4 tips on dating French women

French women are beautiful, chic and irresistible - these qualities of French ladies are well-known all over the world. If you’re into style and fashion, know what beautiful dating is like, and want to get an adventurous romantic experience, then French women are perfect for you. At the same time, you should learn lots of things about French dating in advance to avoid misunderstanding later, so read the article to understand French ladies perfectly.
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There are certainly a lot of stereotypes concerning dating a French girl. France is considered to be a country of love, as well as a motherland of all the fashion trends you can imagine. Nevertheless, French women never follow main fashion traditions: on the contrary, they have a unique sense of style and are easily distinguishable among women of any other nationality. You definitely should know some tips on how to date the French because of how special they are, so you’ll never mistake a French mademoiselle for somebody else.

Dating a French woman you certainly want to keep in mind and respect her personality that the place of birth grew inside of her mind. Even though you might think at first that French girls are in need of special treatment, for the most part, they have a lot of similar traits with any woman who grew up in Western culture.

But there are some peculiarities you should remember about while choosing to tie your life with a French girl. We collected some facts and advice to make such interactions easier and more pleasing for both you and your girl.

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French women have the power

First thing you should remember if you are falling for a French girl: she is not likely to be a keeper of your household.

  1. French women are powerful, strong and independent. Their own development is worth a lot for them, so they expect a man to be their partner rather than a person taking over their life.
  2. In France females are also known for their sophisticated manners and behaviour all in all. She is not just an ornament serving her partner, she is a representation of a dignified female power. Therefore these are women who set the rules in relationships and make it clear if a guy doesn’t suit their expectations of a man they want to see themselves committed to.
  3. The French have also mastered the art of flirting and made it into a weapon. They love the game for the sake of the game. It is at that point that a French woman may seem just a simple beautiful girl who wants admiration for her appearance. But beware and not get caught in the trap of misunderstanding: a French girl is much more than a pretty face. She is an educated woman, who is well aware of any scientific, social and political changes and values the mind well more than a body.

The French value relationships

Though it might seem that French women are careless, when it comes to dating rules in France are more strict and straightforward than in other European countries. In France, going out with a girl means you have serious intentions for your further relationship. If you happen to go on a date with a French girl, that's exclusively you have to commit to. If you are caught in courtesy with another woman, forget about any chances of building a relationship.

Be also ready to work hard on making the relationship pleasant for both of you. You are not just dating a French woman, you are partners who are working together on achieving the same goal, which is being together.
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No jealousy is allowed

French females value their independence, so they expect you to accept them having time alone or with friends. Friends can actually turn out to be of any gender and if you are willing to keep your French lady with you, you have to let it happen. It is an ordinary thing for a woman in France to go out for lunch with a friend who happens to be a man, and even a single man.

Learn to trust your significant other. The French like to have everything clear so if it turns out that your girl wants to leave you, you will be the first to know.

Don’t blame yourself too hard if a relationship didn’t last: even though you might have made something that your lady disapproved of it is never entirely your fault.

Respect French culture

French legacy is something the whole nation of this country is proud of and women are no exception. They know enough about French art and architecture to tell you a whole lecture.

Good for you if you are already knowledgeable enough to continue the conversation about it. If not - it’s time for you to do some serious digging in the piles of literature and Wikipedia links.

How to date a French woman: tips

We already told you a lot about French women. That they are strong and independent financially and mentally. Now we will tell you what to do with a French girl when you are in a relationship or just started dating:

  • Give her some freedom. Not only French, but any girl should breathe calmly. Try not to limit it to anything. Give her the opportunity to spend evenings with friends and people close to her, let her be alone when she wants to. Try to support her and surround her with care, but do not limit her freedom. Remember that she has another life besides you;
  • Consider her your partner. Ask her questions, ask, explain your feelings if you do not like something. Instead of stupid jealousy, calmly talk and find a solution to the problem. Trust her and do not judge. Remember that she is your partner and you need to speak with her on equal terms;
  • Introduce her to your friends and parents. Share your favourite hobby with her, show any movie - make her a part of your life;
  • Do not sit with her at home, but take her somewhere. French women do not sit still. They want to walk and have fun. The French definitely know how to enjoy life and food. Do not limit her food, she herself knows when to stop. French women love to eat, but they love their figure more;
  • Do not think that you can immediately get into her bed. French women love to flirt and flirt, but they don’t give up so easily. You will need to find an approach to her and move forward for a long time before she makes you get closer. And the more imagination and ingenuity you show, the better;
  • French women are more tender than American women. They like to be looked after, given surprises and paid for dinner. This does not mean that they cannot pay for themselves, it will simply be more pleasant to her if you do it (or at least offer it);
  • french women talking and drinking coffee outdoors
  • Choose a good restaurant or cafe if you decide to have dinner somewhere. French women appreciate good food and love to eat deliciously. You can consult her if you are poorly versed and do not know where to go. No need to be shy to turn to her for advice, she will not judge but will appreciate your efforts;
  • Watch your appearance. Don’t even think about wearing a well-worn sweater or holey sneakers for a date. You should look like a real man: stylish and courageous. French women love courageous men, try to look accordingly. Again, you can ask her for help with updating the wagon if you do not want to do this alone. She will gladly help you find something suitable;
  • While going shopping, do not forget to buy a good perfume;
  • Do not forget to compliment her. Girls always take a long time to prepare for a break, and even if you don’t notice makeup or a new dress, this does not mean that it is not. Just compliment her wholeheartedly - it will make her smile;
  • Do not forget to choke on yourself. No new clothes and perfume will save you if you forget to cut your hair, shave and clean;
  • Try to learn at least a couple of common phrases in her language. This will greatly impress her and make you higher in her eyes;
  • Do not hurry. Do not press on her or insist on physical contact (hugs, kisses). She will let you know when she’s ready to kiss. After a couple of dates you have every chance;
  • She may not have a schedule. She can sleep all day and hang out all night. You will have to get used to it or compromise.

French cuisine is still an important part of French culture. But not only the dishes are represented in it, but it is also the way of eating that French people pay a lot of attention to. The French diet is not about limitations, it is about moderation, so their portions may seem little when you first come across them. But such an approach allows women to have the body the whole world dreams about.

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