Dating in Belgium

Belgium is considered to be the centre of Europe, and the geographical location is not the only reason to think that way. This country combines a lot of Western qualities and appears as a progressive state with a rich history and culture. For more than fifty years, many large international organizations have been located in Brussels. The country is also known for its beautiful architecture and nature, which annually attracts many tourists from around the world. Belgium is a prominent representative of highly-developed European countries. The high level of culture in society and courtesy are considered the very important features of Belgian mentality.

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What dating Belgian people is like

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Even though some people might think that most Europeans date and behave the same, that's not always like that. Each country’s mentality makes its inhabitants different and unique, and that’s why it’s always interesting for tourists and recently moved people to try dating Belgian women and men. To understand a new country’s culture it’s better to communicate with people living there and make a new relationship to feel like a part of the society around you.

Here are some features of character that might be useful for those who want to try something new.

Language won’t be an issue

Good mutual understanding and ability to communicate is one of the most significant things for every international couple or those who would like to make one. Most Belgians speak three languages: French, Dutch and German. You might even need german dating apps to communicate with belgian singles. However, most of the country's inhabitants are also fluent in English, so the language barrier is unlikely to become a problem. If you go to Belgium and make new acquaintances there, you’ll always be able to speak and to be understood. At the same time, good knowledge of other languages is always an advantage, because it increases the number of options in dating and making friends a lot. So if it’s enough for you to communicate with the Belgians - English is ok, but if you want to understand them better - try learning something more.

A woman dating a Belgian man will always see him neat and well-dressed.

Appearance for every taste

Thanks to the rich history of immigration among the Belgians, there are people of very different appearance, so it is impossible to determine a common feature of how those people look. It gives people who want to find Belgian women and men to date an opportunity to choose someone who will be extremely appealing and attractive to them. The only significant feature you may see - Belgian women dress well, but that’s what most of the Europeans do. A woman dating a Belgian man will always see him neat and well-dressed. So renew your wardrobe - and your chances to find a Belgium girl of your dreams will increase.

Cooking together may be a thing

The Belgians have a very special attitude to food. Those people love cooking and attending various restaurants, and in terms of the quality and taste of their food, Belgium will give odds to many other countries. There you can try many unusual combinations of various products and wines in the most refined forms. And this country is famous not only for restaurants but residents themselves, who are usually able to create delicious masterpieces at home.

Belgian cuisine will not leave lovers of delicious food and sweets indifferent. No wonder the country is famous for its pastry shops - Belgium is a heaven for the sweet-tooth and its chocolate is famous all over the world.

Knowing that Belgian women, as well as Belgian men, are fond of cooking you might consider attending cookery courses to be able to cook at least something more complicated than a sandwich. Preparing food together might be not only a pleasant way to spend time together with a person you like but also a hobby for life for both of you.

Punctuality is a key

It’s not only the Germans who are famous for being punctual and loving cleanliness around. The Belgians have a special relationship with their surroundings too. They love clean, well-kept houses and neat order around. A high level of organization is manifested in the cleanliness of streets and working places. The manifestation of negligence and irresponsibility, sloppiness and bad habits can alienate a potential partner. Belgian men and women are known for being hardworking and reliable people who know the value of everything in their lives and competently manage their land.

But their love for order and clean places is not the only thing you need to remember about. The Belgians are very punctual and well-organized, so they will expect you to be the same. They are rarely late for meetings and do not violate agreements. If you want to try Belgium dating, you will always have to monitor the time carefully. In general, these people take everything seriously and coming late can be considered an indicator of you being not as reliable as they want you to be.

They are into serious relationships

Belgian people are pretty serious about their relationships of every kind. You can’t call the Belgians windy and illegible, they usually need a lot of time to communicate with a potential partner before starting a relationship. There are many strong communities in Belgium, and people are usually very closely connected with relatives. The family has an important place in life and it can often be difficult to get accepted. However, in the country, you can meet many single people who used to be married and for some reason divorced later. Although there are ex-couples who maintain a formal marriage even when they have already changed partners. This usually happens to continue to jointly manage common property, farm or company In Belgium.

People wanting to find girls or guys in Belgium can be sure that there will be enough romantic moments in their lives.

It is not customary to demonstrate emotions violently and behave defiantly. They may look pretty reserved and emotionless for some, but that’s not true and does not mean that the Belgians do not know how to be romantic. They are used to expressing their emotions more gently and restrainedly, and sometimes they can demonstrate their feelings publically. So people wanting to find girls or guys in Belgium can be sure that there will be enough romantic moments in their lives.

Progressive Belgians are absolutely loyal to people of any orientation. Representatives of LGBTQ do not experience any difficulties with relations in society. Everyone is trying to respect each other, so the manifestation of intolerance or hatred will create an aura of hostility around a person, which is why gay dating and alternative kinds of relationships are totally accepted.

The Belgians do not seek casual relationships and are very picky in choosing a partner. They don't think they need to hurry in making a couple or marriage. There are lots of things that may be much more important for Belgian girls than the creation of a family - a proper education and career are as valuable there as they are in other European countries. No one there will play with your heart and they expect the same - it will be better to express your intentions clearly and not to mislead a guy or a girl with ambiguous or vague phrases and empty words. Be honest and truthful if you want to earn respect and interest in the person you like.

Find your love with

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If you like a serious approach to life, if you value order and punctuality, and also cannot live without culinary delights - perhaps you should look for a soul mate in Belgium. This country might be not only a great tourist destination but also a perfect place to move. The only problem that people may face is finding a man or woman from Belgium for communication and potential romantic relationships. That’s why dating online is believed to be the best approach to finding a partner abroad.

So how do you start chatting and get to know the men and women from Belgium before the first personal meeting? A chance to meet an interesting person is provided by websites such as, which are specially made for people dreaming of dating an attractive person. makes a process of finding a partner as fast and as easy as possible. Complete registration and create your profile, complete it with information about yourself - and you’re ready to communicate with appealing people all over the world. Thousands of couples all over the world were made with the help of, and that’s the best option to find a Belgium person for romantic relationships and dating. That’s your chance to find love!

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