100 Reasons Why I Love You List

Love is wonderful, it makes us happy and fills our life with colourful feelings. This list is called “100 reasons why I love you” and it can help you to let your bae know exactly what you feel. You can write all these reasons on tiny papers and give them to your chosen one. One paper should be read every time your bae gets angry with you.

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Millions of emotions and thousands of thoughts are spinning in your head when you look at your soulmate... But do you always find the right words to explain why you love your chosen one?

You can tell: “Reasons why i love him are pretty simple and he wouldn’t be touched” or “How can I tell 100 reasons why I love him? I just love him for no reason”. Tender words aren’t only for teenagers: dating over 30 also requires sensitive and emotional moments to keep your passion strong. Of course he will be glad to hear nice words from his bae. Tell him how you love him and he will definitely tell you about his feelings more often. It’s just a must to try if you want him to be more sincere in your relationships. Tell your partner some of these reasons or send a love paragraph, and it will definitely brighten their day.

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Here is our take at 100 reasons why I love you list:

  1. I love you because of the way you look at me. I feel loved and wanted;
  2. You understand me. Not always, but most of the time;
  3. You are kind. Your kindness is all about mercy and compassion, helping others and accepting the world the way it is. You are gentle, happy, selfless. You do not expect that you will receive anything in return for your help.I love you for being kind-hearted;
  4. Reasons why you love someone are always simple. I love you ‘cause the days I spend with you are the best. Time flies when I’m with you. It feels like a true fairytale;
  5. I love you because you are gentle. One of the most rare people’s characteristics nowadays. You know how to keep company and how to make everybody near you feel comfortable;
  6. You constantly take care of me, so I feel safe. No one ever even tried to protect me from this cruel world, but you. I know that sometimes you have to protect me from what I want. And it feels difficult. Here I’d like to thank you for preventing me from going mad;
  7. Your embrace is very warm. It even can comfort me when I’m upset with the way I spent my day;
  8. You have great taste in music. I do like most of your favourite bands. I know it’s OK to listen to different music sometimes like all the couples do;
  9. You are always sincere with me. It makes me feel safe. You should know you can always rely on me in any situation;
  10. You appreciate my efforts. I try to be better than yesterday every day and I do it for you;
  11. You always support me. I feel like I’m a genius when I’m with you. I know my ideas are crazy from time to time. Thanks to you I can reach as high as I want. All you need to do is to believe in me;
  12. We trust each other. I have never seen couples like ours’. I feel calm and confident while I share secrets with you. I hope you do too;
  13. You are successful in all the things you undertake;
  14. It is interesting to talk to you. You’re smart and you have many things to tell me. I let myself be guided by you;
  15. It’s pleasant to keep silent with you. We have not only many things to talk about, but also to think about in silence. Silence is more important than words when I'm with you - and it's a unique feeling;
  16. You are good at cooking. I love it so much;
  17. You help me to cope with difficulties. You’re the guy who is always there for me when I need something;
  18. You know how to cheer me up. I love you for all the many surprises and nice gifts you make for me. You are like a wizard who fulfills my life with bright colors, adding positive emotions to it;
  19. In my head meeting you is the most beautiful thing that happened to me;
  20. You forgive me and you don't mention my faults twice. I love you because you forgive me sarcastic remarks, harsh words, and some stupid things that hurt you. Thank you for your big and open heart;
  21. I love you because you never grieve me;
  22. I feel lonely without you;
  23. You have the best sense of humor. Your jokes are my favourite, they make me laugh like nothing else. I don’t know if I ever laughed like I do now before I met you;
  24. a young romantic couple kissing outdoors
  25. You are always worried about me. Man of my dreams;
  26. I love you because you are the best for me;
  27. Waking up next to you is wonderful. You are the one I’d like to call a partner in a romantic way. That sounds really serious;
  28. You know how to find a solution to any problem;
  29. You sleep sweetly. I love watching you when you’re asleep in the evening, seeing your calm face is the best hypnotic pill. Also I like watching you in the morning when I get up earlier. I’m always afraid to disrupt your sleep, so I try to be as quiet as I can;
  30. You and me are the perfect match. Everybody who has ever seen us together knows that for sure. Perfect boyfriend deserves to date a perfect girlfriend;
  31. I love you because you have a cute smile;
  32. I appreciate the way you treat my friends and family. Your positive attitude towards my friends and family means a lot. I am glad that you don’t get angry if I spend time with friends and try to get closer to my family, treating it with respect;
  33. I love to review our joint photos, because they are so light and warm;
  34. You are very charming. Every girl that sees you in the street dreams to still you. Your charisma is unforgettable;
  35. You know how to find a common language with a stranger;
  36. I love you because you know how to surprise me. Every time you give me presents or just cook dinner it turns out to be an occasion;
  37. Our love is the biggest jewel that I have. My soul shines bright like a diamond;
  38. You never scream at me, we never fight;
  39. I love it when we talk together about our future;
  40. I love you because I always feel more comfortable with you;
  41. You have very beautiful hands;
  42. I love you because we match each other;
  43. You are the first person I think about after waking up and when I go to bed;
  44. I always want to move forward with your support.
  45. You are talented in everything;
  46. I love you because you always stay yourself. I can't imagine a better person to date;
  47. I always want to move forward with your support;
  48. You know how to behave with others politely. That makes me happy and proud;
  49. You like my ideas and it doesn’t matter how crazy they are. It's better to do and regret it, than not to do and then regret it all your life. You encourage me with words and actions, helping to make dreams come true. You experience ups and downs with me - and that's priceless. I adore you;
  50. We never have difficulties, and if they ever do, we will definitely cope with them;
  51. You Found the key to my heart. It seems you’re really special to me;
  52. I love you because you drive me crazy. The way you smile, the way you see things, the way you wake up from your nightmares… I love watching you anyway. If there was a chance, I’d spend all my life watching you. Not a funny joke;
  53. You know my taste and know how to please me;
  54. I love to cook for you. I cannot deny the fact that I like to take care of you. Desire not to leave you hungry makes me develop my cooking skills;
  55. You hug me like no one else. Your hug makes me forget about all the problems. When you touch or kiss me, I do not notice anything or anyone around. I love how we get lost in each other when we are alone with each other;
  56. Time with you passes imperceptibly;
  57. You always have time for me. I love you because you always have time for me. I know I’m your top priority. No matter how busy or tired you are, you always send me gentle messages, call me and tell me how much you love me. I appreciate it;
  58. You are my closest friend and I love you dearly. Firstly, we are great friends, so I can feel safe while telling you my secrets. Just secondly we’re lovers - last but not least. You are my best friend. I love that we can be lovers, friends, companions and a team at the same time. We're just perfectly balanced with each other. We can have fun, solve problems, talk about different little things, take care of each other, support each other ... and you and I are never bored;
  59. You give me the space and freedom I need. You don't force me to do what I don't like. I feel completely free, and it's amazing - as if you have wings behind your back. You always encourage me to devote as much time to myself as it takes;
  60. a woman is checking her phone while smiling happily
  61. You can calm me down even when it seems that everything is very bad;
  62. I love you because you know how to guess my desires;
  63. You know how to create a festive mood. Every our day is like a little party;
  64. I love you because I dream of you. I can’t stand the days we spend apart, far away from each other, but I’m so crazy about you that you come to my dreams when you can’t come in reality. It sounds crazy, but I could swear it’s true;
  65. I would like to say I love you because you are always very honest with me. That’s sweet;
  66. You motivate me to be a better version of myself every day. I love that I'm growing, becoming better for you. You inspire me to achieve goals, learn new things, put in the best effort and not want to give up. You teach me something new every day;
  67. You are the kind that can no longer be found in this world;
  68. Let's understand each other without words;
  69. I love you because you protect me all the time;
  70. I want to help and support you. I’m really into you, you know;
  71. I love you because you let me know what real happiness is;
  72. I love you because my best memories are connected with you;
  73. You always do the right thing;
  74. You have a charming voice. If we were strangers, I’d come to get your number just because of that;
  75. You know my interests well;
  76. I love you because you are the one I want to wait for every evening after work;
  77. I love you because you find time for me, even if you're busy;
  78. I love it when we walk holding hands. Just hold my hand and I’m in Heaven;
  79. I love you because every time I fall in love with you more and more;
  80. Our relationship is what I have always dreamed of;
  81. I love you because you are the most attractive person in the world;
  82. I don't need anyone but you. There are no minuses in our relationships;
  83. By your side I become a true woman. Just ask me to be the way you’d like to see me;
  84. I love you because you know how to inspire and guide me;
  85. I appreciate our relationship for its purity and sincerity;
  86. Every minute next to you is important to me. I remember every moment we spent together. I wonder if I can forget them just to relive them;
  87. I love it when you hold me in your arms;
  88. Your tender kisses turn my head;
  89. I love you because you always stay by my side. Never mind what is the point of the dispute - you always support me and give arguments to make our opinion stronger;
  90. I don't care where to be, it is important to stay with you. Being apart for a long time makes me sad;
  91. I love you because with you I become needed;
  92. Adding to all the reasons of love… You fulfill my life with bright colors;
  93. I love you because you respect my interests;
  94. You know how to please me;
  95. We have similar interests. I love you for those moments when we danced together, cooked breakfast, fought, watched our favorite movies, and laughed at silly jokes;
  96. You are a real hero to me;
  97. You show me that you really care;
  98. I love you because you made my heart open;
  99. Your kisses drive me crazy;
  100. You make me feel we’re the only one in the world when you kiss my neck;
  101. Being with you equals happiness;
  102. You like me even if I wear no makeup;
  103. You make me feel wonderful every day;
  104. I love you for no reason! Honey, I just love you. I do not need any reason to give you my tenderness, passion and care!

So, here are not 100, but 101 reasons why I love you on the list. In fact, reasons to love someone are always simple. We are people, so we simply cannot truly love someone for his money. We fall in love with a smile, eyes, manner of behavior. Tell your bae about the reasons for your love and he will be unforgettably pleased.

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