Dating in France

France is considered to be the synonym to "country of love" for many people all over the world. We often see romantic movies where the main love interest of a protagonist is illustrated as a sophisticated and glamorous French woman or a passionate and persistent French man. Even their language is believed to be the sexiest in the world, and numerous love songs in French have proved that. People all over the world dream about seeing Paris at least once because of its beauty and vibrant romantic atmosphere. An image of a French lover is pretty strong in people's minds and a lot of people would like dating in France with a person from this amazing country.

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How to date a Frenchman

a man is taking a selfie with an eiffel tower

It's no surprise that almost every girl or woman dreams about dating a French man. Some people think that there are no rules in dating French men or women cause nowadays we all are the same and there are no significant traits of a French character to know about. But it's only particularly true. The Internet makes people connected all over the world and it can blur the difference in mentalities a little bit because we all live in one large media space now. In general, we all read the same news and listen to the same music. But there are always some interesting details you should remember about the French men and dating to make your dating experience unforgettable.

He's romantic and doesn't hide it

French men may give you their declaration of love after three weeks of dating.

Many people nowadays have a stereotype that the words "I love you" are extremely rare and valuable and can be said only after a long period of a stable romantic relationship with serious intentions. Another stereotype is that only teenagers say that a lot, especially when they are in love for the first time in their life. Saying "I love you" too quickly is considered to be a sign of immaturity and frivolity: if he could say those sacred words so quickly and easily, then maybe his intentions are not serious at all and it means nothing to him.

Generally, women dream of hearing "I love you" in a very special romantic atmosphere to remember that day for the rest of their lives and tell their children and grandchildren about that as if it was the beginning of their long-lasting romantic story... But in reality, it's not always like that. Moreover, it's rarely like that.

In general, the Frenchmen don't have the same attitude: they may give you their declaration of love after three weeks of dating. They are not as passionate as, say, Italian guys, but they still share their emotions without any doubt. Remembering about their love for chatting with text messages it may be said via SMS as well. So it's time for women to become (or at least to pretend) easy-going and just enjoy dating in a French style.

Go all-natural

We all are already taught that men prefer light make-up or no make-up at all by countless beauty articles in magazines or online. The Frenchmen are no exception: they prefer their women to have beautiful and flawless skin naturally. If you're not blessed with such dermatological perfection, you can rethink your skincare to make it as good as it can be. Nowadays there are more than enough care cosmetics you can try, but it's also better to visit a professional dermatologist before.

Don't forget that freckles and small facial wrinkles are not usually flaws but just small details of your appearance and they can even make your look charming and unique. It's said that the beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, so try avoiding heavy make-up for a while and you may be surprised with how your self-image and self-esteem may change.

A Frenchman will try to achieve you, to make you interested in him and finally he will ask you out.

Lay it all out on a platter for a Frenchman and he will get bored

Even though it looks like a cliche from a romantic comedy that is usually true. Those men prefer to chase women and to make the first move themselves, so you can play hard-to-get and make this game even more exciting. It's exactly the situation when women don't need to make the first step towards men. People need to work hard to have the best, so show him that you're not as easy to get. A Frenchman will try to achieve you, to make you interested in him and finally he will ask you out.

You are in a relationship after the first kiss

You can forget about a long period of romantic dating with a Frenchman. He may be chasing you for a while in the very beginning, but later if you have a date and he plants a kiss on your lips - you're officially taken. At least that's what the Frenchmen usually think of it, cause in their mind now you're officially a couple.

It may be pretty convenient for some women who are not particularly into dating, but if you're an extremely romantic person aspiring to get flowers and compliments all the time as it was on a first date, it may be quite disappointing. But don't forget that even when a serious relationship starts, it doesn't mean the end of all the romantic vibe.

No shame for the age

In terms of age and dating, France is a very progressive country. People here don’t hesitate to start relationships regardless of their age. 40 plus dating is thriving among french people. And mature people enjoy it just like the younger generation does. Age is just a number, you know?

French dating requires texting a lot

Just like a lot of teenagers do, the Frenchmen prefer to communicate via messengers or sending SMS. They send a lot of kisses, emojis, they will ask you out with a text and they may cancel this date with the text too. It allows them to feel confident in their "guy space", so don't try to answer his messages with a call, he may not like it. Get used to texting a lot, but remember to be not very persistent, cause you may look a bit annoying.

A Frenchman will take photos of you all the time

People are obsessed with selfies nowadays and take them all the time: at home, at their workplace, in a coffee shop, outdoors... It's nothing extraordinary in taking selfies with your partner or asking for a shot in a beautiful location, but some women say that the Frenchmen like taking photos of you all the time just for themselves. Some women may feel pleased because of that, but some may think they become a kind of trophy for their partner. It's a pretty common situation to see your photo as a screensaver on your French partner's mobile phone. It's up to you to decide whether you like it or not, but at least you can be sure that all people who see your man's screensaver will be sure that he's already taken.

Forget about punctuality

You will probably have to deal with the fact he's always late. This unpleasant trait of character is rather common for the Frenchmen: he may be forty minutes late, and if you ask him why he’ll just shrug as if it’s perfectly normal. At the same time, if he wants to ask you out he won't call or text you in advance. He may be five minutes walk from you when you'll receive his "Wanna go out?" message. This means that you have to look perfect all the time, just in case.

It may be extremely hard to change his habits, but of course, a woman with self-respect won't let a man come unexpectedly in the middle of the night. It's better to have personal space and make some limits on what he can or can't do. It may be pretty useless to throw tantrums because of the little things, but a person who wants to be respected always knows when these little problems will begin to grow.

Prepare to be fed

Another stereotype about the French people - they all love cooking and do it masterfully. Well, there always are a lot of exceptions, but the culture of preparing delicious food and enjoying an exotic and adorable French cuisine is really strong here. So it's a pretty common situation when a man in a couple cooks most of the time. He may be fond of preparing food, so be ready to try it all - including some exotic dishes that you may not rate that well. Also, be ready to visit all possible kinds of local cafes and restaurants with him - and don't be surprised to see him giving you a forkful of food across the table. It's not always as nice and adorable as in romantic films, especially if you're not in the mood. But at least remember he's trying his best to show you something he honestly likes.

Make it happen

In the country where sex is considered to be something of a national sport for French men, you should be ready that he'll try to get you in the bedroom as fast as possible. Once you agreed it's no way back: he's expecting you to be a sex goddess ready for all experiments and wanting it as much as he does. So cast aside your doubts and just enjoy!

It's hard to imagine the American dating the French who will be happy to see her man's old flame and make pleasant chit-chat with her.

You'll probably see all his ex-girlfriends

It's another feature of a French character that may be not very popular among people of other nationalities. They see no problems in keeping nice friendly relationships with their former flings. It's hard to imagine the American dating the French who will be happy to see her man's old flame and make pleasant chit-chat with her. It will not only cause a lot of jealousy and long unpleasant conversations after, but it may also make a woman think of the possibility to end up as one of his exes in the same line with the others.

What can you do? Except for a quick tip in a positive way that you don't like this aspect of his socialization you may also try to change your attitude. Past is past, and maybe some of us should also learn to forget some bad moments when the relationship is gone? We still can have an old friend and enjoy some person's good sides even if you two are not dating anymore. And who knows, maybe it's your French lover who will be jealous after all?

Try dating online to find your French lover

a couple is looking at each other and smiling outdoors

So what's the best way to find a French man for a relationship or just a short affair? The best solution is to use a French dating site to see all the French singles open for dating.

  • Dating online is easy. You may be surprised about how many single French people want to try a romantic affair with a person from another country;
  • It's effective. In general, people who register on a dating site have the first match with a stranger on their first day on a service;
  • Use apps to stay mobile. Nowadays you can download an application for your mobile phone and continue your communication with all your potential partners everywhere!

Use for the best experience

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