8 best horror movies for a first date

Movie theatres present a very special atmosphere: it’s dark, cosy and exciting to have dates with people you like while watching good movies together. Though not everyone is a fan of horror movies, this genre is often perfect for dates because it allows both partners to have lots of emotions and excitement together - and it makes their relationships stronger. If you want to have a movie night with your favourite person, then consider watching these films together!

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What could be the best activity for a first date? Going to the cinema certainly comes to mind first. The romanticism of sitting together in a movie theatre is something truly uniting and favouring becoming closer. And nothing is better for a hot discussion than sharing impressions about the just seen film.

But a perfect movie for a first date is nothing else but a horror movie. Even though it may scare a potential partner away, the reality is often the opposite. Choosing a scary movie to watch on a first date makes your chances of seeing a person again stronger and the connection between you two forms faster. Lots of guys dating American women claim that these ladies love the idea of watching horror films with their partners a lot. A reasonable question is why this happens and what makes horror stories perfect movies for a first date. Inquiries may also include the films to choose from. We are willing to make it clear for you, so we decided to tell you about the reasons why horror movies are a great choice.

Why every first date needs a horror movie

a couple watching a sad movie together

You get more physical contact

Hugging and holding hands is normal for partners, but when you just started dating your significant other a barrier to contact closely can still be there. Nothing breaks it better than emotions rising up. In moments of fear you naturally reach out for a person next to you so that they can serve as a shield from any danger. Chances are you will grab a hand of your date or hide your face on their shoulder.

It becomes a memory

A first date is definitely something that deserves remembering, and what else but strong emotions can help this happen. It will stand out in the background of drinking coffee and walking in the park and will definitely come to mind first if asked about the best first dates. Being scared only makes one’s memory work better.

Being scared only makes one’s memory work better.

You get emotional

Even if you think that showing too much emotion on a first date is a bad thing, it actually helps to become closer. Showing your true self is a vital part of any relationship and the earlier it happens the better. Being vulnerable shouldn’t make you embarrassed, but on the contrary, should work as a tool to find out more about a possible partner.

It’s a great topic to discuss

While bringing up the topic of tastes in cinematography is always a good idea, nothing will strike a conversation more than a scary movie. And that is exactly what a date movie needs, as you want to keep a dialogue going for as long as possible. Sharing impressions will help to discover similarities in tastes, but also such discussion can be a test for kindness or problem solving, as your partner will definitely tell about them sympathizing with certain characters or guessing what the ending was.

Sharing impressions will help to discover similarities in tastes.

You wouldn’t want to be alone

Horror films are great for first dates also because they play on people’s desires to hide from danger. The fear you will feel would make you want to stay near somebody who can protect you. Going to a movie theatre to see a horror film alone is also a bad decision, but having a partner by your side will hide the negativity.

Great first date movies

a happy young couple watching a movie at the cinema together

So, we have agreed on the fact that this genre is perfect for watching together with a new partner. The only thing left is to choose which exact story to choose. As for date movies here are certain things you should pay attention to:

  • You don’t want a movie that shows a massacre. Such kind is more disgusting than scary;
  • Classics of horror are always great, so if you don’t know what to pay attention to, “The Nightmare on Elm Street” will be just the right thing;
  • Horror comedies are also worth watching. They both cause emotions a standard scary movie does and give time to relax and laugh about the fears;
  • Romantic horrors are great date movies as well. Not only do they help to make a bond between dates but also create a special atmosphere.

To make this process even easier, we selected a number of horrors that will be great as a first date movie.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

This is exactly the type of horror film that has already become a classic of the scary and detective genre. It tells the story of a young FBI agent trying to solve a case of a serial psychopath who is killing women. Someone who might help her with the investigation is Hannibal Lecter, who is a former psychiatrist but a serial killer and cannibal as well. He’s now under arrest, but she comes to interview him and analyse the insight into the ideas of a murderer.

The plot is based on the novel of Thomas Harris. This screen version is equally good as the book itself, so it’s definitely worth time spent watching. You will also enjoy this film if you are a fan of the talent of Anthony Hopkins or want to watch young Jodie Foster solve a mysterious case of Buffalo Bill.

Scream (1996)

And yet another classic among horror movies. It will become a perfect first date movie due to the fact that you probably already know the plot and won’t be scared as much (but there is no wrong time to renovate the memories. It all starts with a high school student who finds out her boyfriend is taken hostage and to release him she needs to answer a question about her favourite horror movie. But when she gets it wrong and denies giving more answers, both she and her boyfriend get murdered.

The cowardice of high school attendants, suspended atmosphere, romance, murders and the thrilling story won’t let you go away from the screen until the end. If you already know the ending, suggest your date to imagine how they would trick Ghostface and which decisions of the main characters they find smart.

Queen of the Damned (2002)

The good old vampire story is just the right choice for any date. If you are a fan of “The Interview with the Vampire”, this is exactly the film you need to watch. They both are based on “The Vampire Chronicles” written by Anne Rice. “The Queen of the Damned” is the life story of the most memorable character: Lestat de Lioncourt. The whole process of him being a simple human and a transition to a well-known vampire is presented here.

Apart from an interesting story, the film is beautifully shot and has mesmerizing soundtracks. As part of the plot discovers the life of modern rock musicians, you can be sure to hear some popular songs as well as find new beautiful compositions to listen to.

The good old vampire story is just the right choice for any date.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

A representative of a comedy horror type which definitely deserves attention. It is filmed in a way documentaries are usually made and aims to show the real life of a group of vampires living in the suburbs of Wellington. Viago, Vladislav and Deacon are old enough to remember the Middle Ages and Queen Victoria, but their pal Petyr resembles a thousands-year-old monster and never leaves the basement. Accidentally they make a newborn vampire Nick, who eventually has hard times adapting to a new lifestyle.

Though it has all the classic traits of a horror movie, “What We Do in the Shadows” will make you laugh louder than any stand-up show. The caricature image of society and the supernatural subculture is just gorgeous. Recently it got a continuation in the form of the TV series “Wellington Paranormal” so if you fall in love with the atmosphere of this mocking documentary, be sure to check it out.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

For those who are fans of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp this movie will definitely be worth watching. It gives a combination of amazing gothic aura and traditional Burton’s vision at the same time. The legend of the haunted place is represented in the best of ways.

The plot follows a New York constable Ichabod Crane who is sent to a place called Sleepy Hollow to investigate several decapitations. He doesn’t believe the paranormal story the inhabitants tell and sceptically starts his research. Watching this unusual personality dig into the mysteries of a small town and come across supernatural powers is a great idea for spending time together. And a romantic line makes this movie ideal for a date night.

Warm Bodies (2013)

a young couple on a date at the cinema

“He’s still dead but he’s getting warmer”- this is the motto the creators chose to represent this film. It doesn’t claim to be the best movie ever, but watching it on a date would be splendid as it shows a fun horror story as well as an appealing romantic line.

The story takes place in a post-apocalypse world. Zombies flooded the Earth after a virus outbreak that happened several years ago. R was one of the infected and now lives with a group of other zombies in the former airport building. Once they meet a group of humans while hunting for food, but by accident, R gets attracted to a woman called Julie. The fact that he has eaten the brain of her boyfriend only increases gravity towards her. His heart starts beating again for the first time since the epidemics. Maybe this love will be a sufficient cure for the disease.

Beetlejuice (1988)

Another example of Tim Burton managing the horror genre. A funny as well as frightening story catches attention and makes you laugh and shiver. As a bonus, you get to watch the awesome acting of stunning Winona Ryder.

A funny as well as frightening story catches attention and makes you laugh and shiver.

The Deetz family arrive at a new house from New York. At the same time the previous owners of the house are actually ghosts who want their dwelling back. But it is only up to them to scare the newcomers away. Once Lydia Deetz found the handbook the ghosts abide by and she can see them and come into contact. What happens next and whether distressed souls and humans agree on living together - you can find it out watching this movie.

The Addams Family (1991)

The story of this supernatural family is probably familiar to anyone interested in this genre. Their funny and fascinating life can’t leave you indifferent. Apart from standard mystical and horror topics it also raises the theme of family relationships, which is actual to most viewers.

Each member of the Addams Family has a unique personality and memorable traits. It all starts with the head of the family, Gomez Addams, missing his brother Fester after a big quarrel. When Fester returns and they make peace they decide to dwell on childhood memories and watch family tape. But it is not the true brother who returned home, but a changeling rigged by the Addams lawyer. If you choose this film to watch on the first date you will definitely have a great time following the amazing story.

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