7 Different Ways to Kiss for a Passionate Lover

Professional lovers should definitely know different ways to kiss. There are 7 ways to kiss your partner and show how you care, tell him or her about the feelings you have. You can try it just now and discover new feelings.

Kissing is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your significant other. You need to choose the right time, place, circumstance so that each kiss is special and memorable for a long time. Having a good time with your loved one warms and makes life better at any time.

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Many people today do not pay much attention to romantic gestures, ways of spending time together, walking, discussing common interests. People are used to living just for themselves to satisfy their own needs. They say that a kiss is just a kiss. It is quite obvious that the kiss means that the person is in love with you. However, there are so many types of kisses that you never dreamed of. And they all have different shades of meaning.

French Kiss - the most well-known one

Famous French kisses are kinda classy - everybody is expected to be able to kiss like that. It is one of the most ardent methods to kiss. It shows all the passion you’ve saved for that very moment. Kissing is an easy way to have a lot of fun. Someone likes kissing even more than having sex: efforts are minimal, and sometimes the sensations are simply stunning. French kisses can be easily compared to sex and it’s not only about French people: men dating American women raised in American culture also understand that French kissing is far from innocent.

The French kiss involves tongue action and strong emotional connection. It seems that you are the last people in the world and your kiss is the most tremendous part of the whole History when you are kissing.

This type of kiss is quite passionate, however, you are not just to pounce on your partner with your tongue. Start slowly, feel the moment. The magic, which is accumulated between you and your bae before the moment you kiss each other is so powerful. Go slowly, move closely, feel the breath of your loved one, the heart beat. Here is a little trick: it would be much easier, if you kept your eyes closed - that’s how it works with each type of kiss. If you feel that you and your partner are ready - go on, start acting actively, add some pressure. Just listen to your feelings and go with your emotions.

Butterfly Kiss


The other one is soft and tender instead of the French one. Imagine a beautiful butterfly flying near you and then landing right on your cheek. Do you feel this tender butterfly’s wings flapping? That’s exactly how Butterfly kisses feel like. This type of kiss is perfect for getting closer to your bae - not physically, but mentally. Constant passionate French kisses can be a little boring.

It is a very intimate, kind and gentle gesture to show how you care about the partner.

How to do Butterfly kiss? All you have to do is to move close face to face with your partner, so that your eyes are almost touching, and quickly flap your eyelashes so that your partner can feel the delicate wings of the butterfly touching him or her. Your partner may be a little caught off guard when you’ll try to kiss him or her with your eyelashes instead of your lips. That would be a wonderful surprise.

This type of kiss is worth trying with someone you'd like to impress in a pleasant manner. It is not sexual like French or American ones, however, it is a very intimate, kind and gentle gesture to show how you care about the partner.

Lizzy Kiss

Have you ever seen how lizards stick their tongues out? Lizzy kisses are much alike. Partners use their tongues, but not lips to express their feelings. Your tongue goes in and out your love’s mouth, caress his or her tongue. And your partner acts the same.

Lizzy kisses are really strong and passionate. They are meant for people who are really sexually attracted to each other and usually precede further romantic stuff - petting, different sex practices, etc. They are always kisses “to be continued”. Also it’s good to use them while having sex as it is really sensual, disposed to keep body contact.

Just as sex videos do not give a real idea of ​​what real sex looks like, melodramas do not tell the truth about how to kiss in the right way. A wild and passionate kiss can look exciting on the screen, but in life it is not always appropriate. Often, excessive haste, fussiness and pressure give out nervousness, but we don't need it.

Be confident and slow in your actions, do not be harsh. Enjoy the moment! If you are not yet sure of your partner's preferences, it is better not to pounce on him with overly passionate kissing, give preference to gentle and sensual kisses.

Air Kiss


Does it sound a little old-fashioned? It’s not only what people dating over 40 can do. However, it’s all true that all advanced lovers should know how to make their partners feel their sexual and romantic attraction at a distance. Love is all about Chemistry, so let’s see how it works.

This is the only way your kiss will make a good impression and make your partner think about a pleasant continuation.

Much attention should be paid to how you act while giving air kisses. Control your eyesight, no dramatic and rapid gestures are allowed. Technique: bring the fingers of one or both hands to your lips, kiss them and blow an imaginary kiss towards the addressee. This is the only way your kiss will make a good impression and make your partner think about a pleasant continuation.

Air kiss is the lightest and most gentle kiss that can overcome any distances and obstacles. Meaning: "I will miss you", symbolizes flirting, your desire for having adventures and fun. Also it symbolises: “You’re reserved” in some cases.

Eskimo Kiss

It’s practically the most naive and tender kiss in the world. It is more often used while whispering affectionate words to each other’s ears.

Technique: light rubbing with the tips of the noses. An Eskimo kiss can also be a perfect example of how to end a more passionate kiss. Many young people tend to kiss, but once they start, they no longer know how to stop. One of the easiest ways to end a kiss is to wrestle your noses a little. Just touch the tips of your noses and smile sweetly at each other.

They say that Frank Sinatra was a great fan of this technique, but in his own, somehow modified version. He touched the woman's cheek with his cheek. That allowed him not only to show his love, but also to look cute in the photo if a newspaper correspondent was nearby. This technique is good if you’d like to take a break from kissing, but do not want to stop acting tenderly with your bae.

Kiss on the hand

To begin with, you should understand that a lot of details are important for a kiss on the hand. Kisses on the hand pretend to be the most old-fashioned ones, but that’s also why they are so good. The kiss should be "symbolic" and expressed in a light touch of the lips. You know that there is no love without respectful attitude. This form of greeting is a sign of special respect and affection for a woman.

A kiss on the hand only at first glance seems to be a formality, but many men put a huge meaning in it.

Over time, the technique of kissing the hand has changed noticeably: a man now often does not bow before a woman, but takes her hand, raises it to the level of his face and kisses her hand. Such a kiss is more intimate and suits informal situations. Woman will be one hundred percent impressed by a hand kiss you are offering her as this kind of kiss is so rare. She’ll remember that for a long time. Help yourself - enjoy the attraction given to you after that.

Vampire Kiss

Have you ever watched “Twilight” or something like that? If yes, then you already know what your partner expects you to do while kissing like a vampire. A very sexy kiss. Such a kiss speaks of an inner passion that cannot be contained inside.

This kiss involves slightly touching the neck with lips and a little biting. Go up and down, then repeat slowly and in a more fast manner, gently and with a little pressure, keep the rhythm. Get everything from the kiss, be on the top of the world, in the height of pleasure. We’re sure that most of the time it should be all gentle and soft, but that depends on you and your partner’s preferences. Each kiss may be different.

Kisses may be different - do not be afraid to experiment


There are 7 ways to kiss your partner: French kiss, Butterfly kiss, Lizzy kiss, Air kiss, nice and fluffy Eskimo kiss, Kiss on the hand, Vampire kiss. Whether you choose a lip kiss or a different way to express your love - it doesn’t matter, if you both feel attraction to each other. Kisses are all different and may be effectively used in plenty situations.

Take your chances, do more, fall in love deeply.

Kiss your bae while you are in love. This page of the book of our life is so memorable, the best one in fact. Take your chances, do more, fall in love deeply. Feel your partner and experiment: there is always something in the world you have never tried. Discover new feelings and ways to please each other. There is nothing better than feeling that your partner is happy - and discovering new ways of kissing is an incredible opportunity to make him or her feel high.

There are many ways to kiss your loved one, and the way we kiss expresses all our feelings, whether during sex or during a date. Kissing is not a science, but rather an art in which there are no hard rules. If you act mechanically, as instructed, your partner may think that kissing him or her is not very interesting to you. Try to use imagination, improvise and feel free to express yourself. Then the kiss will be sincere and addressed personally to your chosen one.

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