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South Africa is a country quite different from the other regions of the African continent. It was inhabited by dutch and British colonists which definitely influenced its culture and language. Today their descendants still live in South Africa and their ethnic group is called Afrikaners or Afrikaans, just like the language they speak.

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Dating in South Africa you will meet multiple different personalities, and each afrikaans person you meet will be totally unique. But before you go on and meet afrikaans singles, let’s discover the most important things to know about local dating culture.

What to know while dating an afrikaans man

Afrikaans men are not at all different from european or american guys. Most of the younger generation is progressive and open-minded. However, if you are looking for an older man to date, you might come across some chauvinistic ideas and even feel a little oppressed by his patriarchal views. Afrikaans people are still quite accustomed to the idea that gender roles should be shared traditionally.

Nevertheless, this also has a good side as well. If you are not a big fan of going dutch on a date and would prefer some courtesy, especially in the beginning of the relationships, afrikaans men will be able to fulfill your desire.

Afrikaans people are still quite accustomed to the idea that gender roles should be shared traditionally.

The hobby that most afrikaans men share is sports, so you’ll have to get used to your partner’s active lifestyle. The most common sports afrikaners do are cricket and rugby. They both enjoy spending time on the field and watching the games between their favourite teams on TV.

When dating an afrikaans man, don’t hurry too much and move away from the dating app you are using. There are some guys who ask for your whatsapp too soon, but then become too pushy or even send inappropriate pictures. Keep that in mind and learn more about the man you are talking to before making any decisions.

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What to know while dating an afrikaans girl

Women in South Africa have quite high standards for their potential partners. They are used to the men being chivalrous and caring, so you’ll have to make some effort to impress them. Especially when you are arranging the first date, try to avoid trivial options like watching a movie or getting a coffee. Use your imagination and try to think of something out of regular routine. And definitely pay for your girl, otherwise you will just seem rude.

Family is extremely important for all afrikaans people, but you can especially see this in the way women treat their relatives. Meeting the parents in early stages of relationships is not uncommon among the afrikaners, so don’t be shocked if she invites you to a family dinner on the third or fourth date. Also keep in mind that since afrikaans people get into relationships pretty late, there are many individuals, who are single in their 30s and still live with their parents.

At the same time, devotion to family makes Afrikaans women extremely loyal. Once they find the right partner, they become truly devoted and ready to do everything to make the relationships last. Afrikaner women become great mothers and wives. But that doesn’t mean they are meant to be housewives. Many local girls prefer to have a perfect balance between career opportunities and their loved ones.

Best things about dating afrikaans people

There are plenty of activities afrikaners can suggest to you, which means you will never get bored.

Of course, every person is different, but there are some traits which make afrikaners especially pleasant people to date:

  • They know what good manners are. You can see how well afrikaners treat their family and especially older relatives. But the same treatment can be seen in dating, even on the earliest stages;
  • They are very friendly. Making friends with afrikaners is extremely simple as they are very open and eager to see only the best in their acquaintances. This means that even if your relationships won’t last you probably will become great friends with your ex. And when you start dating someone, their friends will welcome you with all their heart;
  • They are adventurous. If you lead an active lifestyle, an afrikaans date will be perfect for you. You’ll be able to plan city escapes together and go explore the beautiful country of South Africa. You’ll go hiking and enjoy local nature. There are plenty of activities afrikaners can suggest to you, which means you will never get bored;
  • They know how to spend time well. There is an event which can easily unite all afrikaners - braai or barbecue. It is more than just a possibility to have a meal outside and rather a fun social gathering with lots of food and entertainment. If you are an extravert you will truly enjoy spending time this way.

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Dating afrikaans singles online

Afrikaners are not against online dating at all. Dating a person through internet services is extremely common, especially amongst the younger generation. People here take their time to become friends and learn more about each other but then easily agree to go on a date. There are plenty of afrikaners who met their love online and now have a successful loving relationship.

If you are looking for a platform to start dating afrikaans singles, is definitely a great option. Here is why:

  • If you have never used a dating website before, you’ll have no difficulties here. The interface is extremely simple, and all processes on the website include just a few steps;
  • The security measures on are already taken, so you don’t have to worry that the information you used while creating an account will somehow leak. And if you want to take extra precautions, team developed a set of rules which can help you make sure the dating process is fully safe;
  • You can use from any device you have. Of course, a laptop or a personal computer are convenient but only when you are at home. If you don’t have access to such devices right now, a mobile phone will be enough. You can log in using a browser or download an app. It is both available for android and iOS;
  • It is very simple to find a compatible partner here. In fact, you can set the search parameters and get a list of people who fully correspond with your idea of a perfect date. You can pay attention to appearance details such as height or hair colour or choose your potential partner’s education, location or interests.

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