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There are lots of people around us, but the problem of loneliness is still there: while some people find it easy to communicate and it’s not a problem for them to approach an attractive person at any moment, others can’t overcome their anxiety or simply don’t have any ideas on how to attract new people in their lives. Though there are billions of people in the world and hundreds or even thousands of them surround us every day, it’s still very hard for many people to find new friends and potential partners: surprisingly, the number of strangers around doesn’t help everyone to feel less lonely and to get acquainted with new people easily. That’s where the Internet can help a lot: millions of people all over the world use it to get acquainted with strangers and find friends or partners online.

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The internet access is extremely widespread and available for almost everyone, so it’s no surprise that people use this opportunity to communicate a lot: you only need your gadget and Internet to stay connected with millions of users all over the world. It’s a huge power which can be used by a tiny smartphone in anyone’s hands, and it’s easy to use it for most people: whether you’re a teenager who loves social media or a senior who uses the best senior chat rooms, you have a chance to explore the world with the internet. There’s always an opportunity to choose between paid online services and free platforms: whether you prefer to pay to get a higher quality of service or to spend time and efforts instead of money, there are some sites which can be perfect for you. That’s why many people are interested in looking for online chat rooms for free: it’s often seen as an available way to find friends and to talk to someone new. While many people use online chats for dating, there are also many people who chat to find friends and dating is only a minor goal for them.

Online chats are a great way to ask for advice, to talk to someone new, to find soulmates and friends, to fall in love and to learn something new: everything can be a useful tool when used properly, so that’s why lots of people spend time surfing the internet and chatting with strangers. Though sometimes it seems that it’s hard to fight loneliness and it makes people despair and depressed to think that it’s extremely hard to find friends and potential partners, there are lots of things which can be improved with the help of the internet. These things are so easy to understand and to get used to that millions of people can easily become a part of it - so no one is doomed to stay single!

Pros and cons of online chats

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Just like in many other things in our lives, online chats have lots of advantages and disadvantages: everything can be both poison and medicine when used differently. Though some people might face lots of problems because they become too obsessed with spending time online, this hobby isn’t more addictive or dangerous than others - it’s just enjoyable and exciting enough to keep people entertained for days and months.

There are some undeniable advantages a person can find in an online chat:

  • In most cases, people use online chats anonymously. Though it might be a controversial advantage in some people’s eyes, it’s actually a great thing which helps people to act more openly and confident: they are less shy, they can openly discuss their interests and feel less stressed while communicating with strangers. It’s a great opportunity for shy and quiet people to meet new friends and to decide whether they want to stay anonymous or not with their online friends and potential partners in case they trust them;
  • It’s a great opportunity to meet people with new views, tastes and opinions. The online world is a place where people can share their interests and experience with the world: you can meet people of different professions, hobbies and knowledge and communicate with them without even leaving your house. Whether you want to ask for advice or to share your experience, there are always people who have already faced the same problems as you and can discuss the solutions and ideas with the world;
  • Chatting with new people enlarges your worldview and stimulates to see the world from new perspectives. Not everyone shares our opinions and there are lots of people who have different views and experience: while sometimes it might upset or even infuriate us, sometimes it also can help us to change our thoughts of something and see things differently. There are lots of controversial topics which can’t have only one dimension and write opinions about it, and people who always communicate only with people who have similar views on everything can’t fully understand the real picture. Chatting with strangers can make us think differently - especially when you’re open to new ideas and other points of view;
  • New people can give you their unbiased opinions about various things. While some friends of ours can actually disagree with what we say, they often don’t disagree with us openly because they don’t want to confront or upset us. Most people try to agree with their closest people even if their opinions differ: though it’s a great thing to avoid conflicts and to do your best to keep your good relationships, it also can decrease our chances to see the controversial reality of sad truth. Strangers are candid and straightforward because they value truth and believe in their opinions: they aren’t interested in saving our feelings and won’t encourage us being delusional about anything;
  • You can find companions with similar age, interests, hobbies and views as yours. While sometimes we can meet strangers who disagree with things we say, we also can find lots of like-minded people who share our interests and fully support our views and thoughts. You can easily start dating over 30 or 40 online: a good platform where you can find people who are similar to you can improve your life a lot. For shy and introverted people, it’s a huge opportunity to meet soulmates and companions: there are lots of sites and chats dedicated to people’s interests and hobbies, so whether you’re a huge fan of a specific fandom or really fond of doing something, there are lots of people who feel the same way - no one is alone online;
  • Online chats are easy to use and available to everyone. The most obvious advantage of online chats is the fact that it’s easy to join and to become a member of the chat for everyone: though some chats are closed and not everyone can enter them, it’s still much easier for most people than to join real-life groups of interest. Whether you love fixing cars or grow plants on your windowsill, there’s a community for you which is full of people with similar tastes and interests.

Just like anything else, online chatting has some cons: almost anything can harm us when we use it carelessly, and chats are no exception. Online dating and chatting are normally made for adults who can control and understand the situation and behave appropriately: though there are some people who act impolitely or even rude online an adult person should always be prepared and protected to withstand any reaction. Online communication is comfortable because you can end it at any moment: whether you are tired or disinterested in your companion, you can always close the dialogue tab without feeling confused or shy.

These are some disadvantages which can repel from using a chat room:

  • There are people online who can pretend to be someone they’re not. While some people concentrate on staying anonymous online, others feel free to say their names and some detail of their lives, it’s not always a sign of openness though. Some people create fake online personalities to feel better about themselves or to live an imaginary perfect life for a while, others do it to have benefited from others. Whether it’s a fraud who tries to get money from others or someone who wants to influence other people to make them think differently - you should always be careful and avoid believing everyone blindly;
  • Anonymous people often don’t feel any responsibility for what they say to others, so they can harm you and get away with it. There are lots of trolls, haters and just overly negative and radical people you can meet online: just like in real life, people with different opinions and moral values surround us online, but while in real life we don’t always communicate with them and ask for their opinions, everyone is allowed to say anything they want online. Some people simply feel better when they spoil other people’s mood and upset them, so there’s always a chance to meet someone who hates you without knowing anything about you: it’s something adults face pretty often and learn to deal with it;
  • When you’re vulnerable or damaged, people might try to take advantage of you. Though there are lots of scammers online who try to fraud online users randomly, there are also lots of scammers who are oriented on specific groups of people because it’s easier to deceive them. If you’re going through some hard moments of your life, then you’re more likely to be less careful and concentrated on red flags: people who need help or hope are more likely to believe in miracles and suspicious ideas;
  • It can’t completely replace traditional communication. Though it’s a great opportunity to try something new and to improve your social skills, it’s still not the same as having friends in real life. Some people who can’t completely escape loneliness when communicating with random people online try to spend more and more time online to fulfil their needs instead of going offline and improving their social skills in the real world. It’s not a full replacement of real-life interactions - it’s just and adding to make your life brighter;
  • You should always be careful and protect your personal information. Even if scammers don’t try to convince you to give them your money, they still can hack your accounts or use your info to harm you. That’s why it’s always better to be careful with what you say and public online: sometimes even if you don’t get into troubles because of fraud, you still can face issues because of things you say online become known by people who aren’t supposed to know them.

What you should do to chat online correctly

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Though it’s exciting to chat with new people and meet new friends and potential partners, it’s always better to be careful: there are lots of things everyone should remember about carefulness to have a good online chatting experience without any unpleasant memories. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult you should always remember about basic internet safety rules:

  • You should always understand your mental and physical condition to stay safe online. It’s better not to use online chats or social networks when you’re drunk, stressed or heartbroken: it’s much easier to make mistakes when you’re vulnerable;
  • Don’t neglect basic rules of internet safety. Don’t give your passwords, pin codes, personal information and anything important to people you don’t know (and often it’s better not to give them to people you know as well);
  • Don’t trust everyone and everything you read online. There are lots of liars, scammers, haters, trolls and unqualified self-proclaimed specialists online who want you to think that they know everything better than you: use your experience and logics to avoid them;
  • You should be ready to face unmotivated aggression or rudeness coming from random anonymous people online. Remember to be less sensitive online, especially when you face inappropriate behaviour from someone you don’t know.

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Whether you’re just curious about meeting new people online or determined to find your perfect partner who is open to the idea of long-term and serious relationships, there are lots of opportunities the internet can give you. There are various online services which help people to find friends and romantic partners: whether you prefer anonymous online chats or traditional dating services, there are lots of opportunities for everyone. Nowadays people all over the world use online dating to socialize and widen their views and opportunities: users of different ages, countries, religions, tastes, hobbies and views communicate within their interest groups or experiment and learn more about the world.

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