4 reasons why height matters in dating

Many people think that women are always into tall men: though it’s often a stereotype, some ladies are actually excited by tall men. Though it may have lots of biological and historical reasons, it’s still more about our psychology, so let’s learn more about it to figure out whether height matters a lot.

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Appearance is just a wrap of a real personality and something nobody has influence over. But while choosing a partner it often becomes a point of judgement and the thing to pay the most attention to. While simply being attracted to a pleasant look is understandable, some people are quite picky with their partner’s exterior.

Women and men are obsessed with the height of a future date. Tall men and petite ladies have great chances of being liked, while guys whose height is shorter than expected while women who are tall can be seen as gangly and lob. Ladies dating Swedish men claim they tend to be taller than men from other countries, and this feature attracts lots of women. The question of why so many preferences are connected with height still remains open. But it is possible to make some guesses based on psychological research and speak about why a tall person plays a great role in choosing a partner.

History and evolution

a tall man is hugging his girlfriend on a date

Historically men are considered to be defenders or earners while women tend to be housewives or caretakers. So in heterosexual relationships partners often tend to serve these roles. So women want somebody who will protect them from the unfriendly environment and dating tall men satisfies that necessity.

Women with their perspective of height also see tall men as strong and powerful which means they surely would become good husbands and fathers.

On the other hand, men and how they see women’s height imply that a female is a weaker human being who needs protection. As gender stereotypes support this idea, finding a short woman only becomes a visual realization of it.


The thing about height is that it influences a person’s perspective of themselves. Shorter guys tend to be less satisfied with their appearance and it often leads to just general lower self-esteem. Dating a person who is self-conscious and doesn’t like himself is often a struggle.

Short men also don’t feel as confident as tall women do.

Women with tall height have the opportunity of becoming models or actresses and therefore be successful regardless and even due to the specifics of their appearance. Guys don’t often see the representation of their gender in any other way than tall, muscular and handsome individuals, so the media also influences the portrait of an ideal man and woman we have in our heads.

Tall people dating tall people

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While some prefer having a partner they can protect or why they can rely on, others simply want an equal person. That not only comes to personality traits but to appearance as well. And dating a person who is as tall as you is simply more comfortable than having a great difference in height.

No surprise tall people are seeking a partner as tall. But everything also comes to simple personal preferences and being attracted to those who are similar to us. So looking for a partner of the same height often implies the desire to be with a soulmate.

Height in online dating

a modern Indian couple using dating apps

Dating online you might think the focus will be on personality rather than appearance. But that is not at all true. No matter how well the communication goes online, some day a real meeting is going to happen. And if the pictures in the profile or any information you shared about yourself was untrue, it will become clear.

To avoid disappointments people tend to choose photos that represent their height and looks well. It is quite logical to show your real self online so that dating goes well. Some people even write the information about their parameters in the profile so that no questions arise and a person who is looking for a certain type of man or woman will not waste time if they don’t suit their ideals.

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