1. Find a connection with her family

Smiling Arab couple sitting on the floor

Muslim women don’t usually have the ability to decide for themselves who to date. It will be her parents decision whether to allow their girl have the relationship or not. Communicate with the girl herself first, find as much as possible about her parent’s attitude towards dating in general. Show that you are not afraid of being judged by them and be confident.

Be ready for a meeting with parents very soon. Here is some advice on what you should do:

  • Show your respect to them, be nice and polite;
  • Show you are religious: though Arabs living in the western countries have not escaped from the impact of this culture, an Islamic person will always be in favour when it comes to dating;
  • You can bring little presents to the meeting, such as flowers for your girl’s mother or national treats.

2. Be patient

Modern Muslim couple looking at the phone

If you were not in luck from the very first time and her father didn’t gave the permission to date you. Don’t give up right after it if you actually like the woman. Keep being patient and respectful, take your fails with dignity, be understanding.

Don’t reject her parents opinion, as without their approval she won’t even consider you.

Show you have good intentions. Arab women are brought up to later become good wives. So dating an Arab girl will most likely lead to marriage. You can’t date a Muslim just for fun, so keep it in mind if your intention is not to commit so seriously.

3. Be attentive

Happy Arab couple looking at the phones

If you finally happen to date an Arab woman, the best thing you can do is show her attention and respect.

Muslim communities are often centered around a man being the head of the family, while women are destined to follow his directions. Although such concept makes them good, faithful wives, what they are often lacking is enough interest in their own thoughts and feelings. But just like any other human, Arab women do need to share their worries.

Unlike European ladies, Muslim women appreciate you a lot for valuing their opinion. If you happen to be from not a strict religious surrounding and are understanding of women’s needs, you sure will be in favour of an Arab woman. Don’t be scared of it, you can hardly find a girl raised in Muslim traditions who will have high demands for you like western females do. But being respectful and attentive is definitely a key to win a heart of an Arab girl.

4. Respect traditions

Young Muslim couple in the cafe

In Muslim culture women are not only dominated by men and their faith is in hands of parents. Dating the Arab woman implies you not only have no possibility to kiss her, but touching is also illegal. Having any contact with men, be it sexual relationship or simple but coming into any physical connection with a man is strongly prohibited and even considered a crime.

As well as that Muslim clothes are different from what you are used to see on European girls.

If a woman wears a hijab or even a niqab, don’t ask her to take it off and show her face or hair. It is a total violation of religious rules, as only women can see what’s under this garments. Of men only close relatives and a husband are let under the secret of hijab.