Dating Christian men

Love takes a very special place in every Christian’s life: it’s something that invisibly binds all spheres of their lives together and helps them to make the right choices during their lives as well. A good Christian understands that it’s important not only to feel all love from God but also to love Him and people around them as well: love and understanding make the world a better place for everyone. Christians tend to be pretty serious while looking for their partners: most Christians avoid fruitless relationships which can’t potentially grow into marriage because they seek serious relationships with people who can become their partners for life. God wants people to marry and have children: a family is not only a union of related people who support and protect each other but also a union which helps their members to grow and makes their faith in God stronger day by day.

  • Sarah, 31
    Manila, Philippines
  • Noah, 48
    Sydney, Australia
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    Los Angeles, USA
  • Paula, 31
    Mendoza, Argentina , Colombia
  • Tatyana, 49
    Bender, Moldova
  • Nezam, 41
    Calgary, Canada
  • Javier, 30
    Villavicencio, Colombia
  • Bert(晓波), 52
    Shanghai, China
  • Emma, 23
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Cristian, 27
    Bogotá, Colombia
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For Christians, the concept of love is often even more complicated and exalted than for others: people who believe in God understand that while the love of God is always in the first place, people still need to have reliable and decent partners for life. Christian couples tend to be very marriage-minded, they love children, they want to create families and they are interested in growing and becoming more and more faithful together. Love for their partners is irreversibly bound to their love for God: lots of Christians say that it’s impossible to truly love someone unless you love God in the first place. A Christian romantic relationship is usually seen as extremely pure, modest and filled with godliness: couples should have lots of rules and strict limitations to keep their relationships away from sin and have their relationship exclusively platonic until marriage. In other words, Christian dating is about finding a reliable partner who can become your reliable and faithful spouse in the future.

A Christian romantic relationship is usually seen as extremely pure, modest and filled with godliness.

A Christian guy often sees dating as a difficult process where two partners try to know more about each other before making a decision about whether they want to spend the rest of their lives together or not. It’s a pretty common approach to dating not only for Christians but also to non-Christian people, but Christians who don’t want to make mistakes and try new relationships again and again tend to be much more serious while dating. For them, it’s not about casually spending time together and enjoying the process: for many Christians dating becomes an audition before being ready for commitment and marriage. Lots of people would choose to date later but better: dating over 30 or even 40 is sometimes better than fruitless dating in your 20’s which doesn’t lead to marriage. There’s no time or opportunity for casual and secular dating: for most Christian people the idea of becoming married and having kids is not only appealing but also necessary to feel complete. While many young people are afraid of responsibilities and commitment, Christians see their sacred duty and destination in the eyes of God to become a married couple with kids unless they firmly decide to stay single for life and avoid all romantic relationships in general. That’s why lots of Christians are interested in relationship advice which can navigate them through difficulties of dating and help them to avoid mistakes: learn more about dating Christian men and how to do it right to meet a Christian guy of your life who is open to the idea of dating and having a family in the future.

What you should know about dating Christian men

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Dating Christian men can be both similar to regular dating and extremely different in detail: while some basic things are still as important in Christian dating as in regular one, people’s approach and views on how a perfect dating should be can differ a lot. While it’s essential to try your best to learn more about your partner while dating, to create a deep mental connection and mutual respect and to understand whether it’s the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, Christians also seek relationships with potential partners who truly believe in God and can grow in their faith during their lives. Christian dating can be something personal which happens only between two people, or it can be open to friends, relatives and parishioners of their church but faithful people understand that God always sees them, so they avoid doing anything which can be disapproved of in a perfect Christian dating.

Christian rules and views on how to behave modestly and obediently while dating are essential for everyone who wants to connect their life with a faithful and religious person.

Though all people are diverse and there’s no ultimate guide on how to become happy in relationships which can suit everyone, there are still lots of things which are extremely important to know for every Christian person. Christian rules and views on how to behave modestly and obedient while dating are essential for everyone who want to connect their life with a faithful and religious person: though modern Christians tend to behave much more freely than people who lived a few centuries ago (or even a few decades ago), there are still things which can’t be omitted in a modest and correct Christian relationship. People tend to interpret His words differently: The Bible is a unique book not only because of the sacred meaning and wisdom it contains but also because of how many answers a person can get from it because of various meanings they see in the sacred text. Most Christians tend to highlight a few important dating rules which can be suitable for everyone interested in Christian dating:

  • A decent Christian man should be prepared for marriage which assumes his maturity and intelligence. Christian men don’t date just for dating itself: they date to find their potential wives, so they tend to be family-oriented and sure about what they want. A man who thinks about marriage understands that it’s full of responsibilities and obligations not only for his family but also in the eyes of God: It’s usually better to delay your marriage a bit than to start a family without being confident and ready to become a good spouse and parent. A good husband is a handy and smart person who knows not only how to make money and decisions but also how to fix things, plan for future and be a good and understanding leader for his wife and kids;
  • A good Christian man knows the right spot between over-aggression and passivity which is perfect for a relationship. Though it’s natural for men to be more aggressive and masculine than women, it doesn’t mean that they should be rude, impolite, despotic or too pushy: their aggression should help them to protect their family and to be energetic while working but it shouldn’t be used to oppress his family. At the same time, being too passive makes a man unable to make decisions and deprived him of respect from people around him. A perfect Christian man should be calm, strong in his faith and principles and ready to do almost anything to improve his family’s life;
  • It’s essential for Christian men to be responsible for their families, so Christian men have to be financially stable before marriage. Though some things can’t be learned without life experience, it’s essential for a man to be financially stable and literate before becoming the head of his family. If a man wants to lead his family and make decisions, then he should be financially responsible for his choices, so his wife and children will always feel safe and secure;
  • Lots of Christian men feel frustrated because they can’t completely understand what women are looking for in their relationships. The lack of understanding of women’s hearts and emotions is an extremely widespread problem for most men: a boy is taught from his childhood to hide his emotions and to ignore them to be more masculine and mature, so many men feel issues while understanding what the opposite sex wants. There’s no secret: a woman wants to feel protected, loved and cared for, so a loyal and understanding man who can protect her is usually the best choice for her;
  • It’s always better not to look for a godly-looking man but for a man who proves his words with actions and is faithful inside. Most people have problems and bad habits which should be improved: a good Christian person fights their sins and imperfections during their life. There are lots of people who claim to be devoted Christians but make no efforts to become more faithful and pure: words are not enough to be a good Christian person;
  • Every relationship has its pace so there’s no such thing as “too fast”. While lots of Christians tend to date slowly because they want to know more about each other before commitment, there are also cases when a couple who feels that they are meant to be together can try to artificially slow down their relationships because of the stereotypes they know about modest and faithful dating. If you feel that you both are ready to take the next serious step, then it might be God who wants you to become one.

What a woman wants from dating a Christian man

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Just like in any relationship, people have lots of standards and expectations from their partners: regardless of how much a person wants to find the one and create a family, it’s extremely important to choose the right person who is not only attractive but also reliable and faithful enough to become a good potential spouse. In Christian dating, men and women have pretty respective roles which are perceived as natural and essential for them: a perfect Christian woman is an obedient and modest lady who looks after her children and does household chores while her Christian husband becomes a breadwinner and the head of the family who leads in relationships and makes the most important decisions. Christian dating is not about old-fashioned imposed stereotypes: it’s about staying natural and having essential and understandable social and family roles which are not only approved of by God and people around but also can make your family happy and complete. A Christian woman interested in finding the right man also has some expectations and things she would like to see in her Christian partner because they can increase the chance of her future family being happy and harmonic:

  • A woman is interested in dating an initiative man who can become a leader and a reliable companion for her. Most women believe that a man should initiate a relationship but these ladies are too modest and shy to help men to understand that they’re interested;
  • Most women don’t have anything against becoming housewives and staying at home as long as their husbands are real providers who aren’t too pushy and allow them to have hobbies and friends. Some men want to keep their wives at home all the time but this approach can make women think that their houses are their prisons. Women should have girlfriends and hobbies they can do in their spare time because it makes our lives easier and more pleasant and actually helps us to relax;
  • A woman should feel that a man is ready for commitment and creating a family. A Christian woman who feels that a man hesitates feels like he doesn’t love her enough or isn’t sure about marrying her. A woman doesn’t want to help her man to make a decision because she doesn’t want to be pushy or too initiative, so it results in her being disappointed;
  • Women tend to choose men with whom they feel safe and protected. If a man wants to be a leader of his traditional Christian family, then he should be able to take on the responsibilities and obligations of the leader. A man can’t only make decisions without being responsible for the consequences;
  • A man with bad habits who doesn’t want to improve his life and fight his sins is not a good partner for a Christian woman. Though some people’s words and appearance might seem very godly, it doesn’t always mean that they are faithful and truly devoted to God in their hearts. Women want to see men who become better constantly to be with him;
  • Though women tend to look after children and be homemakers, they still need their husbands to be good fathers to their kids. Every child needs both their mother’s love and care and their father’s ones. Every good Christian father should take part in raising his children: though a man spends a lot of time working and might feel tired to spend a lot of time with his children, women also feel tired after doing household jobs and cooking, so they both need to be good parents who give enough attention to their children.

Meet a perfect Christian man for dating and relationships online on

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Modern Christians have lots of opportunities to meet new people in their lives for communication, friendship and dating: they still can meet their future spouses in cafes, book stores or while shopping for groceries, they can meet new people with the help of their friends and relatives and they can find potential partners in groups of interest which unite Christian people all over the world. Though any of these approaches may work, it doesn’t suit everyone: lots of people understand that they can only rely on themselves and God while looking for partners. Though Christians tend to respect their parents a lot and listen to their advice, many modern Christians understand that their parents can’t understand all the aspects of what they need from relationships because of their age and experience which doesn’t always suit modern reality. While parents are full of wisdom and they can give lots of great advice about relationships and life in general, it’s usually a bad idea to completely lean on their opinions while looking for partners: even if they can help you to meet an amazing person who is a faithful Christian with great intentions and beautiful soul, it doesn’t guarantee that you can really love them. God makes us in love with some people for a purpose: while some cases are meant to teach us, others signalize that this person can make us happy, and it’s only a happy family which can be truly devoted to God and ready to strengthen their faith in the future.

Though Christians tend to respect their parents a lot and listen to their advice, many modern Christians understand that their parents can’t understand all the aspects of what they need from relationships because of their age and experience which doesn’t always suit modern reality.

One of the best approaches to meet love for modern Christians is online dating: though this way to meet new people is pretty new, it has already become extremely popular all over the world because of its effectiveness, safety and comfort. Online dating has lots of advantages which are useful for every Christian person looking for true love: it allows people to sort potential partners according to their religions, relationship goals and views in advance, to communicate safely without any opportunity to become too close or intimate too early and to know more about a person’s character and features instead of being distracted by their appearance in the first place. Online dating is perfect for people interested in the inner world of their potential partners: you need to communicate and to be a good listener to succeed in online dating, so it can become a great start for a decent and stable relationship. is your opportunity to meet your perfect Christian man for dating and serious relationships online: it’s your key which can open the world of new opportunities and connect you with like-minded Christian people all over the world. Though sometimes it might feel difficult to meet the one, online dating knows no limits: people can meet their true love given by God locally or abroad and create a perfect couple with them. Use a searching algorithm to see attractive single Christians and find one who can become your future partner: match and communicate with the help of direct messages on the platform or via live calls in case you prefer speaking over texting. Remember that only God can help you to meet the one who can make you happy but you also can help him to help you. Find your true love online and experience perfect Christian dating on!

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