Popular names girls choose for their boyfriends

Does your boyfriend have any funny and pleasant nicknames when he speaks with you? A lot of guys do: it’s an essential part of relationships which exhibits mental connection and affection partners have for each other. While dating doesn’t have strict and unaltered rules, a cute name for a boyfriend is something that melts his heart and makes everything more romantic. Calling each other by your real names is fine, but everyone can do that: using nicknames for him you highlight your special status and attitude and also demonstrate his importance for you. It’s as important as little things we do for our beloved ones in relationships like flowers and little presents: a cute name for boyfriend is something that shows your care and feelings.

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Girls use cute nicknames for guys to show their attitude and affection and also their playful side. A few suitable nicknames for your boyfriend can improve your relationship a lot: guys like being called in a cute way not less than girls. Another reason to use nicknames for guys is to cheer them up: if you call him Superman, then he’ll definitely feel stronger and bigger. Everyone loves feeling like a superhero: some nicknames for your boyfriend can make his day and remind him that he’s loved.

While some nicknames to call your boyfriend are sweet and cute, the others are cool and playful. Whether you’re a very romantic person or perceive your partner as your best friend in the first place, you can always find some names to call your boyfriend to underline the way you communicate and feel. You need to remember that while some of these cute nicknames for your boyfriend are appropriate to use in public, the others should be left only in a private atmosphere to save his pride. The line might seem pretty thin, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand what cute nicknames for a boyfriend are fine to use when you’re spending time with your common friends or not. Sometimes you can just ask for his opinion and that will give you a complete understanding of the situation.

There are dozens and hundreds of names you can call your boyfriend: it’s an essential way to express what you feel for him. Not all of them are equally popular and comfortable: some of the cute nicknames for your boyfriend might sound too old-fashioned, cheesy or even arrogant. You need to remember that you use cute names to call your boyfriend not only to express your affection but also to make him feel delighted: if you are too sweet, then he might think that you treat him like a child.

Experiment with names for your boyfriend and finally, you’ll find the one which will become the best suitable for him.

Choose a cute name for your boyfriend and look for his reaction. Even if he dislikes one name, then you can use hundreds of others! It’s completely fine if he dislikes some cute nicknames you’ve found for him: he’s an adult man and he has his tastes and preferences. Guys often dislike being called anything which is associated with small and pretty “girly” things - but you won’t know that if you won’t try. Experiment with names for your boyfriend and finally, you’ll find the one which will become the best suitable for him. Some cute nicknames for boyfriend can become your little secret: only you two might know the name you call him. Isn’t it romantic?

A nicknames list for a boyfriend: cute names for your boyfriend that he’ll like

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A cute boyfriend nicknames list is useful for ladies who think of a cute name to call their guys. Even though it might seem like something extremely unique and personal, there are lots of other couples who use monikers and have nothing against sharing them on the Internet. You don’t have to be extremely exclusive in your choice if you don’t want to: there are lots of funny and interesting options you can look through to find the best suitable option to use. You know your boyfriend much better than the others do: only you can understand whether you should use something sweet, funny or cool to make him like the nickname.

Whether you want to warm up the atmosphere or portray him that something goes wrong, pet names are your tool to express your emotions and feelings.

Cute names to call your boyfriend are extremely popular in different countries: some of them came to English from other languages and are widely used now. Words like “Beau” and “Amigo” can also become great nicknames if you’re tired of popular options in English. A nice funny name can become your inner joke - and these jokes make the relationships much warmer and closer! It will be used just to spice up some flirty messages to him or your regular communication. Also, at some point, it might even feel awkward to call your boyfriend by his real name, so it’s time to find him a nickname to solve the problem.

Use these cute nicknames for your boyfriend and bring a bit of passion and romance into your relationship. Also, using the moniker you can always switch to his real name when you’re angry at him: he’ll definitely notice the difference. Whether you want to warm up the atmosphere or portray him that something goes wrong, pet names are your tool to express your emotions and feelings. Some of these names might have slightly different meanings and undertones: you need to choose carefully because this name can eventually become a big part of your relationship with your significant other. There are some popular options you can choose from:

  • Honey - it’s a very traditional and popular option: it’s so widespread that might even sound too old-fashioned for some people. It obviously means that your man is extremely sweet: a nice name for a nice guy. It is often associated with a comfortable and romantic atmosphere, security, trust and affection, so all these things make “Honey” a great option to use;
  • Darling/Darlin’ - it’s a very British-like nickname which is also extremely popular. This moniker is filled with tenderness and care, and if you add a bit of playfulness in your voice, then this pet name might sound extremely charming and charismatic. Use it without “g” to make it sound even more southern-like;
  • Sugar - that’s another option which is connected with sweetness. You should remember that it’s one of the nicknames which require a very special attitude. Your boyfriend should suit this name and you should suit it as well;
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  • Handsome\Beautiful: these nicknames can help you to underline the attractiveness of your partner and also get their attention. If your boyfriend is handsome - then don’t hide it: men actually like being called attractive, especially if they really care for themselves. Also, even though “Beautiful” may sound a bit too feminine, it’s a nice option too: yes, men can be beautiful and they like being called so as well;
  • Stud\Playboy - that’s a nice option for a guy who looks like a real bad-ass. If you date a real macho, then you can highlight the fact with such a pet name: it creates the associations with leather jackets, motorbikes and strong cigarettes. Just don’t forget that your man should suit this name unless you want it to sound like a mockery. You can also use this name jokingly, but once again, it might sound offensive in some situations;
  • Baby\Babe - that’s a very traditional and popular way to call your significant other. Even though it might be a bit strange to call your adult lover as a kid, it’s still extremely well-spread: if you don’t want to risk or use something too unusual, then just give your boyfriend a nickname “Baby” and call it a day. It’s tender, it’s sweet - so it’s perfect;
  • Sweetie/Sweetheart - these nicknames have been extremely popular for many years and are still widely used now: they contain sweetness, affection and care and sound nice and relaxing. It’s a choice which has no risky part in it: there are no negative associations or misunderstanding in it. Even though it might sound too old-fashioned for some young people, it actually isn’t: use this pet name to show your affection and warmness and your guy will appreciate that;
  • Tiger\Lion - these are names which might sound kinda cool for a guy, but you should always remember about the unintentional sexual undertone this name has. He might be extremely good in bed, but it doesn’t mean that everyone should know about that as well as you do. At the same time, it’s a great option to use when you’re private: it can bring passion to your intimate life and make a bit spicier;
  • Boo - it might sound like it’s more a name for a pet hamster than a grown man, but some people use this tender nickname too. Lots of men dislike extremely soft nicknames, but once again, you don't need to guess when you can just ask him. The nickname "Boo" was rather popular in the 90s, and thousands of people can’t be wrong, right? He might be very into it;
  • Buddy\Bro\Homie - that’s an option for a couple who pose themselves as the best friends in the first place. If he behaves like he’s your elder brother who needs to protect and teach you all the time, then this name is extremely suitable for him. It’s not suitable for everyone, but it definitely can be a nice inner joke: lots of things can become fine if you use it ironically;
  • Doc - If your boyfriend is a real doc or behaves like that sometimes, then use it. This nickname can highlight the fact that your guy is really smart and intelligent and you respect him for that quality, so he’ll appreciate that. If you watch some detective TV-series together, then he might like it even more;
  • Rocket - It’s just a funny name for a guy who moves really fast and can’t stay at one place even for a few minutes. This shows that the reason you love your boyfriend is his upbeat character. Some people might think that being too fast is no always a good thing, but in fact, the tone of your voice and the situation when you use this nickname is much more important than any stereotypes;
  • Sunshine - it’s a nice name for a guy who’s really sweet and who brings light and warmth into your life. By using this name you’ll show him your appreciation and how valuable he is for you. It’s a very positive and pure nickname, so use it for your perfect boyfriend who makes you happy;
  • Cowboy - it’s a funny name for a cool guy when he’s wild and loves nature. It’s a pretty traditional name, so use it confidently. It might sound pretty much like “Stud”, but it’s kinda softer, so there is no mocking undertone in this name;
  • Superman - every guy would love to be called a superhero because it’s associated with being strong, reliable and protective. By calling him Superman you’ll show your partner that you value everything he does and also wants to cheer him up. Also, it means that you feel safe and protected when you’re around - and that’s another nice thing to say;
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  • Teddy Bear - If you’re dating a huge but soft-hearted guy, then it’s a perfect name for him! Teddy bears are great for hugging and it’s always comfortable around them;
  • Fox Box - that’s an unusual nickname for a really smart guy. If he’s witty, decisive and is full of ideas, then you can call him like that;
  • Daredevil - If he’s into extreme kinds of sports and does amazing stunts, then why not to highlight this feature of him? He’ll be pleased to know you like his job because all these tricks require a lot of time to learn. More than that, it portrays that you are really interested in his safety and might even think that his hobby is dangerous, and it’s pretty pleasant too;
  • Hawk - If he’s cold and a bit reserved and has a keen eye - then it’s a good description of him and you can use it. He might be not extremely soft, but he would like to have a nickname too, so don’t miss the opportunity to find him a nice cool nickname;
  • Mr. RIght - A guy who is perfect in everything: sometimes it even seems to you that he never does anything wrong and always knows what’s the best. Also, if you want to underline the fact that you think he’s the right boyfriend for you - then it’s an amazing nickname as well.
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