6 myths about international dating

International dating has gathered a lot of myths around itself that are actively shared on social networks, discussed on forums and even talked about in the media. Unfortunately, not all of them are positive, and as you might well know bad fame sticks. It is not surprising that especially much is rumoured about online dating since most international couples meet through the Internet. Learn more about these superstitions and stereotypes to find out the truth about international dating and find a perfect partner for you.

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Toxic rumors

Myths and rumours going around are so intimidating and far from reality, that you could even give a laugh about them if they did not actually cause so much harm and distress. Hearing international dating stories, many singles turn away from foreign dating platforms depriving themselves of the opportunity to find their ideal partner. And even those few positive fables that can be heard around do not bring a change, breeding false and dangerous delusions, which in turn make the case seem even worse.

The best way to fight the gloomy prejudice is its objective and unbiased analysis.

Top myths about international dating services

Perhaps you might know some of the myths described below, since they have been around for more than 10 years now, from the moment the first service for dating in the international arena has launched and dating a foreigner has become a common phenomenon rather than good luck. However, the time has not turned the fantasy into reality, and the stories remain deceitful.

Myth 1. Foreign partners are sought by misfits who have no chance to build a family with fellow citizens.

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A delusion that successful and attractive men and women will not resort to international dating through the internet is one of the most common and misleading. In fact, the best international portals have users of all social classes, from top managers to farmers, and the reason they are looking for foreigners for relationships is not that they cannot find anyone in their home country, but because they are interested in different cultures, want to push the boundaries and broaden their horizons.

The majority of international dating websites users are not losers surviving on unemployment benefits, but prosperous, open-minded individuals ready for a change.

Myth 2. Even the best international dating sites are a place for sex tourism and virtual flirting.

The best disproof that dating sites are not meant for international marriage is statistics according to which millions of men and women from different countries have tied the knot. The portion of people resourcing to the Internet with frivolous intentions is not less than in the real world and they are easily distinguished.

Myth 3. Searching for a foreigner on dating sites, you will become a victim of a fraudster or skimmer, and lose money.

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Sensational tabloid articles about how a lovely girl, who received large amounts from her potential husbands, turned out to be an old bold scammer are not always lies. But you should not judge by isolated instances and bring them to the level of a common cause. If you follow simple safety and security rules on the internet and use only the best and reliable international dating sites, suffering from an ill-minded fraudster is unlikely.

Online services for foreign dating are as safe as any other site. Whether it's a dating site, an online store or a social network. When choosing a dating site, be careful and register only on large and well-known services to protect yourself.

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere and will never disappear. Bad people were, are and always will be in all spheres and strata of society. To avoid meeting with them, it’s enough not to leave your personal information on dubious sites and constantly be vigilant. We will give you some tips on how to protect yourself on dating sites:

  • Never send money to anyone. Whatever you are told or asked about. A lot of guys are fascinated by scammers and pull money out of them, and then they steal bank data. Remember that you are a stranger and you should not trust him;
  • Read carefully what is being answered. Strange machine-like or template text should alert you. As a rule, people answer questions openly and fully, or at least directly. Not to the interlocutor of any offers, until you personally meet;
  • Failure or break does not always mean fraud. You should not consider a girl or a guy a fraud just because your heart broke. Unfortunately, this happens and not all people fit together.

Myth 4. Looking for love internationally is dangerous.

For many reasons (distance, verification of users’ identity by dating sites etc.) online dating with an overseas partner is much safer than with a local candidate. The time that passes from the first talk to international real-world dating experience is enough to understand the personality of the companion.

The notion that dating on international sites is risky for women based on stories about some young woman believing a stranger from afar overseas country end ending up in slavery is nothing more but media hype.

Myth 5. If you are a young and beautiful woman it will not take any effort to find a rich husband.

One of the very few positive beliefs that evoke fantasy dreams in young women about charming millionaires, ready to send a private jet that will take them away to live in luxury. Such thoughts are even popular among middle-aged men, but instead of a husband they dream of a young rich hottie like on the best rich men dating sites. In reality, the chances that you find someone of a higher social class than yours are not zero. But you have to understand that the higher the requirements, the more effort will be necessary to meet someone satisfying your demands. So contrary to the widespread opinion, to start dating for marriage on an international site, being just good looking will not bring you success.

Nevertheless, there is some truth in these rumours. Some girls (sometimes guys) are looking for a sponsor in another country to move to better conditions and not need anything. And yet, most girls in all countries of the world want the same thing - to marry for love. They are looking for people with similar interests and views, they want romance and to be happy. Not everyone can find their ideal spouse in their hometown. Some believe that for every person there is only one soul mate. There are more than 7 billion of us, and it’s stupid to think that your single person will live with you in the same city or even country. There is nothing criminal in getting both love and better conditions. What is wrong with striving and wanting to live better? Especially if your loved one offers you life in such conditions.

Each person has their own motivation. Someone marries by calculation, someone by deception, and someone by love. All these marriages can occur within one country. Evil people are everywhere. People deceive each other within one country, religion and nationality are no less than outside.

And you can still meet a foreign girl who is richer than you. And then you will need to earn her trust and prove that you are not a liar.

Myth 6. International dating is not for seniors.

a senior couple relaxing in comfort together

It is not clear where this belief originated from, but to understand how ridiculous it is, consider the following:

  1. the average life expectancy and life quality at an older age has dramatically increased around the world;
  2. since when has the internet become inherent to our daily lives.

Myth 7. A girl needs only a green card from you.

There is a widespread stereotype - if you marry a foreigner, then you will soon divorce because she only needs registration from you. As soon as the wrought woman gets the opportunity to legally reside in your country, she will immediately file for divorce and leave you. Such cases definitely happen, but this is very rare. As a rule, both parties are aware of this in advance and this will not be a shock to anyone. Most girls from other countries get married somewhere else because they love you and want to spend their whole lives with you. Oddly enough, according to statistics, international marriages are much stronger than ordinary marriages. And it does not matter how you met: on a dating site, on the street or through a special service. This works because both the guy and the girl catch how different they are and want to make themselves, each other and their relationship better. Think for yourself: the girl left her family, friends and relatives to come to live with a man. After such a sacrifice and such changes, she will take her marriage seriously and her husband must do the same. Therefore, dating a Russian woman or a woman from another country while being an American is not only about moving.

Myth 8. International dating for losers who could not find a mate in their own country.

Interracial dating is no different from ordinary. People are single and all services work on the same principle. Once it was embarrassing and wrong to look for a soulmate on a dating site, but now millions of people around the world are registered there. People from different countries can communicate with each other without borders and barriers, recognize a foreign culture and share their own. It is beautiful and amazing. With the help of interracial dating services, people from all countries and continents are getting closer to each other.

Your soulmate may be on another continent or in a neighbouring country. Interracial dating services expand your search so that you have more chances to find your love. As a bonus, you will learn the traditions and customs of other people. See how people live in other countries of other cultures. Nowadays it is easier to do than ever. International communication, the Internet, airplanes, telephones - all the tools for finding true love around the world in your hands.

Just imagine how much those people who are sure that they are looking for a mate only in their hometown are missing out. How many things will they not see and how many things will never understand?

Myth 9. I'm too (necessary to emphasize) old, ugly, stupid or fat for interracial dating

A lot of men are complex due to their age and appearance. They want to communicate with women from another country, but they are even afraid to think about it because they are embarrassed by themselves.

Most women will not pay attention to age or weight if they really like you. What difference does it make how much do you weigh or how old are you if you are a wonderful person and a good specialist? Think about this: if all the girls were chased only for appearance, they would not go to register on an interracial dating site. They would have found a handsome young man in their country, but there are enough of them everywhere. Once they are registered, then they are looking for something else. For example, they are not looking for a man who will respect and value them. Perhaps their culture limits them greatly and they want more freedom. But this does not mean that they are mercantile. In many countries, women have practically no rights, even though they may not be considered as people. There is nothing surprising in the desire to escape from such a terrible life.

Users over 50 are by far the majority of Internet users, and many are vigorous and are ready for personal transformation. It is never too late to find your soul mate and experience the romantic bliss of youth again.

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