A guide to dating the French

French people know a lot about romance: the country itself is a synonym for romantic relationships, so it’s no surprise that almost every woman would like to have a date in Paris at least once in her life. Whether you live in France or just want to start dating someone French, you should try French online dating first. French people have lots of amazing qualities but their style of dating might be different from what you expect, so if you want to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding, then learn more about French dating in advance.

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The word "France" itself seems so romantic. Getting acquainted with a Frenchman on a dating site and intending to come to meet him, girls often ask the same questions on the Internet. How to dress up, what makeup should look like, how to make a Frenchman like you at the first meeting ... The French, of course, are all different, each Frenchman has his own tastes and preferences. But still, there is something in common in the tastes of French men.


a guy is feeding his girlfriend on a date

They appreciate no vulgarity. The concept of vulgarity is very extensible depending on the country, so this paragraph requires clarification. What may be acceptable in Russia often seems vulgar in France. Short skirts, high heels, extremely deep cleavage, transparent blouses, sparkles and rhinestones on all clothes - all these are considered to be attributes of the representatives of the oldest profession. Therefore, if you walk down the street of Paris in a scarlet mini-skirt, in boots on a stiletto and a shiny blouse with a neckline to the navel, do not be offended if you are whistled next.

Be as natural as possible - in clothing, makeup, and hairstyle.

Do not worry about being special. All girls themselves are different from French girls in any clothes, so there is no need to try to stand out even more for dating French women. And very few French people love aggressive combat makeup. Be as natural as possible - in clothing, makeup, and hairstyle. If you do not know for sure what your cavalier loves, then your style should be as simple as possible, it is the right way to make him like you.

Smile More

French boys pay attention to smiley girls. You need to practice in advance - look in the mirror from time to time and work on your facial expressions. Try to keep your face not constrained, tense and anxious, otherwise, you may hear the question: “Why are you so sad, has something happened?” The expression on the face is very deceptive - you can look tense because you desperately want to please a man, and therefore watch your every move, and he might think that you didn’t like it. Therefore, learn to smile and shine with joy.

Financial Case

How could it be - do not pay for a lady in a restaurant, why are French men so greedy?

The girl is expected to pay for herself. This is one of the most unpleasant stumbling blocks, about which rose-coloured glasses of many romantic women get broken when they begin to date the French. Everyone pays for himself - this is normal for the French, which often causes a storm of indignation from Russian women. How could it be - do not pay for a lady in a restaurant, why are French men so greedy? If in other areas it is possible to argue about the greed of the French, in this case, the matter is really not here but in emancipation. In the heat of the struggle for equality, women themselves have ensured that men are now afraid of offending them by paying for lunch at a restaurant.

Looking for Love on the Internet

a woman is chatting with someone she loves via her laptop

Many French guys enjoy meeting girls via the Internet. You may try to find your love online without wasting time on meeting people outdoors. There are a lot of sites, which provide you with information about dating in France and French dating culture, however, most of them expect you to pay money.

The French are very easy to contact on social networks and on dating sites.

We are glad to welcome you to the free international dating site Dating.com! On our dating site you may find new friends, travel partners, and, of course, the French man of your dreams. Our dating site with foreigners is very popular among people from all over the world, so your profile will be noticed and you will receive a lot of feedback. If you want to meet with foreigners for friendship and communication, if you want to marry a foreigner, then this site is for you. Registration is very simple and only takes a few minutes. The French are very easy to contact on social networks and on dating sites. So it is the right time to take action.

Fairytale about equal rights

Dating a French man is what millions of women want. Do you know that the French are very hesitant in matters of dating girls (of course we are talking about the indigenous French)? But - hooray! - Gender equality gives you a unique chance to get acquainted with the male you like. And the brain brought up by the feminist mother will not take it as something out of the ordinary, girls have the same right to take the first step.

Whatever way you choose a man for yourself, it is important to remember one obvious thing: everything is individual.

A Frenchman with no extra questions will help you with the household or will take your parental leave. On the other hand, if you please, split with him in half the bill in a restaurant or the cost of movie tickets. Gifts to the French given only on holidays, flowers, too.

Features of the French mentality

As we have already found out, the French people are very special and unique. They need their own special approach. Here are some additional facts about French men:

  • They are well educated. In France, a very good and high-quality training system, so all men are like a match. Only the lazy did not get a good education, so draw the appropriate conclusions;
  • Men have great taste and a sense of style. No wonder France is considered the capital of fashion. Here, every citizen has a sense of individual style. Men know exactly what suits them and what doesn't. And they don’t have to buy tons of fashion magazines. They have a perfect wardrobe and each item will be combined with another in all respects;
  • The French love to have fun, hang out with friends and constantly chat with someone. They cannot be limited in this area, otherwise, they will rebel. Go with him to exhibitions, to the museum, to parties and to the restaurant and he will be happy;
  • He will appreciate your education and cultural growth. You should try to show interest in the field of culture and cinema will please him. Discuss him and your education with him;
  • French men love to take a break and relax. They know that they work a lot and that for even greater work, they need to have a good rest and relax. As a rule, they do this with friends over a bottle of wine or spend an evening with a good book. Be sure that the French man will find time for you. They understand the value of personal life and do not neglect it;
  • The French are very fond of chatting on fascinating topics and asking a couple of interesting questions. Get ready for long conversations about everything in the world: education, food, sports, politics, personal life, work and so on. Sooner or later you will talk about everything;
  • For them it is much more important to find a like-minded person than just meeting for one night. It will be important for him to be on the same wavelength and understand each other, and everything else will come later;
  • Food takes a lot of place in the hearts of the French. They are big gourmets and very selective in food. They do not know how to eat in five minutes, each meal can last several hours. They are added to every bit, every sip of wine. The French are better versed in wines than in food. The French know how to combine wines with any dish and situation.

Dating Frenchman tips

a handsome smiling French man posing

  • Be honest. This rule applies to him and to you. For the French, sincerity is very important. He will be sincere and open with you and you will have to pay him the same. Otherwise, he can be very offended. It’s better to tell the truth and together try to find a solution to the problem;
  • Be prepared for a long conversation about feelings. When the time comes to discuss how you both feel, you will have to answer any questions. He will try to understand you and strengthen your relationship. Try to be honest and frank, no matter how difficult it is;
  • French men like to look after a woman for a long time and not rush things. Get ready for a long honeymoon phase;
  • French men love cute, neat and tender girls. It will be difficult for you to impress him if he hears you swearing or singing rude songs. Be nice and polite with him and this will win his heart;
  • Try to take care of yourself. Wear clean, fresh clothes, do not forget about makeup and hairstyling. Forget about your favourite sneakers in which you have been walking for 5 years. You will have to replace them with elegant shoes;
  • He will immediately say if he doesn’t like something. The French will not tolerate for a long time what annoys them. They will politely explain to you that they are not happy and will look for a way to solve the problem. They will expect the same straightforwardness and honesty from you. Calmly, politely and bluntly tell him that you are not comfortable so that you can discuss the situation together;
  • French men are great romantics. He can easily spend the whole night with you on the beach or walk around the city until morning. They do not feel the time when they are in love;
  • Start learning french. It is not as complicated as it might seem, but how beautiful! Ask your man for help, it will be very pleasant for you to learn his native language and he will do everything possible to facilitate the learning process.

Whatever way you choose a man for yourself, it is important to remember one obvious thing: everything is individual. If you meet your man, he will be able to understand your culture and will be able to convey to you the advantages of his own. The French listen with pleasure to the partner, in general, they really know how to listen. They easily adapt to the ladies of the heart, if the situation requires, but they also expect the same from them. If this relationship model is your ideal, then feel free to find a French man at Dating.com and build happy relationships.

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