Dating Croatian singles

Dating in Croatia is a wonder for many people from around the globe. Girls can definitely raise their self-esteem dating a Croatian guy and men can’t be more pleased than when they are looking at Croatian women. It is very easy to get acquainted with somebody in Croatia - people might just approach you on the street. And if you have some Croatian friends, it will be even easier, since people here love to communicate in big companies.

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Understanding the people and the dating culture of the country is very important for building relationships there. And it is not necessarily about offending someone, but mostly about understanding the rules and getting used to the local way of life.

Croatian girls and guys are used to dating each other, but that doesn’t mean it is easy for a foreigner to understand them. If you want to start dating in Croatia, we suggest you to learn more about the temper of local people. It will help you find the right approach to their hearts. Use our advice as guidelines, but don’t be too stereotypical. Let’s dig in and find your way to succeed in dating Croatian singles.

Dating Croatian guys - important things to know

These are some of the main traits you will see while dating Croatian men:

  • They are a bit controlling and dominant. They usually make a decision about where to go and what to do - they take the responsibility of planning and organizing the dates, if you will. But the longer you stay in the relationships, the more often they will try to take control over your mutual life as well, starting from choosing a dish for dinner and up to deciding how to repair the apartment. They are also kind of vindictive in terms of various decisions. So if you once decide something for a Croatian guy and the result won’t be too satisfactory, they will remember it for ages;
  • But they still like initiative girls. That is because Croatian women are mostly expecting the men to make the first move, so they don’t take the initiative into their own hands too often. If you approach a Croatian guy and suggest him to get acquainted, he will be pleasantly surprised. If you suggest sharing the responsibilities in the relationships, he will be even more impressed. Though, if you are one of these girls who want the man to be the leader of the relationships, there is no big deal. Croatian boys are used to such a situation, so they won’t be mad at you doing very little;
  • They are loving and caring. Croatian guys actually take great care of their girlfriends. They might feel a bit patriarchal for the western women, but they do everything to protect and please their girls. They can also be very romantic, if they see that their significant other likes such gestures. Or course, it takes time to gain enough trust and bond for such treatment, but once he understands things are getting serious between you two, you will be surprised by how tender and loving your boyfriend can be. Just give him the time to develop these feelings;
  • They love some challenge. Since Croatian guys tend to approach girls and flirt with them quite often, they like to have a bit of a hard time trying to win over their hearts. Easy girls are boring and don’t give enough opportunities for a play. Don’t give up on his attempts too soon. Be more than just a beautiful girl: show him your personality, share your interests, don’t agree to spend too much time together. Knowing you have a strong character and are individual will be a great turn on for any Croatian guy. Tease him a little bit, be funny, keep the conversation going - and the success is guaranteed;
  • They pay attention to the appearance of their significant other. And regularly prefer pretty girls. Not necessarily natural, though. Appearance is actually the first thing Croatian men judge a girl by. They prefer their girlfriends to be outstandingly beautiful, and if this means a lot of make-up and tons of money spent on beauty procedures - well, that’s the price they agree to pay. The most attractive girl for a Croatian guy is the one who looks like an instagram model. They also have nothing against the women wearing revealing clothes. Looks, which highlight girls waist or hips are also preferred over the oversized ones;
  • They are sporty. But don’t think that Croatian guys only demand to look beautiful from their girls. They actually take care about their appearance as well. And first things first, they do sports, which allows to keep the body in perfect shape. They are also interested in sports quite a bit in general, so if you are dating a Croatian guy, be ready to hear quite a lot about this topic. Their favourite kind of sports is football, so expect your boyfriend to visit football matches regularly and watch it on TV as well. He will spend a lot of time with his football fans friends as well. Just bare with it, you can’t avoid this dating in Croatia.

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Dating Croatian girls - main things to remember

Dating these women have as much unique traits as dating Bosnian girls, so if you are a man who wants to get involved in Croatian dating, here are some important things for you to know as well:

  • Croatian girls want to be respected. They might have charming appearance, but that doesn’t mean you can treat them disrespectfully. They are not easy to impress and want their partner to treat them well. Be polite and gentle, respect your girlfriend’s opinion, treat her like an equal - and your relationships will be successful. And don’t think Croatian girls have too high standards - on the contrary, they are just enjoying overall respectful and adequate behaviour;
  • They are temperamental. This is a trait of any southern personality - you will find it in people all around the mediterranean region. They are very passionate, and that means you will never get bored, even when the relationships are in the later stages. But don’t consider girls from Croatia too unpredictable or unstable. They are not the kind of girls who will make a public scene, if you say something wrong on a date. They are always thinking about solving the problem and coming to a mutual understanding, so even if she is screaming at you, she’s just trying to carry some kind of a message;
  • They are smart and funny. Don’t think that Croatian girls only have beautiful faces and good bodies. They are also great interlocutors, witty and educated. They can support various topics and can often refer to scientific knowledge. At the same time, they love a good joke, so the conversation will never get boring. The only thing that might prevent you from having a nice talk with a Croatian bride is language barrier, but the longer you are together, the less you will suffer with finding common language;
  • Even though Croatian girls are quite independent and like to build a career, they still pay attention to the house and keep it very well. They might ask you to share some household chores though, especially the ones regarding cleaning, but there is definitely one thing they always do themselves and that is cooking. Croatian cuisine is quite similar to the rest of the mediterranean regions, though having some special treats as well. Savoury dishes include a lot of seafood and different kinds of meat, but there is also a part of Croatian cuisine not many people know about: sweets. When you taste local cakes, you will sell the soul to your Croatian girlfriend.

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Where you can meet Croatian people

There are quite a few ways you can use to get acquainted with Croatian people and start Croatian dating. If you are a foreigner who came to Croatia on vacation, your initial instinct might be approaching every other person here. But the tricky thing is - many of them are already taken. Wait for the person to approach you first - this is how you know he or she is ready for an affair.

Don’t make a goal of starting the relationships, just enjoy communication and merging into the new culture.

It is a great idea, though, to befriend some Croatian people. Don’t make a goal of starting the relationships, just enjoy communication and merging into the new culture. You’ll discover that having a Croatian friend is actually extremely fun. But later on, when you are included into a friend circle, you might find single Croatian people you like.

The other way to meet someone you like in Croatia is by attending various kinds of events. People here are very active and don’t like to stay at home too much, so they go out quite often. That being said, you can attend a concert or a party and get acquainted with people there. This way you will also make sure you have mutual interests with your potential partner. But if you don’t succeed and won’t meet anyone from the very first attempt, at least you will be able to have a great time.

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Online dating in Croatia

There is yet another great way to find a partner in Croatia - dating websites. Especially if you are a representative of a younger generation, you will easily meet a partner on one of such platforms. Older Croatians still take their time to adjust to the new dating technologies, but the younger people are enjoying the benefits of online dating to the fullest. In smaller cities the situation is a bit more traditional, with people looking for partners through friends or at work, but in bigger places like Zagreb there are quite a few individuals looking for love online. People often start dating over 30 online because it opens lots of opportunities for romance.

Don’t expect the very first person you talk to while dating online in Croatia to be your destined one. Take it slow and carefully look through the profiles. There are also many people who created a profile on a dating site and abandoned it for some reason, which is why communication can be pretty slot and many attractive people won’t answer you.

Don’t expect the very first person you talk to while dating online in Croatia to be your destined one. is one of the best and most popular dating sites in Croatia. There are several reasons why people choose exactly this platform for dating:

  • It is extremely simple to use. The interface is very user-friendly, which allows anyone to conveniently use this dating site. Both people experienced in online dating and newcomers can enjoy dating on this platform;
  • There are many people here. One of the concerns people get is that it will be impossible to find a partner from their area. But on there are multiple individuals from Croatia, both smaller and bigger cities, so you will have no hard times in finding someone close to you;
  • A convenient searching system allows you to customize the search according to your preferences. No random users, only compatible individuals who meet your requirements. You can include any traits, such as hobbies, appearance features, education and many more;
  • is a well-moderated platform, which makes it a safe space to date. No scammers or fraudsters are allowed on the website. You can be sure that people you meet here are real. And if you want to take extra precautions, read the guidelines assembled by the team of the website.

Croatian dating can be enjoyable both for locals and people outside the country. Give a try to and find your love online. You should no longer be worried about the complications of dating, just create a profile and start chatting with like-minded individuals.

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