How to Initiate a Kiss with Your Girlfriend

How to get a girl to kiss you? It’s not as hard as you can imagine. However, not so easy, too. How to get a girl to kiss you without asking? A kiss is a very tender and important part of close contact - romantic relationships - between two people. It conveys energy and feelings, makes the heart beat faster and melt in the arms of a partner. But pleasure is not so easy to achieve, you need to prepare for the moment of the liss carefully not to get into a mess and fail everything like in a bad comedy movie. Though we all are raised on these movies and they often influence our attitude a lot, dating American women shouldn’t always be like in American rom coms, and this rule works with other countries as well.

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The right place and time of the date meeting, friendly environment and a pleasant and light conversation are mandatory components of a date that should end with an excellent kiss. If you do not know how to kiss a girl beautifully, then read the article. Then you’ll discover all the secrets based on personal experience and observations of happy couples.

How a guy can kiss a girl

Are you not sure how to be the first to kiss a girl on the lips? This is completely normal. How to kiss for the first time? What are kisses? How do their techniques differ? How to kiss for the first time in a simple way, like French and so on... - all the questions are reasonable.

You are either not experienced yet, or you are deeply in love with the girl you are going to the date with. In your head you can endlessly scroll through situations in which you could do this and finally the moment is to come. It’s not a situation only young people have: lots of people dating over 30 can be insecure when it comes to kissing a woman. You need to start preparing and create all the necessary conditions for such an important moment.

How to get a girl to kiss you? First of all, you should be mentally prepared for the girl to reject. Life doesn't end there, and there is even a chance to start a relationship with the one you want to kiss. Maybe you should just let her know you better - some jokes, some smiles, help her with something a little. Maybe then she’ll change her mind.

Make sure the girl is free and ready to go on a date with you. It's unacceptable to kiss a young lady in a relationship, even if you want her to date you, not her partner.

You can't just take the girl you like, and give her an unforgettable kiss at the first meeting.

Many guys are interested in the question of how to kiss passionately and emotionally - it’s a real problem for those who do not know how to express feelings. This is important, but it comes with time and depends on what connects you with your partner and how strong your connection is. If the matter is limited only by sympathy on both sides, then the kiss will not work out passionate and hot how expected. But when you both feel hot when you meet each other, chat on the Internet, call each other, then you will understand what to do and how to behave when kissing.

It is much more important to learn how to be soft and consistent in your actions. You can't just take the girl you like, and give her an unforgettable kiss at the first meeting. Unless you want to get a slap in the face. Treat the kiss as the first starting point of your future relationship.

Prepare for the date well


How do you get a girl to kiss you? You should obviously get prepared. To please yourself and your girlfriend while kissing, do not be lazy and passive. Situations can be different. Set the stage for a good romantic date, the girl should want to kiss you before you do. You should just make her expectations real. It is not difficult to become attractive to the girl. So, your preparations for the first should include some steps. There is a check-list:

  • Be carefully shaved. Girls really do not like a prickly male face, it leaves micro-scratches and causes irritation after a kiss. If your look does not imply a beard with a mustache, then shave properly and give the girl unforgettable tenderness with your kisses;
  • Take a shower. The unpleasant odors that persist throughout the day can give you the wrong impression. The girl decides that you are too lazy to prepare for the date with her. So, maybe she’s not the girl of your dreams? When planning close contact, make sure that you smell like pleasant eau de toilette or a clean ironed shirt, at the very least;
  • Brush your teeth. Should it even be mentioned? Everybody should brush teeth every day. At this point, comments will be superfluous, but stock up on chewing gum, refreshing candies, or just mints;
  • No smoking before date. It is better to refrain from cigarettes an hour or two before the date, as the smell of tobacco persists for a long time, including on hands, hair and clothes. If a girl does not smoke, it will be very unpleasant for her to kiss the "ashtray". In the case that your partner does not hesitate smoking, relax and discuss the popular brands of cigarettes. Then it seems you just found another common interest;
  • Wash the hands. It is possible that on the way to your date you had some nuts, smoked and stroked your neighbor's dog. Wash your hands before meeting or bring refreshing wipes with you. Be prepared to hug and touch her hair romantically with clean hands as she deserves it.

Think of kissing not as about an exam, but as about an exhilarating experience during which you can completely immerse yourself in a pleasant sensation. This is a kind of meditation that helps you to disconnect from everyday worries, reduce stress levels and focus on the moment. When you kiss your brain releases a lot of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that induces feelings of affection, comfort, and trust. Also, kissing people release the so-called hormone of happiness endorphin, accompanied by a feeling of pleasure and euphoria. At the same time, the level of the "stress hormone" cortisol decreases, and with it anxiety goes away and anxiety subsides.

How to know if she is ready

Before you kiss a girl, make sure your interest is mutual. Even if she invites you to dinner and smiles mysteriously all evening, take your time then to take all your chances and win finally. There are a few tricks to know right if a girl is willing to come into close contact through a kiss.

She is ready to move to the "next level" if:

  • She doesn't take her eyes off your lips;
  • She plays with her hair - twirls hair around fingers;
  • She bites on the lip;
  • Breathes heavily, deeply and quickly;
  • She peers into your face very closely. Then she is trying to understand if you like her;
  • She speaks softly and cocks her head to one side.

Be careful and attentive and you will understand at what point if you can kiss the girl at the very moment. Her body language says everything with no words. However, just one sign is not a "green light" and does not give you the right to embrace her. But the combination of several points at once suggests a mutual interest and desire to get closer through a kiss.

Just before kissing a companion, you can already openly take her hand, come closer. But even at this stage everything should be done as smoothly as possible. Otherwise, she may get scared, embarrassed and recoil. It is unlikely that you want to get into an unpleasant position, trying to kiss the one that does not want it at all. The slap in the face will disappear quickly, but shame and feelings of humiliation will not dissolve so soon.

Rules to follow with a girl


If a man decides to kiss a girl abruptly and unexpectedly, then he must be prepared for the most negative consequences. Do not neglect this advice, because if you stumble, you can permanently lose her trust and all her chances to date her.

Talking about the communication, avoid vulgar compliments, stupid jokes, and those in which your views differ dramatically. To get started you should read the article on the best compliments for a girl and see what to talk about to a girl on a date. After thoroughly preparing and studying the theory, behave with dignity and show the following qualities:

  • Politeness and gallantry. Give her a hand, help to take off or put on her outerwear, let the lady go ahead. It is the shortest way to become a gentleman in her eyes;
  • Mindfulness and interest. Ask all sorts of different but relevant questions and listen carefully to the answers: hobbies, friends, leisure, work, etc. It will help you in the near future. This information is needed to give her presents and surprises;
  • Thoughtfulness and desire to protect. Create maximum comfort for the girl so that she feels safe with you. Try to keep a distance that speaks of your interest, but does not force the girl to look for ways to escape;
  • Choose a meeting place competently and with special passion.
  • Bad categories of places to go on a date for the first kiss are concerts, sporting events, noisy parties with a lot of friends, meetings at your place. They will not allow you to relax and have a casual conversation. Much better places for creating the right sensual atmosphere are a cozy cafe or bar, cinema, a walk in the park in good weather. You can seize the moment for a kiss on your way home from rides or other shared activities.

    Best places for creating the right sensual atmosphere are a cozy cafe or bar, cinema, a walk in the park in good weather.

    Before acting for the kiss remember to compliment the girl sincerely. Some of the guys forget about the power of words. Each girl has a crush on men who know how to express their feelings in words. For example you can use these phrases:

    • "You look very nice. Where were you before I met you?";
    • “I can swear you’re the nicest girl on the planet. How may I be that lucky?" - do not take your eyes of her while saying;
    • "Your lips are very beautiful and your eyes are simply mesmerizing."

    For women it is often important not what you say, but how you do it, with what tone, intonation, gesture, so pay attention to that. Watch your lady's reactions to words, deeds and courtesies. If she reacts well, then you can hug her lightly and whisper something gentle and sweet right in her ear:

    • "You are a wonderful girl. I have never seen a single person whose interests are as much like mine as yours. May we try anything more in common?";
    • “My heart is beating incredibly fast. Are you feeling the same?".

    Take action. Instructions for the perfect kiss


    Any important event requires preparation. Follow our instructions, and you yourself will understand when to kiss a girl.

    • Eye contact. The talk time is coming to an end, you have already managed to get to know each other and get used to each other. Look at her carefully, but with interest and tenderness. If the girl continues to talk and doesn't look you in the eye, she may not have noticed your attitude yet. Or she is embarrassed and does not know how else to hide her excitement. Keep catching the eye and wait for her to shut up, and then move on to the next step;
    • Touches. After making eye contact, it's time to start tactile. Light touches will show how she is in tune and whether she is ready to bond. Pat your hand, shoulder, or tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, if the girl smiles shyly - you are on the right track. If she moves away or shows dissatisfaction, you need to stop and take a step back;
    • Active action. If the girl hasn't removed your hands and looks away, congratulations, she is ready for a kiss. Approach it slowly, pull it slightly towards you and feel the breath and heat that both of you burn. Enjoy the moment. As you get close to your face and lips, stop for a moment to give the girl one last chance to refuse the kiss. If she just continues to look you in the eye and wait, then feel free to kiss;
    • Finally kiss. The first kiss should be gentle and light, touch her lips gently and without pressure, give the opportunity to reciprocate. Don't use all your skills! Leave the passion for subsequent kisses in a more intimate setting. Make sure that your hands do not go below her waist, while their place is on the face, neck or back. By behaving with restraint, you will show that you are well-mannered and respect your companion.

    During a truly enjoyable kiss, your brain loses control over your mind, and you can completely trust your feelings. But what is still worth controlling is the amount of saliva. To prevent a "flood", alternate deep kisses with more shallow.

    Show her what a French kiss is

    Don't you want to limit yourself to an innocent kiss on the lips? Then you need to figure out how to kiss passionately and what great kissing techniques with the tongue now exist. Simple kisses perfectly convey sympathy, tenderness, care. However, they rarely show something more passionate, intimate, or frank. But French technology successfully copes with this task. However, practice without a previously learned theory does not always go easy. You don't want to hit your face in the dirt at the first attempt. Then how to kiss with the tongue? What are the mistakes to avoid?

    First, open your mouth and touch her upper or lower lip with the tip of your tongue. If the girl likes it, she will do the same. Then trust your intuition and continue to explore each other, gently and attentively, staying careful. Take small pauses, accompanying them with kisses on the cheek, earlobe, neck. When you feel like it’s time to finish, act gradually.

    Then trust your intuition and continue to explore each other.

    Don't end the kiss in the middle, slow down and relax your hug. This will let her know that your kiss is coming to an end. Read some articles on how to understand that a girl likes you and try not to make mistakes. If the girl removes her tongue, leans back and tries to get free from your embrace, then she wants to finish the kiss as soon as possible. This does not indicate that she did not like kissing or that she regrets. For the first close contact it is important not to overdo it and keep a little intrigue.

    You cannot abruptly interrupt. This decision leaves a feeling of incompleteness. It's like a skilled artist with great potential suddenly abandoned painting in the middle of the process. Knowing how to kiss your tongue can convey much deeper feelings towards your partner. Trying different techniques of such an activity, kissing enhances the sensuality of the moment, deepens intimacy, and finds points of maximum pleasure. They actually take the relationship and personal skill of kissing to the next level.

    The first date… becomes the last


    Let's try to figure out the following: how to behave on the first date so that it does not become the last? Getting what you want is still not worth it if your girl was or is being offended by your words and actions.

    • You cannot grab a girl by the arms, forcibly hold and hug if she resists;
    • It is forbidden to put your hands on her hips and lower. This is a direct message of a sexual nature, which is unacceptable at the initial stage of dating;
    • You definitely shouldn't push her against the wall and grab her hair, as shown in some films. Here you are threatened not only with a complete rupture of relations, but also with a call to the police. Some girls like that, but if your bae does, you’ll definitely figure it out after she asks you to do that.
    • When it comes to communication, you cannot say something like:

      • "Wow, you're not as plump as you were last time!";
      • “You’re just a little prettier than my ex-girlfriend. You look practically alike";
      • “I’ve been dating many girls. COMPARING to them you’re the best";
      • "You have beautiful lips, but it would not hurt to enlarge them!"

      Many girls will turn around and leave, very upset about this sad treatment. And some will answer you even harsher. A conflict may start as a result.

      Don't ask her about her former relationships and please don't talk about yours unless she asked you to. This is inappropriate and stupid, because you get to know each other, and do not compare with previous partners.

      You have no chance of kissing a girl when you meet if she moves away, laughs it off and avoids close contact in every possible way. Give up trying until next time or find another, more friendly partner on

      Go on: get some practice

      Who knows how to kiss the right way increases your chances of a relationship, meeting again, and obviously intimacy. Having mastered the secrets of such a pleasant art, you can make another person lose his or her head, forget about all the negativity in the world, fall in love, feel interest, desire your attention. That is why it is not a shame to learn different tricks, to hone skills in this matter, but commendable and even profitable.

      Get acquainted with new girls and practice new ways of kissing. Everything becomes better if you repeat it over and over again. A kiss is like a conversation in silence. You need to be kind and gentle, strong and passionate... don't you want the girl to want to repeat it with you? All these hugs and tender petting seem difficult at first, especially if both of you have no experience of dating someone you really enjoy being with, but it gets much easier with practice. Just don't overdo it and always keep the interest - never stop to grow.

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