9 fantastic first date ideas

What do you think of when asked about a first date? Probably, movies and a coffee would be the most common answer to this question. Even though it is a classical option, it can also be quite boring. Especially if you are not new on a dating scene and have met a lot of people while dating over 30, you might be already tired of such a scheme.

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On the other hand, people are often lacking creativity. It is fine, as everyone is just simply too busy to think about such things. Even if there are certain options for consideration while discussing a place for the first date, they can get out of sight just because you never thought of them as a romantic way of spending time.

The first date is the right time to set the things into the right place, which is why we think choosing a bold way to spend it is crucial.

So, what do you do if you are confident in your desire to impress a potential partner? The first date is the right time to set the things into the right place, which is why we think choosing a bold way to spend it is crucial. If you are lacking ideas yourself, we can help as we created a list of the most fun and unusual ways which will help to have an unforgettable first date.

a couple having a romantic walk in the field

Do something unusual

If it sounds like obvious but not very helpful advice, let us break it down. Discuss things you want to do but haven’t done yet with your date. There are definitely things you both have in common. Then go on and just do it together! Most often people are just looking for the signs to do the things they truly want, so make your date such a sign.

If the desire is something scary, like bungee jumping, it will be a good opportunity not only to fulfill the wish, but to have a companion by your side who will support and understand the issues. But also it is just another way to learn more about each other which is very important for new couples. Pre-discussion of the plan and the behaviour at the actual event can tell a lot about a person.

Random restaurant date

Classic restaurant meetings can easily be spiced up with some random. First of all, make a list of restaurants neither of you have been to yet. This way there is a chance to visit a new place and maybe discover your new favourite spot. You can also add places which only one of you visited to the list, and if it becomes the choice, then one can make a little excursion for the other.

What would be a better opportunity to try duck with cranberry sauce and clafoutis than a date night?

When you are planning a meal, let it be random as well. What would be a better opportunity to try duck with cranberry sauce and clafoutis than a date night? Mind your budget of course but other than that don’t stick to the things you are already familiar with.

Go to the beach

It is possible in both hot and cold weather! In the first case, make a little picnic near the river - or sea, or even ocean - whatever you can find nearby. Take a blanket with you, choose a place more or less isolated from the other people and enjoy some romantic time together. You can do the usual beach things: sunbathe, take a swim, play volleyball or make a sand castle - whatever you manage to come up with. And don’t forget the tasty snacks.

In cold seasons you can enjoy a long stroll along the beach. The sound of waves splashing and birds screaming in the skies create a beautiful atmosphere and the view of cold and still nature is just amazing. Such a setting is just perfect for warm discussions and drinking hot tea from a thermos overlooking the surroundings.

a romantic couple hugging and posing together

Play some games

Especially those which include answering tricky questions - that is the way to learn more about each other and become closer.

Especially those which include answering tricky questions - that is the way to learn more about each other and become closer. One of such examples is “Never have I ever” - a game where both of you try to remember things they haven’t done yet and see how much they are in common.

The other game to play is definitely “Truth or dare”. You can do a little research and prepare a good amount of questions to answer and actions to do. Or even invest into a set of cards specifically designed for this game. You can make an agreement to choose truth more often than dare: there is no hiding from each other on the first date.

Pretend to be tourists

You might live in the same city for all your life, which means you are already bored of it and see no peculiarities. Imagine yourselves tourists for a day and try to take a look from a different angle. Even in small towns there are tourist must-sees, so make a tour over them by foot. Dig into their history: maybe these places are actually more than you know of them.

Also do a research of popular tourist destinations in your region. Even a native citizen of a city might not know certain hidden treasures which are worth visiting. You can discover a place which eventually becomes your secret spot and a memorable landmark important exactly for your relationships.

Take a tour over your childhood

Add some childhood memories to make it more emotional.

Another way to learn more about your partner as well as share some personal information. Go back to the place you used to live in as a child. There for sure are certain spots where important events happened. Or some places where you just liked to spend your time. Tell your date about it and make a little excursion. Add some childhood memories to make it more emotional.

Ask your date to do the same as well. If you have enough time, it can be the same day. You might even discover you have more in common as your childhood passed in the same district. But if you are short of time, it will be a great excuse to address a second date. Why not spend it drowning in childhood memories again?

a couple chatting and laughing on a date at a restaurant

Visit an escape room

If you could organize something unusual, let it be an activity which totally takes you out of the reality you are used to. Escape rooms cover various topics, so you can choose something according to your and your partner’s tastes. Science fiction stories, detective setting, middle ages or pirate ship - options are almost unlimited.

Escape rooms give you a chance to spend an hour tet-a-tet, but also it requires teamwork. It will allow you to discover more about your date’s personality and find out if you could actually be a good couple. On the other hand it is just a way to get away from the everyday routine - and what could be greater than that.

Visit a sport related event

But be careful and suggest it only if you already know both of you are interested in sports.

  • First option is watching a game. It could be football or car racing - whatever you both enjoy. It is a good alternative to going to the cinema, as you don’t have to talk too much if you are feeling awkward, but at the same time afterwards there is a great topic to discuss;
  • The second variant is to attend a real competition. Look for events which are in need of participants and suggest your date to go there. Work as a team or as rivals which could be even more fun.

Attend a street event

Nowadays street festivals are everywhere. Think about the ones going on in your city. Outdoors concerts are especially popular in summer. Visiting them also doesn’t harm your credit card, as they are often cheap or even free. At the same time street concerts allow you to learn more about your local music scene and discover great musicians you have never heard of before.

Food festivals are another great option. Representatives of local cafes and restaurants often come up with new dishes they would serve at festivals only. Therefore you can taste some new food from your favourite places. But just going here and there and taste-testing some delicious food sounds like a good idea for a first date.

a couple hugging and enjoying each others company at a restaurant

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