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Estonia is a beautiful little country in the north of Europe. It has a rich cultural heritage of the past that organically fit into the lives of modern residents. This is a country of mild summers, beautiful winters and amazing untouched forests. There are many islands around the mainland, which create an amazing natural sight that’s worth visiting. Ferries go to these secluded corners regularly, and when the water freezes, unique icy roads open. Estonia is the embodiment of northern comfort and tranquillity.

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What kind of people live in that unusual and original country and how do communicate with them? To begin with, it’s worth remembering what the country went through and what impact it left on its people. During the Soviet years, life was far from simple. Many people, who used to have a rather gloomy mentality, have become even more closed. Add a northern stern character - and you’ll have an understanding of what most Estonians are like. Therefore, you can hardly see a person who will show external friendliness to a stranger. However, this does not mean that those people have bad character, just that the inhabitants of this northern country are not as emotional as some southerners are. Moreover, if you manage to become friends with the Estonians, then you will find a rich inner world and an amazing attractiveness of these people.

If you want to start communication with an Estonian, it is important to take into account some of their features. Of course, those things are a generalization, but there is a bit of truth in every joke.

  1. Estonians are very protective of their nature and respect the land they live on. An important part of social life there is the control of natural resources. They rationally use what they have and also have a negative attitude towards those who neglect the cleanliness around;
  2. These people like to do things with their own hands and are very independent. That is why they respect those who can do everything themselves. Applied arts, crafting and fixing things are important as hobbies and ways to spend some free time. If you want to impress these handy people, then prove that you are can do something interesting on a pretty high level;
  3. People are very insightful there. If you show insincerity or try to deceive someone you will quickly find yourself in a stupid situation and are unlikely to earn the respect of the locals. Directness and honesty are appreciated there. Do not try to pretend you’re someone who you are not;
  4. It is worth getting acquainted with the culture and language of that country. In Estonia, people are devoted to their roots and traditions. So it’s worth paying minimal attention and getting to know that land a little bit closer. You don’t need to praise it, but at least you will show genuine interest and prove that you are not alien to this culture;
  5. Estonians have very strong relationship bonds with their families. If a partner invites you to meet their relatives, you can consider that a sign of serious trust. Friendly clans maintain close relationships, so if you are interested in a person, then be prepared to meet many of their relatives too. And keep in mind that there are many single people over 30 here because Estonians are focused on their self-development more, so many of them keep living with their parents too;
  6. As a rule, the inhabitants of this country are rather tall and slender people who are used to walking and working physically a lot. Remembering the local high-calorie cuisine, which is extremely delicious, you will definitely have to walk and play sports regularly. It’s better to buy a gym membership as soon as possible.

Quite silent Estonians can put you in an awkward situation. It is completely normal for an Estonian person to have a cup of coffee in a completely silent atmosphere - there are no traditions of having small talk or maintaining a neutral friendly conversation.

People of Estonia tend to enjoy the beautiful nature of their homeland leisurely. There are many artisans there, and in general, the Estonians are very creative and capable people. Despite the past occupation, traditional folk crafts and styles of clothing are well preserved there. This does not mean that everyone walks in an embroidered costume, but in some places, you can find those daily outfits too.

Estonia is fond of music and appreciates it very much. What’s more important, the songs of these places are truly unique and original. Neither a single festivity nor a single festival is complete without folk songs. There are a lot of original songs which were preserved through the years, and most of the locals remember many of them too. You will always meet a singing crowd among city streets at the time of every big festival or gathering. If you like folk music and are interested in the old northern culture, you will feel like home there.

This is another way to impress your Estonian girlfriend or boyfriend - an ability to sing well and good vocal skills. These are the moments when the true soul of the Estonian people is revealed! Do not let the external seriousness and severity of those people push you away. This is only an external mask to keep the strangers away. Inside, those people are cheerful in their own way and always don’t mind having a good time - just at their own pace and style.

Estonian guys

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A woman who would like dating an Estonian man there are some features you might see in your potential partner:

  1. Those men tend to be very serious, they rarely show emotions in public and often behave laconically. However, everything becomes easier in face-to-face communication;
  2. They are conscientious workers. Estonian men always try to do things well and bring everything to the end. Many local people work abroad but prefer to spend their holidays in their motherland Estonia;
  3. Those men are adherents of classical romantic dating with flowers and gallant deeds. That was largely influenced by the Soviet period, when it was traditional that a man was obliged to take care of a lady diligently and for a long time;
  4. Those people are very attached to the family. A close relationship with the relatives and home is often carried through one’s whole life and many people eventually return home even after a long absence;
  5. Traditional family values ​​are still important. Many consider the main goal in life to have a family, children and have a good comfortable home too. Those people seek serious and long-term relationships for further marriage;
  6. Usually, men in Estonia are physically strong and love outdoor recreation. Not all of them are slender blondes, of course - the men in Estonia tend to be pretty masculine. Also, many local people love outdoor activities and camping trips.

Estonian girls

a portrait of a beautiful redhead woman

If you would like to try dating an Estonian woman, there are some things you also need to remember.

  1. Estonian women are mysterious and modest, and they are not inclined to give out their smiles to everyone they meet. Their unusual northern beauty will remind you of the silence of Estonia's snowy forests - at least that’s what the people dating those beautiful women say;
  2. Quite silent Estonians can put you in an awkward situation. It is completely normal for an Estonian person to have a cup of coffee in a completely silent atmosphere - there are no traditions of having small talk or maintaining a neutral friendly conversation. For those people, it makes no sense to speak with someone when there is nothing to say. It’s better for a tourist to be the initiator of the dialogue, to remember an interesting story from their life or to tell about an entertaining journey they had;
  3. The choice of a dating place is completely your business. If you are going to set up a date with an Estonian girl, you will often have to take the initiative. A local restaurant, cafe or bar - anything will be ok. Just show her your good taste;
  4. Estonian girls prefer traditional courtship and are more conservative in their views, unlike many american girls. So it’s hardly worth looking for a hookup there - it won’t work. There are always exceptions, though;
  5. To attract an Estonian girl you should show some respect and listen to her opinions. Girls in Estonia do not take it kindly when they are not taken seriously or disregarded with what they want to say;
  6. Women of Estonia keep their home life housewifely, they easily cope with any business and are not afraid of physical work. They are not like some pampered princesses, and it won’t be a problem to find a reliable and loyal partner and companion there.

All of the above does not mean that all people are the same, but you will notice some of these features very often. Nevertheless, younger generations are already easier to relate to certain moments in life, although they do not lose touch with the past of their country.


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Now many tourists come to Estonia every year. Their total number annually exceeds the number of inhabitants of the country. So there is always a chance to meet not only a local attractive person but also a tourist. There are representatives of almost any European country, especially from the northern ones.

You can use one of the events to not only get acquainted with the culture but also try to meet the locals. There is a great chance to meet representatives of different cultures, which makes Estonia a good place for both relaxing and searching for new people.

  • Every spring Tallinn hosts a music week in Estonia. This is a grand event, bringing together a variety of music lovers from around the world. The festival is not dedicated to one genre of music; you can hear the most unusual groups there, from pop to metal and from classical to medieval folk. It’s a great chance to enjoy the best live tracks and also find a partner with similar tastes;
  • Leigo lake music festival is designed more for fans of the classical symphony. Although symphonic rock is also played there. Scenes located directly on the water or on small islands are a delightful sight. In the night darkness, many small lights floating on the water and the bright illumination of the platforms create a magical atmosphere, and it’s a very romantic event that can be a good reason to get out with your partner;
  • If you prefer rhythmic fast music, then Weekend Festival Baltic will suit you. It’s one of the largest electronic music festivals in Europe, attracting tens of thousands of visitors annually. With the screams of the crowd, accompanying the light show and fireworks, you can immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere. Many single guys and girls come there with friends;
  • Hard Rock Camp is the best choice for heavy metal fans. The event takes place in nature, so try camping. Many people gather there annually to enjoy their favourite bands, the surrounding nature and the heady air of freedom!

This is only a small part of the events where you can either meet someone or bring your companion to. Many people plan their trips in advance and gather their friends online because a lot of people have friends living abroad. Try going on a trip with your friends around Estonia. Some people use online dating through apps and sites like to find a couple. If two communicate for a long time and so could not find a reason to meet in person, then a trip to the festival may be a good option.

Try to have the greatest experience of online dating

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But what if you are single and introverted but want to find a special person from Estonia for dating? People who avoid noisy public places and crowded events can always try dating online with one of the most popular services - Look through thousands and millions of people’s profiles to find not only an attractive but also a like-minded person to build a relationship!

Do not let the external seriousness and severity of those people push you away.

Twenty years of excellent work guarantees a good result for everyone ready to communicate and try something new. The searching algorithm is being improved constantly, so most people start chatting with an appealing person on the very first day. Complete the registration and enjoy the world of dating online!

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