How To Start A Conversation Online: 9 Useful Tips To Try

Though online dating has already become extremely popular, lots of people still feel anxious because they’re afraid of doing anything wrong and repelling their potential partners. If you’re into someone and want to talk to them online, then you should learn these tips to feel more confident while starting a conversation. You may have amazing conversation skills but a good start is crucial for almost every conversation, so increase your chances to interest your potential partner!

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There is no surprise that dating sites become more and more popular every day. Singles chat and meet each other all over the world. The Internet helps people to stay in touch, make new friends or even find love, but at the same time, there is a big number of people who are still suspicious about dating sites and can't imagine that it could really help. Thousands of lonely people feel anxiety about the possibility of being rejected by people and don't even try to find someone, even knowing that no tries mean no success. Don't forget that dating sites can help to meet your soulmate and lover, they are full of people on different sites who have the same goals and wishes as you do.

Well, now that you are ready to try, but have a question about how to start a conversation online, here are some tips on how to overcome uncertainty and get closer to your potential partner and happiness. Don't forget that they are not ultimate, and you mustn't follow them strictly. People are complex, unique and there is no advice that suits everyone. But following them can be really helpful to everyone who has no experience, but has a strong wish to change his or her life. So here is a little "to-do list".

1. Choose a really good photo

The first impression is everything. When you don't have an opportunity to steal someone's heart with your deep voice or fleeting sweet smile, you have to use the resources that you have. A person should visualize you while chatting, and it's up to you to decide what he or she would see. So try to choose a photo where someone can see your personality. If you don't have any, go and take one! Try to look neat and smart. Don't make any silly faces if you don't want to look immature.

Smile and be yourself, and the right person would always appreciate that.

2. Look carefully through a person's profile before starting a conversation

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It's a very important step that many people usually forget about. A personal profile on a site may contain a lot of useful information that you should know before trying to make any moves.

  • What does this person like?
  • Where is he or she from?
  • What interests or hobbies does he or she have?

You can know all these things directly from the conversation, but it's better to be prepared. Anyway, a profile photo is not enough to know this person.

3. Don't be afraid to start a conversation

It's always difficult to make the first step and send the first message. Some people feel insecure and not attractive enough and that's why they are afraid to be the initiator of a chat with someone they don't know.

But don't forget that communicative and sociable people always have an advantage in the eyes of other people.

Everyone wants to see a strong mature person close to them to experience mature dating, and even if it's not about you, just try to pretend a little bit. You'll be surprised how determined and brave you may be.

4. Try to keep the dialogue in a positive way

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Another thing that people often forget about. You had a break-up with your ex-partner a week ago? Have problems with your job? Feel lonely and just need someone to tell me about it? It's better to keep it inside if you really want to attract a new person in your life. People dating over 30 often have lots of issues in life but it’s better not to demonstrate them from the very beginning.

All of us have ups and downs, but it can spoil the first impression.

Your potential partner may think that being sad and negative is your permanent condition. Who wants to start a serious relationship with negative emotions? Not you. So don't expect that from other people too.

5. Be sincere

Obviously, this is a bad idea to start communicating with a lie.

  • Even if all of us want to look better on a site than we actually are, just try to stay true to you and everyone else;
  • You can get in a ridiculous situation where people catch you on your lies, and you would feel embarrassed and ashamed;
  • No need to say that can damage your self-esteem. Just remember that no one is perfect, and you don't need to be so to find someone who likes you the way you are;
  • That doesn't mean you need to show all of your strange and specific sides in the very beginning of your communication. But anyway, being sincere is the best way if you don't want to disappoint him or her.

6. Share your interests and experience

Even when you're not sure about how far your conversation can get, you should remember about couples who had a break-up after a few months or even years of relationship because they didn't really know each other all that time. Being interested in someone's appearance is never enough in a long-term relationship, so try to know about this person's interests and preferences as much as you can.

  • What kind of music this person likes?
  • How does this person imagine ideal life?
  • Is he or she ready for a dog, a marriage, children?

There are a lot of questions that should be discussed in the very beginning. Some people may be afraid to frighten a potential partner away with questions like that, but if a person doesn't share your opinion and beliefs in some areas that are important for you, you should know it as soon as possible. Be well-prepared, or something can become an unpleasant surprise.

7. Jokes can help

a man is laughing and reading his messages

Sense of humour always gives you some extra points. A good joke can help you to make your chat more informal and close. It helps people to feel more confident with you, and the distance between you shrinks. But you have to be careful: some jokes can be understood in the wrong way.

Don't be too rough or offensive, or your relationship may end before it starts. Think twice, and if your joke sounds a little bit like an insult, you'd better not say that at all.

8. Be ready for offline meeting

If you're really ready for a new relationship with someone, think about how to meet this person in real life. You should know that in real life the person could differ from what you imagined after an online conversation. You may be waiting for offline dating or be afraid of it, but think about some ideas of a really nice date that will impress the person you like.

  • What are you going to do next?
  • When you ask her out, where would you go?

You can also discuss that with your potential partner and to think about it together, and that's how some really interesting ideas may come.

9. If the person doesn't respond, don't be annoying

Even if you follow all of that tips and put a real effort to make everything right, there is still a chance that the person you like won't respond. That may happen for whatever reason, and the first thing you should remember is you shouldn't take it too personally. You may be a truly interesting companion and a good person too, but your hair colour doesn't match someone's preferences, or you're just not "a favourite type". Some things just don't depend on us. Don't be offended and don't try to send messages again and again to know the reason, if someone is not interested in talking to you. Just keep moving.

Anyway, there is a lot of fish in the sea, and your love is still waiting for you. So don't give up!

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So what do we get? If you're ready to start a new page of your life and start dating someone, the best way to start a conversation online is to be open, friendly and sincere. High expectations can only spoil everything, but be ready to discuss important themes before it gets too far. Don't be afraid to fail, and get ready to communicate with a big number of people before you find the only one you really need. We wish you good luck!

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