Dating Arab girls

Arab dating is a very peculiar thing for people from other countries. And if you want to date arab girls, it can be extremely complicated, especially for foreigners. You’ll have to adjust to a totally different approach to relationships. But you can still be successful and find an amazing girlfriend and wife. We will be happy to help you get into the world of dating arab girls.

  • Tati, 36
    Miami, USA
  • Antony, 43
    Paris, France
  • Veronika, 29
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Natalia, 44
    New York, USA
  • Lera, 26
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Adelina, 29
    Jiaxing, China
  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Wenfang, 55
    Chongqing, China
  • Enos, 39
    Hangzhou, China
  • Silvina, 47
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Ahlam, 30
    Tunisia, Tunisia
  • Sarah, 32
    Manila, Philippines


Respecting the worldview of your partner is very important. In arab countries it can be vital to have the same religion as your partner does. Of course, there are exceptions, and muslim girls sometimes marry christian guys, but in most cases such relationships will be very difficult to establish because of the disapproval from the side of the family and society.

Religion penetrated all spheres of arab lives and living a day without completing usual rituals is just impossible.

Muslim people value their religious beliefs so much, they might expect their non-muslim partner to convert to islam. It is because religion penetrated all spheres of arab lives and living a day without completing usual rituals is just impossible. Most Muslim countries have dating culture which is similar to dating customs and traditions in Turkey but they still have differences as well.


Most commonly, in arab countries families take the responsibility of finding a partner for their daughters. Arranged marriages are not at all uncommon in this region. But even if a woman finds a partner herself or falls in love with someone, such relationships won’t develop before the permission of the older relatives is achieved.

Be prepared for meeting the parents instantly, and if you are not from an arab or muslim background, you will have to work hard to prove you actually have serious intentions. Talk to your girlfriend before meeting the parents, she might know how to find the right approach to their heart.


People in arab countries are very traditional. For an outsider arabic culture might seem extremely conservative, but if your future spouse is from an arab country, you’ll have to get used to the presence of these traditions and rituals in your daily life.

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Dating arab girls: main rules

If you want to successfully date a girl from an arab country, you should follow some rules:

  • Don’t hurry up. If you are used to the western model of relationships, you have to forget it when dating an arab girl. Before you are married, you shouldn’t get any physical in the relationship. Public signs of affection are prohibited even for married couples. But even if you are together alone, kissing or hugging your arab girlfriend is impossible, not to say anything about any sexual interactions;
  • Be patient and persistent. Sometimes it takes time to get her parents like you. So if the first meeting was unsuccessful, don’t give up. Do everything to show them you only have serious intentions and are ready to marry their daughter as soon as possible. But don’t be actively angry about her parents’ decision - arab girls are grown up to respect the elder members of their families, so if you show that their opinion means nothing to you, she might never give you another chance;
  • Show her attention and respect. In arab countries, women don’t make too many decisions. They are regularly just following the directions of their husbands. So if you treat her more like an equal, she will be very grateful to you. While girls from the western countries think, that expressing their opinion is totally normal, arab women actually appreciate being able to express themselves, since they don’t regularly have such an opportunity.

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Dating arab girls online

You won’t hear much about online dating in arab countries, but people still use online dating sites here. Many are afraid to face judgement from the society because they are looking for a partner online, so they join dating sites secretly.

We offer you an amazing platform to start looking for cute arab girls. Here at you can get:

  • Perfect privacy and security, which is very important for people dating online. The system detects and gets rid of scammers and frauds, so you can feel totally safe here;
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