5 facts about dating in the USA

When you’re not American, you may think you know a lot about American dating culture because of movies and books: it seems it’s pretty similar to the European one and has nothing to surprise you. It’s actually wrong: some aspects of American dating make it so much different from dating in other countries that you have to learn some details in advance. Find out more about American dating and have a strong and successful relationship with your potential partner!
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You might think that American dating culture is not so much different from a European pattern. But different countries automatically imply different worldviews and therefore different traditions when it comes to finding a partner. Digging deeper, some might be disappointed with the American attitude to dating. For others, it becomes a true American dream and an ideal to seek.

In reality, the open-mindedness of Americans doesn’t imply that there is no etiquette at all that they follow.

What also confuses foreigners is love of freedom which seems to be a red line of the USA as a country. That leads to people thinking American men and women have no boundaries and are open to anything. In reality, the open-mindedness of Americans doesn’t imply that there is no etiquette at all that they follow. So it is good to know what to do and what to avoid when dating a person from the US.

Another thing that influences dating culture in the States is the ratio of men to women in different cities. Some places have more single men than women, in others, the situation is quite the opposite. The amount of single people of certain sex inevitably influences the peculiarities of dating in various regions.

We decided to make it easier for those of you who are not yet acquainted with dating in America and gathered the facts that will help in understanding a partner and make dating American women or men easier.

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Fun over serious plans

Dating in the US is not necessarily a starter for a long-term commitment. It is more of a fun way of spending time. So there is no reason to put high expectations on the person you met. It takes Americans a long time to figure out whether a date is the right one to spend their life with.

It is not very common to settle in the early twenties, so if you are a young individual forget about fast marriage.

People from the USA don’t want to lose their freedom in order to get into relationships as soon as possible. It is not very common to settle in the early twenties, so if you are a young individual forget about fast marriage. Your American partner will not be ready for it up to the late twenties or even thirties.

Meeting new people, having fun, spending time together, hooking up - these are the things that are expected from dating here. Be sure to take this into account when you choose to date a person from America.

Everything is fast

You may think that the previous fact excludes any development. Having no goal in relationships often leads to being stuck and eventually having no satisfaction. In the case of dating in America, there is nothing to worry about in that regard.

Nobody sees any reason for postponing it for a long time.

When in other cultures having sex becomes a unique experience and a whole big deal, for Americans it is just a way to get pleasure. Nobody sees any reason for postponing it for a long time. Another reason is that there has to be a connection and complementary sexual temperaments in order to maintain long-term relations.

Moving in together is also a normal thing to do. Even if there is no intention to marry in the long term, living together is considered an option to spend more time with a partner, especially as the busy life and work prevent us from meeting often. The thought of moving separately at some point doesn’t scare people in the USA at all. If it happens, it happens, but there is no reason not to live in the moment and enjoy the most of it.

Being an individual

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Another thing that is of great value is a sense of humour.

Apart from freedom the US dating culture strongly relies on people having their own worldview. Being boring and simply following the crowd is the choice Americans won’t be big fans of. They want their partners to be interesting and unique, to be able to communicate on the same level and have a broad understanding of the things happening in the world. It is essential to have your own opinion to express.

Another thing that is of great value is a sense of humour. Someone who likes jokes and fun is the most attractive person for an American. Especially if your sense of humour happens to be the same it becomes a guarantee of successful communication. Optimistic and open-minded people are just comfortable to be around so that is what makes others gravitate towards them.

Commitment to technology

Dating online is also what people in the US enjoy a lot.

Americans love the advantages technology brings to life. Nowadays they simply can’t imagine themselves without using the Internet and gadgets to help in maintaining relationships. As for the people they already know, tools such as social media simply make it easier to stay in contact as the tension of busy life leaves no time in their schedule to arrange a meeting.

Dating online is also what people in the US enjoy a lot. Meeting a possible date on Facebook or a dating website is absolutely natural. It also opens a lot more opportunities, as in big cities you might have never met a compatible partner just because there is no way you could come across each other. But dating sites and apps, such as Dating.com, allow you to search for a partner from your area who will definitely understand your interests.

Regional dating tendencies

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As mentioned before, demographics of certain regions influence meeting a partner a lot. The number of single men and women is often unbalanced which leads to either hardship in meeting the right person or being overwhelmed by the number of options. We offer you to discover the cities where you can successfully find a partner:

  • Salt Lake City. This place is absolutely gorgeous for both male and female singles. The ratio of both sexes is almost equal here: 99 single men per 100 single women. There is a destined couple for everybody here, so if you come from Utah, you don’t have to worry about being alone;
  • San Francisco. Not only is it a dream city for millions of people, but chances of finding love here are also high for everybody. For every 100 single women, there are 96 single men here, which means the percentage of lonely souls will be extremely low. And as this city always attracts newcomers, the options are only getting broader;
  • New York. Even though the demographics here are not equal it is one of the best cities for men to look for a partner. The amount of women here outweighs the number of men: 139 single ladies for every 100 guys. Though for females it means hard times, male love seekers have almost unlimited options;
  • Jacksonville. Even though this city seems small and not worth attention to, it is actually one of the cities for single women to pay attention to. For every 100 single females, there are almost 300 single men here, which makes Jacksonville the best place to meet a future boyfriend.
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