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There are lots of hobbies which can truly unite people and help them to find new acquaintances, friends or even partners. It’s a great opportunity to find a like-minded person to spend time with doing your favourite hobbies together and to have romantic relationships with them. This type of relationships is often seen as very healthy and pleasant: there are much less quarrelling and other issues when a couple has something except physical affection between them. People need to talk, they need to discuss things which are important to them and that’s why their common hobbies and interests can help them a lot. A couple who can spend a few evenings a week playing their favourite video games together (or even separately, but without blaming or making fun of each other) tend to have a strong and joyful relationship.

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Have you ever wanted to date a gamer? If the answer is yes, then you probably know that there are lots of different genres of games which people can enjoy, so therefore there are lots of different kinds of gamers. While some people love online games where they can communicate with voice chats and play with other people, others prefer single-player games they can enjoy alone. Regardless of people’s favourite genres and types of games they play, most of them respect and understand each other’s preferences and love for gaming. That’s why many gamers would date another gamer: though it’s believed that there are not many gamer girls around, lots of women love video games as much as men do. Therefore, everyone has a chance to meet their love with the same hobby as they have.

Regardless of people’s favourite genres and types of games they play, most of them respect and understand each other’s preferences and love for gaming.

Though gaming is just a hobby and can’t be a significant trait to decide whether you would like to date a person or not, it’s a pretty important factor which can help you to meet someone like-minded and mentally close. Besides games, gamers have lots of other interests and they are often pretty interesting and developed people who are interested in gadgets, new technologies, art, media and other things. In other words, dating a gamer is not only about games - it’s like dating an interesting like-minded person with benefits which can make your relationship even better.

What dating a gamer is like

a couple playing video games together in the evening

There are lots of stereotypes about gaming and gamers which were created about 30 years ago, and though most of them are very outdated and irrelevant nowadays, lots of people who are far from gaming still believe in most of them. Back then, a typical gamer was portrayed as a geeky (and often overweight) nerdy guy who loved comics and board games and was often seen as an outsider with a few friends he sometimes spent time with. Nowadays, the image of a real gamer is pretty different: guys interested in games often have modern and up-to-date computers and gaming consoles, they know a lot about computers and newest technical progress, they attend contests and conferences dedicated to games and so on. Lots of them take part in cybersport or have their video blogs or streams where they play games and discuss them with their viewers. It can be a great opportunity to become famous and to earn a good living by doing things you like: though gaming used to be a pretty unpopular hobby in the past, its popularity grows every year and turns it into a huge industry.

A mature couple can find time for important things and entertainment and have a balance in them.

For many people dating a gamer is like dating your best friend who understands your hobbies and takes a part in one of the most important activities in your life. Though there might be couples who spend too much time playing video games together, there’s nothing bad in people who follow their interests passionately. A mature couple can find time for important things and entertainment and have a balance in them: a person who can relax and find time for hobbies often is more productive at work and generally happier.

Though in many aspects dating a gamer is just the same as dating any other person, there are a few things you should be aware of in advance. People usually expect their partners to be respectful, honest and loyal, and these things are equally important in any relationship. There are some things about dating a gamer person you should know:

  • Respect your partner’s hobby and their passion for it. Everyone is allowed to have interests and to be able to spend some spare time doing things they like. People having harmless hobbies like gaming also have a right not to be judged or pressed because of it. If gaming gives your partner so much emotion and feelings and takes such an important place in their life, then learn to deal with it and respect their right to like things they like. If a person’s hobby doesn’t harm anyone, then no one should criticize or belittle the importance of that thing in their life, so your respectful attitude towards their interest in gaming can only make your relationship stronger and healthier;
  • You shouldn’t try to convince your partner that “games are for kids only”. Regardless of your own attitude towards gaming, you should remember that the modern world of video games attracts lots of people of different ages with different income, social status and professions: nowadays there are much more games which are not created for children exclusively than “kid’s games” which were popular in the past. Modern gaming is an industry which attracts people all over the world, and kids are not the biggest part of gamers anymore: game companies create new titles for solvent auditory, so stop thinking that your partner is immature because of gaming;
  • Give your partner time to do what they want to do. Though every person who has a relationship should spend time with their partner and give enough attention to them, it doesn’t mean that everyone should spend every spare minute of their life with their significant other. People need time to do their own things, so if your partner wants to relax for a few hours after a tough working day with their favourite video game, then they have rights to do that. Of course, if you feel like your partner neglects you because of games, then you need to discuss that problem with them, but not all cases are potentially problematic;
  • Listen to them and show interest to games. Even if you’re not a gamer and have no clue what your partner tries to tell you about, you can try listening to them and understanding things they say: it might be important to them. Lots of people experience very strong emotions while gaming and put lots of time and effort into video games, so their wins and losses become very valuable for them. If it’s hard for you to understand what’s happening in your partner’s favourite game at the moment, then ask them more questions, but don’t ask them to stop because you don’t care;
  • If your partner is happy to win - then be happy with them. Gaming is a very emotional experience which influences our feelings a lot: there are lots of examples of people who become extremely mad or euphoric because of their game results. Our brain doesn’t make any difference between our real-life accomplishments and game achievements, so your partner’s win can feel like a real thing for them. If your partner loses, it’s also pretty frustrating or disappointing for them, so be gentle. And no, “it’s only a game” method doesn’t work: yes, it’s a game, but “only a game” sounds pretty neglecting towards their hobby;
  • Try playing games with them. Even if you’re not good at gaming, your partner will definitely appreciate your interest in gaming and your attempt to become closer to the world they like so much. Your try will also mean a lot for your partner because you want to spend more time with them and you show them that their hobby is interesting enough for you to play with them from time to time. A lot of gamers are proud of their partners taking part in their hobby: there are really lots of gamers who would spend more time with their partners by playing games together, but they often don’t feel like they should impose their interests on people they date;
  • An ultimate way to win a gamer’s heart is to bring them food while they’re playing. It’s not a secret that lots of people are so involved in gaming that they might even find it hard to make a pause for a snack or anything else. Also, lots of modern online games can’t be paused, so it only makes the whole process more time-consuming. You can make your partner very pleased and delighted by bringing them snacks while they’re playing: it’s a great sign of your care and affection and it will definitely be appreciated.

Experience online dating your gamer soulmate on

an excited couple playing video games together

If you are looking forward to having a gamer partner, then you might find it helpful to look through a gamer dating site to meet your soulmate. It’s not only a great opportunity to find a reliable teammate (and a soulmate as well) to play online games together, but also a chance to find a great partner for offline relationships and dating. It’s always much easier for people who have similar interests and hobbies to find a common language and to create stable and harmonic relationships because couples who start their romantic relationships from friendships tend to be stronger and healthier later. It’s always pleasant to be able to discuss your interests with your partner and share your opinions with a person who actually understands your emotions and shares your passion for different video games. Instead of dating someone who is mad at you because you spend so much time playing games, you can have a partner who is happy to play with you - and that’s a great experience!

It’s not only a great opportunity to find a reliable teammate (and a soulmate as well) to play online games together, but also a chance to find a great partner for offline relationships and dating.

Gaming and online dating are pretty close and suitable - there are lots of stories when people meet each other while playing online games, fall in love and start relationships later. But though some people use a game instead of dating sites to find new people, it’s not always easy: most people come in a game to play, not to flirt with strangers, so their response might be not very friendly. There are lots of examples when women prefer not to tell their teammates about their gender because they often have inappropriate responses, and that’s another witness of the fact that it’s not always a good idea to approach other players online. At the same time, a person interested in gaming goes to a dating site with a purpose to find a partner, so they are much more open to communication and flirting. Everything is great when it’s suitable, so that’s why online dating services are much more popular among gamers all over the world. is in the list of popular gamers dating sites which unite singles all over the globe. It’s a service which can help everyone to find the most suitable potential partner: there is an opportunity to sort people not only by their age, appearance, nationality or relationship goals but also by their hobbies, interests, views and other factors which can help with meeting the right person a lot. Though everyone wants to improve themselves to be more attractive and decent in their potential partner’s eyes, you don’t have to hide your hobbies or change your interests anymore: find a suitable partner who loves video games and be happy with them:

  • Create an account and tell other users about yourself. Keep it friendly and honest: these answers are important for your potential partner because they will help them to meet you;
  • Click on attractive people’s profiles to show that you’re interested and wait for their response;
  • Match with attractive singles and communicate! Use live chats and texting to talk and chat and learn a person better. It’s time to build the best dating experience of your life!
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