Dating in Australia

Distant and charming Australia attracts millions of people because of its beauty and secrets. Some dream of visiting the coasts of the continent for just some time, while for others the main goal is to become native to the country of endless beaches and deserts.

Australian people take yet another important place in the world. Mysterious and exotic as they are, aussies became dream dates for those who visit Australia. What is the best way to discover the country rather than plunging into the relationships with one of its native inhabitants? Nothing would represent the culture more than those whose life is tied to those customs on a daily basis.

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Dating in Australia is a great and popular way to spend time. People here are extremely open-minded and love going out, so dating and meeting new people is often similar to a hobby. Aussies love spending time outside and attending social events and they also are easily approachable, so it is extremely simple to get acquainted with the new people. Just lead your life as usual and don’t be afraid to start a small talk - friendly Australians will be happy to get into a discussion. And who knows, maybe soon you will find out you actually are attracted to each other.

We suggest learning more about dating customs and traditions in Australia and start looking for a special aussie friend right now.

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What is dating an australian man like

You might say that people are very different everywhere a-nd sorting them by gender is not appropriate. Even though it is true, there are several traits of character all australian men share.

Don’t get discouraged and think that aussie men are not romantic at all.

They love sport

They just adore sports and various physical activities in all the ways possible. There are two ways in which you will feel this in your life while dating an aussie man:

  • Doing sports. He definitely looks after himself and prefers to have a perfectly shaped body. Six-pack abs and strong biceps are a must which means australian men spend hours at the gym or doing outdoor activities. But when they finally go to the beach and surf on the waves, it is just impossible to stop yourself from looking at them;
  • Watching sports. Big sporting events attract australian men. They always need the information on their favourite team being successful, and watching a good football match is better than any romantic movie. So prepare yourself to the fact that your TV screen will be regularly filled with sport competitions instead of soap operas.

They have their own sense of romance

That being said, don’t get discouraged and think that aussie men are not romantic at all. They definitely are, but the way they show their affection might be quite different from what you expect.

If you are used to the idea that the most romantic gestures of a man are bringing you rose bouquets and presents or inviting you to a fancy restaurant, you’ll have to reinspect your ideals.

Australian men won’t bring you anything useless. Flowers and sweets are considered cliches and, moreover, they won’t bring you true pleasure. This is why australian men have a different approach to making their girlfriends happy. They listen attentively and memorize the things their girls like and then bring gifts correspondingly. So once you mentioned you love hand-made pottery - you can be sure that your boyfriend will get you some. And the gift won’t necessarily be related to a specific date or holiday - just the desire to make a significant other happy is already enough.

Same goes to going out together. Even if locations your australian boyfriend chooses seem too simplistic, he still puts a lot of thought into organizing a date and wants nothing but to make you happy.

Their friends are important

Always remember that you will have to share your australian boyfriend with his team of mates. Close friends are as important as a real family and if a friendship passed the test of time, that means such people mean a lot. You will probably hear many stories of your boyfriend doing stuff together with his friends and coming out of various situations. You can be sure his mates have always been by his side and this won’t change.

You’ll meet his friends way before you meet the family and you’ll have to get used to them being an unavoidable part of your life. Accept them and they will easily accept you. Do your partner an honour and remember his friends’ birthdays, meet their girlfriends and learn to spend holidays together. Australians are fun to date, but they are also great people to spend time with, so you won’t even notice the process of becoming their friends too.

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What is dating an australian woman like

If you want your girlfriend to look like a supermodel, get acquainted with hot australian girls. Beauty standards for women here include tanned skin and long blond hair and girls in Australia actually tend to look this way. But even though appearance has an important place in australian hearts, there are plenty more things why local women become perfect partners. And the experience of having an australian girlfriend is totally different from dating american women

They are naturally beautiful

Australian women don’t approve plastic surgery or other modifications. They prefer to accept their true beauty as it is without altering it too much. If you have ever been afraid of your girlfriend turning into a completely different person after taking off makeup, with australian ladies you will forget that could be the case. Girls in Australia prefer to enhance their natural traits rather than to create a completely new look. Another benefit of such an approach - they never spend too much time preparing to go out.

If you have an australian girlfriend, she will manage to teach you similar worldview. Keys to success are actually extremely simple: australians have great work to life balance, they spend much time outdoors and with the people they love.

They are active

Maybe girls don’t worship doing sports as much as australian men do, but they still prefer to lead an active lifestyle. And there are plenty of opportunities to do this in Australia: name a kind of sport including water and you will find dozens of people doing this on the beach. But Aussies also love to go hiking or ride a bike - such things both include physical activity and allow them to enjoy the beauty of the country to its fullest. And if you doubt it is a fascinating way to spend your time, you just have never seen australian countryside.

They are always in good mood

Various studies confirm that Australians are actually the happiest people in the world. But other than that, australian girls are just naturally very positive and optimistic. They don’t complain and rather look for the way to resolve a problem. They try to look for good sides of every situation and generally are successful in such search. If you have an australian girlfriend, she will manage to teach you a similar worldview. Keys to success are actually extremely simple: Australians have great work to life balance, they spend much time outdoors and with the people they love.

They are great partners

If you wish to see equality in all aspects of your relationships, meeting australian girls is just what you need. They are quite independent and can easily live their life without having a partner at all, so dating and serious relationships for them are only necessary to share the life and not avoid responsibilities. Aussie women don’t want to be housewives and they don’t need sponsors, so treat them as equal and don’t restrict their freedom. Only love, communication and respect pay off in relationships with an australian, so keep that in mind while starting an affair.

They split the check

This confuses many men who expect a woman to accept gifts. Like many emancipated women in other countries, australian women prefer to split the bill as they consider it a sign of equal treatment. Of course, everything depends on a particular woman, and if you want to make a pleasant move you can suggest paying for your date. But be sure to articulate your suggestion and respect your partner’s ability to deny. And don’t make the decision to pay for both of you on your own otherwise you might end up with her unexpectedly paying for your beer on the next date.

They won’t let you get bored

Australian women don’t like to remain in the same place for too long. They are fond of discovering new things and activities, and are totally happy when their partners support them. If you have an australian girlfriend, she will take you to various events. You will try new hobbies together and end up doing things you have never even thought about. Australian love for new experiences also means they love to travel. Discovering new places is vital to them, so you will plan your future holidays with fascination and spend days walking around new cities. Just take this as a chance to broaden your horizons too.

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Don’t get too fancy while dating in Australia. People here feel uncomfortable while being too dressed up and going out to a fancy place.

What do you need to know about dating culture in Australia

Now that you know the basics of australian character, you might be interested to find out how the dating culture works in this country. There are a few important aspects to keep in mind while dating an australian person:

  • You don’t get exclusivity from the very start. Australians don’t see anything wrong in dating around and seeing several people at the same time. Of course, as time passes and stronger bonds form, your partner will choose only one of the people. But don’t see dating other people in the beginning of relationships as a personal offence. Everyone is just trying the waters before things get serious;
  • Casual dates are preferred much more. Don’t get too fancy while dating in Australia. People here feel uncomfortable while being too dressed up and going out to a fancy place. They consider it a fake and want fake things in their relationships? Australians prefer to be natural in all spheres of their life, so they would love to go to the beach together with their date, have a nice walk in the park or just get a coffee together with an interested and honest discussion;
  • You communicate online a lot. Australians use social media very actively. There are dating sites for younger australians as well as chats rooms for seniors - every generation in Australia uses online communication as a tool. Whether you got acquainted online or met on a social event, it is totally fine to befriend each other on facebook and continue communication there. People in Australia are generally quite communicative and like to chat a lot, so expect regular messages and updates on your partner’s daily life;
  • Take your time to know your date. Many Australians would prefer to have long talks and do group activities before going out eye to eye. Especially if you met your partner through a group of friends, you will spend quite some time on group parties and friend meetings before you agree on going on a date. This is necessary just for the sake of understanding if a person suits you;
  • Don’t hurry up with becoming official. This is just not what Australians generally do. They are regularly used to taking some time and getting closer step by step rather than plunging into relationships days after they met a person. Don’t be pushy and just enjoy the time you spend together with your date while being completely yourself and sooner or later you will find yourself in a strong and trustful relationship. And if not - don’t get disappointed and keep looking for the right person to present you australian love.
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Best places to meet australian people

If you are determined to get an australian partner, here are several ideas on where to meet them.

Go to the beach

Australians just love spending time on the beach. There are very few days when the weather doesn’t allow us to stay outside and do sports, so most of the time people go to the beach on almost a daily basis. And it is not just about laying in the sun, australians love doing sports on the beach, having picnics or walking their dogs. This means you have plenty of topics to start a conversation on, just approach a charming lady and praise her skills of riding the waves.

Educate yourself

Speaking of australian love of new things, they also are fascinated by educational opportunities. For them, education doesn’t end with college graduation. Attending lectures and seminars on various topics is a great way for australians to learn new things in their professional sphere, but also to meet new like-minded people. Easy going and communicative Aussies easily make friends on such occasions and don’t miss a chance to drop a facebook message afterwards. Use it as a chance to meet your destiny, who is also a fascinated professional.

Meet new friends

Social life is extremely important and friends and acquaintances take an important place in it. But also many successful and happy couples admit that they met exactly through a group of friends. Bringing a new friend or relative to the regular friendly gathering allows to broaden social bonds and meet like-minded individuals who later on can appear to be destined ones. You also have a chance to learn more about a person if your friend knows them - just ask about their background, interests and other things that bother you. You might even ask your friend for help with presenting you to each other.

In bigger cities like Melbourne or Sydney people regularly organize meetups with those who share the same interests, but there are always fascinated people in any area.

Do some hobbies

You definitely have various hobbies and interests, so why not find an australian date based on this criteria? In bigger cities like Melbourne or Sydney people regularly organize meetups with those who share the same interests, but there are always fascinated people in any area. Feel free to start online - there are plenty of interest groups on social media. But if you want to look for romantic interactions specifically, platforms like can help you to sort the database according to the criteria of common interests. This way you know that you both are interested in dating as well.

Go out more often

Australians are not only fans of beach pleasures. They also have nothing against spending time at a bar and drinking a beer or two. People feel relaxed and joyous here and the whole atmosphere is extremely friendly. So no wonder people start approaching each other and making new acquaintances in bars. As people in Australia support gender equality, they won’t be surprised if a girl asks a man for a drink, but the classical situation is also quite widespread. And if you can’t relax and start a small talk there is no way you will remain reserved visiting an australian bar.

Try online dating

Dating apps and websites gained extreme popularity all over the world, and that wave of online dating didn’t pass by Australia. If you start online dating australian people, you will find out they do it naturally, as if generations of people have already created specific online dating etiquette. This is just because Australians generally enjoy technology and all things online. They constantly text their friends and keep in touch with each other, which is why online conversations are started so easily.

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Online dating in Australia: everything you need to know

There are multiple australian dating apps on the Internet which are regularly used by millions of people in this country. There are no gender, age or social group limits - younger and older men and women all adore using online dating as a tool to meet a partner. There are several reasons why australians love online dating so much:

  • It allows you to keep in touch while being busy. Both men and women in Australia enjoy making careers and getting education. But that also takes a great part of daily life. At the end of the day you can feel too exhausted to go out and even see your friends, not mentioning meeting new people. So when the online dating sphere appeared, australian singles met it with great fascination. A few minutes is enough to check text messages and reply to your potential partner. And there is even no need to have a computer by your side - a mobile phone with internet connection is enough to continue chatting;
  • There are plenty of opportunities for those who love to travel. If you are one of those people who likes to visit new countries you will understand australians who are eager to meet locals wherever they go. There is no better way to understand a place you came to than meet people from there. Even if your date doesn’t result in a long-term relationships, you will simply have great time on vacation;
  • It is an easy way to meet a compatible partner. When you meet people in real life, the only way to judge them is by appearance. Of course, it might tell something about a person's interests, but most likely there will be too many undiscoverable things. While dating online, you can easily set search parameters in order to get a pull of compatible members out of a website database. This tool will be helpful specially if you want your partner to have the same interests as you do;
  • Online dating allows you to learn more about a person before actually meeting them. Australians prefer to spend some time discovering more about a potential partner before agreeing to go on a date, and online dating platforms suit this purpose just right. This allows you to find out enough to understand whether wasting your time on a real date is worth it or not. And if a person doesn’t actually suit your ideas of a perfect partner, you just never agree to meet them or simply block on the dating app.
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Advantages of for dating in Australia

Why should you choose for australian dating? There are plenty of valuable reasons to do this:

  • went through the test of time with the result of thousands of happy couples. The system is actually working and helps people meet each other in all the corners of the world;
  • Everything is done to create a safe space for all the website users. Many people doubt if they need to use a dating website because they are sure that it is not safe. But data leakages never happen with The website also developed advice on basic precautions a user can take to make the process of online dating even more safe;
  • There is a huge database of users. People register on every day and many of them are australian singles looking for love. Such large database allows to find the most compatible partner regardless of the amount of criteria you have;
  • It is convenient to use. The whole interface is very simplistic and user-friendly, so even if you belong to the older generation and are not so good with computers, you will have no hard times in using And if you struggle with having a computer by your side, just download the mobile application. This way nothing will stop you from texting your dearest partner wherever you are.
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How to meet australian singles on is one of the best dating apps in Australia, so if you decide to use it in order to meet the love of your life you will only have to make a few steps:

  • Complete registration on the website. Just use your email and create a password. But you also can log in using one of your social media accounts;
  • Fill in personal information. Tell everything you think your potential partner might need to know but also avoid oversharing. Definitely mention your preferences and hobbies so that the people you meet on the website could decide whether they want to start communication based on your profile;
  • Start the search. Fill in the settings of the searching system with the things you want to see in your partner. Such criteria may include appearance, age, education, hobbies and other features which you find important. Be as precise as possible and you will get the pull of the best options immediately;
  • Start texting. Write a simple message to your potential partner. Take your time to get to know each other but definitely take things offline when possible.

Use to enjoy dating australian singles. Get the best experience possible while looking for the love of your life.

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