are a lot of Chinese singles waiting for their love.

Even if you are very tired of loneliness and are determined to establish a serious relationship, keep certain sobriety of mind.

It is absolutely free, so you don’t have to pay anything. A search for love must be free, so everyone may become happy. Even if you are very tired of loneliness and are determined to establish a serious relationship, keep certain sobriety of mind.

While communicating via, remember the elementary rules of politeness. Perhaps the one you are interested in will remain indifferent to your charms. This is no reason to be offended, and even more so - to offend a person. Remember that almost all dating sites have the opportunity to complain to the rude - and is not an exception.

A Few Things You Should Know About Chinese People

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Eastern culture is very different from European culture. They think very differently and look at things differently. Before you start Chinese dating, you must understand how to behave and expect someone from a new friend from another culture. Here are some suggestions:

  • Girls can have very high expectations. Eastern women expect more from men than European or American women. A few years ago, their parents sought a husband for the girls; they did not have the right to decide on their own or to start a relationship. The Chinese are much more conservative than Americans or Europeans in terms of personal life and relationships. They will count on a long relationship that sooner or later ends in a wedding. Men can also be very serious. So if you do not want a serious relationship, it is worth discussing such things in advance to prevent serious problems in the future;
  • Be honest. This rule applies not only to Asian peoples but to everyone else. Be honest and open on dates online or offline. Do not withhold your desires and aspirations, speak directly. True, sooner or later it will come out anyway, only then conversations can be much less pleasant;
  • Be proactive. This item applies to men. Chinese women got used to the fact that a Chinese man solves all issues and takes the initiative into his own hands. Always have a plan when you invite her out on a date. Think about where you will go and what you will do. Be confident in yourself and do not doubt your decisions. Chinese women are not used to getting to know themselves. If a girl wrote to you or came up on the street, do not laugh at her, even kindly. Be respectful with her, choose your words carefully;
  • A man pays for dinner. In eastern culture, it is customary for a man to take expenses on himself. A Chinese girl might think that you are petty once you cannot even pay at the expense. You can decide these things together with a little later, but on your first dates, be prepared to pay for dinner for two. A woman going on a date with a Chinese man can expect him to pay for her. Just in case, take some money with you if the guy decides to live according to the laws of a foreign country and pay only for himself;
  • Do not talk about politics. In China, the law prohibits criticizing the government. Do not provoke your partner to break the law. Even a simple discussion without criticism can be unpleasant for them. Try to avoid this topic unless your Asian partner wants to talk about it;
  • Do not compare the Chinese with other Asians. You are unlikely to like it if they compare your culture with another and say that you are all the same. The Chinese do not like the Japanese very much (maybe this is a stereotype, but it’s not worth checking. Especially on the first date). Avoid the Japanese theme and say nothing about it at least for the first time;
  • Learn a little about Chinese cuisine. She is recognized as one of the best in the world. Every country has Chinese restaurants and neighbourhoods. Each region has its own peculiarities of cooking the same dishes. Spend some time and learn the features of Chinese cuisine. The Chinese love to talk about their cuisine and the nuances of cooking some dishes. Your partner will be very pleased if you show interest and can discuss some points on equal terms with them;
  • Learn their language. The most widely spoken language in China is Mandarin. You will really impress a new friend if you say a couple of simple phrases in his language. This will set you apart from the crowd of other foreigners who did not bother to do so. So you show that you are interested in their language, their culture, customs and themselves. In addition, this way you will show your education and erudition. Do not be afraid of Chinese characters, you will quickly learn them. The main thing is to follow the intonation, because of it the meaning of the statement changes;
  • Talk about your career. Chinese women are used to being provided for. You must make good money to interest her. Discuss your work and career with them, it will be interesting to them. Such conversations will give you a valuable shot in the eyes of eastern women. They love ambitious and purposeful people who are serious about the material well-being of their family and love their work. Just don't brag and don't be arrogant. Discuss your work as something natural. This does not mean that Chinese women cannot earn. They are very educated and purposeful. A lot of women in China hold decent positions and earn a lot;
  • Talk about your education. As mentioned above, oriental girls are very educated. Guys are also concerned. Parents in China are trying to prepare their children for an independent life and make them independent. It doesn’t matter whether this is a man or a woman - the child must be independent, be able to earn and live independently. Therefore, the Chinese people so value the motivated and educated people who have achieved something in life;
  • You will always be a foreigner. No matter how many years you have lived in China, how well you speak their language and how much you believe in their religion, you will always be a stranger. It just needs to be understood and accepted. The Chinese are very conservative in such moments. Just be prepared for the fact that eastern society is unlikely to ever receive you to the end;
  • Your parents will not approve of you. This item follows from the previous one. Chinese parents want their children to marry their own culture. Most likely you will have to prove for a long time that you are worthy of their child before you are approved as a future spouse. Be respectful to the parents of your chosen one and try to be patient;
  • Always take off your shoes at the Chinese house. In their culture, it is not customary to walk around the house in shoes. And in no case climb on the bed in shoes. There is a possibility that you will be kicked out of the house and not sent back;
  • Family is very important for them. The Chinese are very family people. Most likely your chosen one will want not only to marry you, but also to have children. (maybe not just one). Talk with your partner about these points in advance, especially if you are childfree. You will have to compromise on such important issues if you want to stay together.

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Building relationships with people from China

If you really want to build healthy relationships with your loved one from China, you will have to put up with the above cultural characteristics.

If you really want to build healthy relationships with your loved one from China, you will have to put up with the above cultural characteristics. This does not mean that you must constantly deny yourself something or live with a sense of guilt. No. Just treat these "raisins" with understanding.

Modern Chinese people are full of pragmatism, realism, efficiency, the predominance of personal and family-group interests over social ones, and certain cynicism. Many Chinese people have such material interests, such as the desire to get rich in any way, get a good job, a lucrative job, smart children, get a good home, get married. This is their way to live this life.

No one would blame you for wanting a one-night relationship. Or, on the contrary, for the desire to quickly get married. The main thing is to be honest with your loved one.

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