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China is a country with great history and culture which is pretty unique and different from the Western one. People are interested in it because of how exotic it is: beautiful customs, festivals and traditions, Chinese cuisine and their family values seem attractive for many people all over the world. People travel there to see both the cultural and traditional side of the country and to see its modern appearance because of its highly developed economics and modern way of life.

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Nowadays China is not that closed and reserved as it used to be before. A lot of old traditions are now a part of history, so it’s not that hard to find a common language with Chinese people. That’s why people from Europe and the USA are interested in dating the Chinese. Women all over the world know that Chinese men are loyal, family-oriented and devoted to their family’s well-being, so they want to find attractive Chinese partners for themselves to experience Asian dating.

If you want to date a Chinese man there are a lot of things you need to be aware of. In some aspects, views and thoughts about family and relationships can differ a lot while in some aspects Chinese people have very common interests and things they find important. We are all people who want to be loved and cared for, and we also want to give those things back for people who are close to us. So if you have a taste for Chinese men - there are a lot of singles who are ready to open their hearts for a new romantic experience.

What Chinese men are like

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If you’re not Chinese, then you probably have not much knowledge about the dating culture of that country and what Chinese men are like in general. The cultural differences might make it quite difficult to avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions and it’s always better to know about people you’re interested in dating. Chinese customs, traditions and views on some things might differ drastically from what Western people are used for.

Just like any stereotypes, myths about Chinese men are often overly exaggerated or completely false.

Even though Chinese (and generally Asian) women are pretty popular all over the world, Chinese men might be not so lucky. It’s not usually connected with qualities they actually have or lack, but with stereotypes about them. Just like any stereotypes, myths about Chinese men are often overly exaggerated or completely false. It always depends on every person’s upbringing, family background and personal traits of character, so you should always know a person better before assuming anything about them.

At the same time, knowing some of the stereotypes might help you to be prepared for things you might actually face while dating a Chinese man. Those things can give you a general understanding of exotic Chinese culture, how those men feel and behave in advance.

They are into serious relationships

Most Chinese people prefer to have stable and long-lasting relationships rather than hookups and one-night stands. For a Chinese man, it’s much more important to find a loyal and suitable partner they can think of marriage and common future with, so most of them would prefer dating over 30 with marriage than fruitless dating earlier. Family is very important for Chinese people: it gives them inspiration, motivation to work hard and to improve their level of lives. Chinese people usually see their perfect family with children, so they can put their time and effort to make their lives better and provide them with all the necessary things.

They don’t actually care about free English lessons or green cards

It’s a common misconception that Asian people date foreigners only to move abroad and improve their life. Of course, there are some people like that, but it’s far from being a tendency. Just like any other people they mostly care about a stable future and they need to see perspectives for the relationships. A lot of Chinese people are pretty open for the idea of moving abroad for their partner though, but it’s mostly connected with the fact that there are much fewer Westerners who are ready to move and integrate in China. Also, if your Chinese partner is already in the USA or another country where you both live, then there are no reasons to assume they have any plans to have any profit from you.

A lot of Chinese people are pretty open for the idea of moving abroad for their partner

They value their family’s opinions

The fact that Chinese people are very family-oriented also means they respect and value their parents’ opinions and advice about many things. They need their relatives to respect and approve their choice, so be ready to be discussed by your partner with his mom and dad. Also, Chinese people usually try hard to help their relatives and do everything to improve their lives too.

Long-distance relationships are common there

A lot of Chinese people are extremely hardworking and they always look for better perspectives in work and ways to earn money. That’s why they often prefer to move to another town or city if they see some good opportunities there. That means that a lot of couples have long-distance relationships: they can be loyal and passionate about their partners even while being hours away from each other though. When a Chinese person finds the best place he wants to stay for a long time and live, they can settle down and create a family, but before that time be ready to travel and use video calls a lot.

They can be very modest and shy

Many Asian people tend to be pretty insecure and shy in the very beginning of relationships and it also might be difficult for them to approach. It might create an image of a person who is pretty emotionless or reserved, but usually, it’s just their shyness which makes them behave very reserved. Traditional Chinese upbringing makes people hide their emotions and concentrate on work to achieve the best results, so a Chinese man might be really interested in you but too modest and insecure to ask you out. That’s why sometimes it’s better for women to take the initiative in their hands. A lot of Chinese people tend to think that Americans and Westerners, in general, are very rich, so the Chinese are worried that they won’t be able to provide their potential partners. Chinese people are much more open and full of life when you’re dating, so there will be no such issues later.

What you should know about dating Chinese men

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Even though people tend to follow dating rules of a country they live in, there are still some features that are very typical for Chinese men. There are some things you need to know about before starting dating a Chinese man:

  • Chinese people don’t rush up things and prefer to start relationships slowly. They are not into hookups and want to be sure in their potential partner before things are serious. Also, Chinese men tend to respect their girlfriends’ boundaries and wait for intimacy without any pressure;
  • They often carry their girlfriend’s purse. It comes from their conviction that women shouldn’t carry heavy things, so if her man is close he always tries to carry everything for her. Chinese women often behave a little bit childlike because it’s often considered cute in their culture, so their men tend to be protective and act like gentlemen;
  • A lot of Chinese people prefer to demonstrate their serious intentions with expensive presents and gifts. A man interested in a woman shows off to let her understand the level of financial well-being he can offer to their potential family. There are a lot of ridiculous proposals when men buy giant bouquets or lots of expensive gadgets at once to impress their crush;
  • There might be a kind of competition between friends interested in one girl. They can show off and compete for her attention: while Western men have an unwritten rule not to mess up their friend’s chances with a girl, Chinese men don’t see any problems at all. Even though it might be confusing for a Western girl, it’s considered that it’s up to a girl to choose the best man to date;
  • Chinese people love matching outfits and accessories. Even though it might be seen as pretty cheesy in the Western culture you might see a lot of couples wearing the same T-shirts or at least pendants to show they are together. So if your Chinese man presents you matching stuff be respectful and behave tactfully;
  • Their parents tend to pressure into having kids and marriage a lot. It’s often seen as the greatest value in life, so both of you will be expected to marry pretty soon. Act respectfully and polite and listen to their advice and then decide whether you want to follow it or not;
  • Chinese people often try to check their partner’s mobile phones which can be considered pretty irritating and unrespectful in Western culture. A lot of Chinese people can be pretty jealous and insecure while dating especially if they date a foreigner: they might think their partner is always surrounded by other people interested in dating them and feel pressure because of them. You can build up your boundaries and explain your Chinese boyfriend it’s inappropriate or find a compromise and convince him that everything is fine and he has no reasons to be worried;
  • A Chinese man tries his best to be responsible and mature in relationships: that’s an essential part of his upbringing. A Chinese boy is seen as a future supplier and family protector from the very childhood, so they tend to be very serious about being good boyfriends, husbands and fathers. That also means that all the little things you do for your Chinese boyfriend to show your love and care will be very appreciated by him because in traditional Chinese dating men often are expected to give presents and arrange romantic moments without receiving the same from their girlfriends;
  • Even though some people think that Chinese men aren’t romantic it’s not true. Their views on what’s considered romantic might differ from the Western ones but they always try their best to impress women they like. Your Chinese man will always try to carry your bag, answer all your messages immediately and insist on paying all the bills, give you small cute presents and flowers and that’s their way to show love and affection.

Find a perfect Chinese man on

an attractive asian man in a white shirt smiling

Even though there are limits on internet usage in China, there are a lot of expats in other countries of the world who are open to dating and meeting new people. Chinese men date not only Chinese women, especially if they live in the USA or European countries. Chinese people often go abroad to work and study there, so they meet a lot of new people during these years and there is nothing surprising that they are interested in attractive Westerners too.

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