A List of 18 Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend

Are you interested in how to surprise your girlfriend tips? This article is for those romantic guys who ran out of ideas. Romance is not about fancy restaurants, expensive gifts, huge bouquets of flowers and long limousines. It is rather pathos and window dressing. Romance is a mood in a relationship, a state of mind of both partners, a desire to please your lover and create the atmosphere of love.

Most of the real romantic acts are cheap. Do you want to know how to add passion, flirting and intrigue to your relationship? True love is about lover’s behavior and attention they pay to each other. What romantic actions do girls like? Take a look at 18 ideas of sweet things to do for your girlfriend, which will make your bae incredibly happy.

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1. Movie Night

a couple playing video games together

The idea is so simple, but it will work anyway either you have been dating for a long time or you just met each other. If you have no idea about what kind of movies she enjoys to watch, you can ask her directly. However, if you’d like the movie night to be a surprise, it’s the right time to act like Sherlock Holmes: another way to know what her favorite movies are is to ask her friends. Do not be afraid to find yourself in a stupid situation by asking her best friend this question. Most likely, she will be touched and glad that her bestie got such a caring boyfriend.

Here is a short list of films, which your girlfriend will definitely like. You can use it if you haven’t got a chance to ask your girlfriend or her BFF about her taste.

  • Call me by your name (2017);
  • La La Land (2016);
  • Café Society (2016);
  • Midnight in Paris (2011);
  • Pretty Woman (1990);
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World;
  • The Wedding Singer;
  • A Star Is Born;
  • Titanic;
  • Sleepless in Seattle.

All these movies are romantic, some of them are beautifully sad, so your loved one would be deeply touched. If you still are not sure if she’ll appreciate your choice, then simply let her choose herself.

2. Summer Picnic

You’re really lucky if there is summer outside your window. Days are long, the Sun is warm, nights are too short even to notice them. You can arrange a small picnic in the park next to your house. Your girl will feel like a princess if you do everything right.

You need to take with you a picnic basket, napkins, candles, a portable radio or a player - time flies with music. It creates a special atmosphere if you choose the right songs. Don't forget the trash bags to show your girl how eco you are. Check the weather forecast in advance. Take an umbrella and a raincoat. This will save your date. Prepare a blanket and warm socks. Evenings are cold and quite windy even in summer.

Romance lvl 100 idea: study the map of the starry sky. How pleasant it will be to surprise your soul mate with knowledge, showing the constellation of the bear or a guiding star.

Last but not least, don't forget about food and drinks! Food should be simple. Make sure that everything is fresh, so you can be sure it won’t be spoiled by the hot weather.You can start the picnic with strawberries and champagne, continue with delicious snacks and canapes, and serve chocolate for dessert to let the pleasure last long.

3. Breakfast in bed.

If you think that breakfast in bed is a stupid romantic thing, and in generaleating is an activity to do in the kitchen, not in the bedroom, so now you are to think it iver again. It will take you very little time and no skills are needed to make a simple, quick and very beautiful breakfast. Quite a classic, but still relevant gesture. One of the most classy ways to surprise your girlfriend. Nice to wake up and almost immediately get orange juice pancakes and coffee straight to bed.

It will take you very little time and no skills are needed to make a simple, quick and very beautiful breakfast. Quite a classic, but still relevant gesture.

Prepare beautiful napkins and a special breakfast table, slice and serve everything in a special way, and do not forget to leave a cute postcard wishing your love a good day. If breakfast is served in a fancy way, she will appreciate your efforts, even if all the dishes are just gingerbread cookies and a cup of coffee.

Summer idea: bring your girlfriend fruit in the morning, so that she’ll dive in this beautiful day with a smile. Eating fruit is the best way to get filled with a good mood.

4. Family Holiday

a couple celebrating Xmas together

Girls love to spend time with their parents in most cases. Stop being embarrassed or angry while she asks you to join her while visiting relatives. So suggest that she visit her parents together. Getting on well with her father will bring you high.

If this visit is going to be the first time you will meet your sweetheart's family, then think that it is a job interview. There is a lot in common between these two events: you must carefully think over all the details. The outfit does not have to be formal, so It is not necessary to wear a jacket with a tie. It is better to give preference to an informal style of clothing. Don't underestimate the importance of appearance if you want to make a good impression.

Also you may invite your girlfriend to visit your relatives. If it is the first time, then she will definitely get stressed. However, that kind of adventure is unforgettable. By the way, if your intentions are strong, then you’ll have to do it sooner or later.

5. Reading

Try to read her favorite book. Even if you don't like the genre much. Firstly, it will be great to discuss it while having dinner or just walking in the park. Secondly, it will let the girl understand how you are interested in her.

You can surprise your girlfriend with a variety of actions.

Reading may become your mutual hobby. You can choose a day a week to read books together in complete silence and then take a few minutes to tell each other what the most interesting happened on the pages.

6. Play her a musical instrument

All of us passed through the doors of a music school. And it doesn't matter how good you are at playing your musical instrument. The main thing is to sit down in front of a girl, look into her eyes and say: "I have never played to anyone before". What a pretty lie!

7. Meet her before or after work

One of the best qualities for a man is reliability. And if you meet your girlfriend at her office after work, you are definitely reliable. If the girl did not expect to see you, there would be a romantic surprise. Think of bringing hot coffee with you - pleasant bonus for her. By the way, you can check the girl's feelings at the same time. In the morning, it is impossible to fake sincere joy.

8. Unusual Date

First of all, you need to choose the place. A great option would be a themed date, for example, in the style of a children's party. Give the girl balloons instead of flowers - that’s childish, but really cute. For entertainment, give preference to an amusement park, and go to an ice cream parlor for refreshments. Buy soap bubbles in advance and invite your loved one to let them off the bridge, and then go boating. Your girlfriend will definitely not forget such a romantic walk!

You can surprise your girlfriend with a variety of actions. Surely the girl will be pleasantly surprised and even confused when a guy, walking with her somewhere in the park, invites her to a slow dance. She certainly will not expect such a turn. If there are also friends nearby, then you can surprise the girl even more. Walking with a girl, you can stop and give her a kiss. After the kiss, it is absolutely unexpected to present her with a rose. Any girl will simply melt from such a romantic act.

Sometimes you want to do something special for your loved one in order to please, cheer, surprise her... any girl will be pleased with a good romantic adventure arranged by her boyfriend from a pure heart.

9. Comic caricature

A humorous caricature can be used as a pleasant and unexpected surprise for a girl. It is important to take care of everything in advance if you want to present a gift for some event, because it can take a long time to create a drawing (several days or even weeks).

10. Travelling: unexpected trip

a couple enjoying nature outside together

Everybody likes travelling. An unexpected trip for two is a romantic act that many girls secretly dream about. To prepare such a surprise, it is not enough just to buy a ticket to hot countries. It is important to find out and settle the following points:

  • Is it OK for her employer? Is everything going to be good with her job?
  • Does she have a foreign passport?
  • Would your parents be against the trip (if you are not married yet and the girl lives with her parents)?

11. Dinner Invitation

The first rule: know in advance that your lady will be free that evening.

The second rule: if you absolutely do not know how to cook anything more complicated than tea or scrambled eggs, it is better not to tempt fate. Baked meat, duck, twist rolls - luck is unlikely to be on your side for the first time you decided to cook dinner.

Therefore, you have two options: train in advance and surprise your love with simple, but self-prepared dishes, or treat her with food prepared by restaurant cooks. Even pizza from the nearest pizzeria is also OK, if your girl is up for fast food. However, it is better to draw up the menu and buy food in advance not to be in a hurry.

12. Unexpected Presents

Give her presents when she doesn’t expect it and she’ll greatly appreciate it. Flowers and sweets delivered right to her working cabinet will make all the colleagues jealous. That's kind of fun.

13. Box of Happiness

Traditional gift ideas for girls make boys think about flowers first. Florists offer a wide range of bouquets for every taste. But what to do if you have no idea what kind of flowers your lady likes? So let us lead you through this difficult path. But there is a way to avoid difficulties.

Unusual sweets are the best choice to make your girlfriend happy. They ate the cause of only positive emotions. Let the original present leave an indelible impression. Girls just can’t refuse and always gladly accept dessert as a present. Collect her favorite sweets in one box. Make her personal box of happiness.

14. Listen to her carefully

All the girls from all over the world agree: nothing is more romantic than a boyfriend who listens to his girlfriend. If you are upset because you don’t know what to present your girl to make her happy, probably. You’re not such a good listener. Girls usually say what they want out loud. The point is if they are heard or not.

15. Surprise party

Arrange a surprise party when she doesn’t expect it. Gather all her friends, but before that make a research if she’ll be glad to see all of them. Girl’s friendship is mysterious and you never know how girls in fact feel about each other.

It’s easy also to surprise your girl without wasting money on delivery service.

Think over some entertainment: karaoke, “Just Dance”, movies, food, drinks. Take care of music, let all the evening be special. This may be associated with some event and may simply be an excuse to please her. He will appreciate both the efforts made to the organization and the result if everything is done correctly and well thought out.

16. What to do if you’re far away

If you are far away from your bae you can make her feel like you’re close and you’re always there for her.

  • Use video calls at least several times a week;
  • Send photos of your day or tell her as many things in detail as you can. Girls would love to know what kind of breakfast you had today, what you’re wearing, what your plans for the weekends are and so on;
  • Deliver presents via service in her city. Today you can choose a present on the Internet in detail, so it will be really personalized, and the delivery service will do everything else.

It’s easy also to surprise your girl without wasting money on delivery service. You should prepare a small gift for her in advance by placing it in a place where the girl rarely looks. If you are leaving and the girl stays at home, it is really easy to arrange this.

The short-list of suitable places for hiding surprises:

  • Vases;
  • Under the rug;
  • On the mezzanine;
  • Deep in the closet, etc.

That is, it should be any hard-to-reach place in the flat that you can imagine. Make a short quest for your girlfriend. Let her look for a surprise while finding papers with hints.

17. Internet surprise

In the modern age of technology, the Internet has become an integral part of our life. Therefore, a surprise on the Internet will surprise any modern girl. Create a website for her, post her best photos, add some biography. You can also create a blog for her and give her access to it. If you are able to do that, prepare everything yourself. If you are not sure, then contact a professional webmaster. They not only organize the entire technical part correctly, but also help to make the blog visually more beautiful and attractive. Who knows, maybe your girlfriend will become popular thanks to this project.

18. Write her a letter

A romantic letter in which you frankly describe how much you love your girlfriend, what emotions you experience every time you see her, what you are experiencing now from your relationships. What actions and character traits do you like, what drives you crazy, and what is simply cute, but you realize that without her cute things you just can’t live. What has your bae brought to your life? Tell it in written form sincerely and in detail. The letter has to be handwritten. It is classy and touching. You can also use some ideas about love paragraphs and poems and insert some into the letter - this would be really sweet.


a couple chilling on a bed with their dog

Here is a small and universal list of things to do to make your girl happy:

  • Do something that you refused to do before;
  • Keep a long forgotten promise;
  • Save her: Solve the problem she is struggling with and cannot handle on her own;
  • Add romance to everyday life: a night walk, a great dinner, theater, picnic - whatever;
  • Show that you really care for no reason: bring coffee to her work, clean the house yourself, buy or do something for her that will make her life easier. Here, even a hanging shelf or headphones bought to replace broken ones will do - sheer little things that make life better;
  • Make an unexpected, non-obvious compliment.

Whichever version of a romantic surprise you choose, the main thing is that all this comes from the heart, then the gift will turn out to be memorable and dear to the heart. When you want to do something pleasant for your loved one, the material side of the issue becomes unimportant. After all, the eyes sparkling with happiness and joy and the sincere smile of a beloved girl are truly priceless.

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