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Germany is a very perceptible and interesting European country. It’s famous because of its food, traditions and unusual language, and there are a lot of stereotypes about the Germans as well. Some people may think that the Germans are way too punctual or strict, some may think that they only drink quality German beer and have fun all the time. Of course, stereotypes tend to be incorrect pretty often, but there is always only a part of a joke in every joke, so it’s better to learn about the country and its inhabitants a little bit before creating an opinion about those people and trying German dating. Though for some people dating American women or men might be easier than trying to understand German singles, it’s worth it. It’s never enough to google top German dating sites to start - you need to understand the inhabitants of the country before.

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What are the most important features of Germany and its people?

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Germany is a multicultural and very progressive country. Here you can meet a huge variety of people from other countries with their characteristics and features. You can find combinations of completely different types and speakers of different languages among German couples, and it’s especially common in the student community. Young people from all over the world come to Germany to study, and some of them succeed to find their love at this point of life too.

Everyone always tries to treat each other equally, regardless of their gender or ethnicity.

Germany has one of the most developed and progressive relationships in Europe. Over the years of social and political development, Germany has rid itself of many taboos and prejudices. Here are some points you should remember about before visiting this country and making new acquaintances there:

  • You can say for sure that equality prevails there. Everyone always tries to treat each other equally, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. That country makes it comfortable for tourists to attend and live there no matter who you are or where you are from;
  • In general, the separation of work and other responsibilities is not dependent on gender in Germany. No one will be indulgent or rude to a woman. Also, it is not considered shameful for a man to do different kinds of household chores such as washing floors and dishes, cooking or babysitting with a child;
  • The average level of salaries or the number of professions to choose also depends only on the personal qualities and education of people. Over the past few years, more and more old-fashioned traditions in relationships have become extinct. So it’s worth getting rid of some outdated habits and opinions if you are attracted to German people and their culture;
  • The Germans are usually very polite and tactful in terms of communication. If you perform too noisy and incorrectly to others, then you risk getting a bad reputation there. Respect the others and you’ll be respected as well.

Germany is known worldwide for its highly developed industry and pragmatic people. This is manifested in all areas and spheres of life and dictates a specific German lifestyle:

  • Punctuality is a must. In Germany, people know how to manage time, and they do not lose it in vain. People are accurate in observing the agreements, so coming to the meeting at the wrong time is a very bad way to present yourself. If you like to be late at least for a minute, you may face some difficulties in Germany;
  • Pragmatism is not only important in business but also at home. The Germans are not inclined to spend resources meaninglessly or waste their money on useless luxury things. Practical clothing at any time of the year, thoughtful interior design and a comfortable urban environment are what the locals value;
  • Germans love their work. In other countries, the attitude of workers to their job may vary, but those people enjoy and take pride in their work. Hard work and perseverance allowed them to create a strong economy in their country and maintain a high standard of the living year by year. Some almost anecdotal situations are pretty common to happen there when a truck driver rests on the weekend playing ... Truck driving simulator!

Another thing that tourists should remember is that although trying new dishes is considered to be one of the best ways to explore the country, the Germans are very conservative in their food. For many people all over the world trying out a new unusual dish is an interesting experience, but locals usually do not like to eat something completely incomprehensible and made of unusual ingredients. It is unlikely that the Germans will like a strange mixture of exotic seafood of unknown origin. They prefer their cuisine to be simple, and it’s especially true for a traditional one.

In Germany, there is no specific time for eating. Breakfast can be either very early or in the middle of the day. As a rule, the Germans prefer to leave heavy food for dinner, and the day begins with some light dishes. Their attitude to food and having meals is also a result of a practical approach to German everyday life.

How dating in Germany looks like

There are some features of a dating process that a person dreaming about dating a german woman or man should remember about. The first dates may differ from what many people all over the world are used to because it usually feels just like friendly meetings on equal terms. Just like in many other Western countries people usually separate their bills. A man can pay for both people’s dinner or not, that’s nothing unusual for the Germans there. Some German couples maintain budget sharing even after many years of relationships and marriage. So, gender equality is manifested there pretty often.

German attitude to relationships and marriage

Just as most of the people with serious intentions, the Germans are more prone to long-term relationships. You can find an exception to any rule, but most of them are not into short romantic adventures and random hookups. The number of romantic relationships an average German person has is usually pretty small, and according to surveys, it’s generally about 3,4. Local people tend to seek reliable and stable relationships than casual love affairs. Although this does not mean that it is extremely difficult to find a partner for a one-night stand, so those people who want a short romantic adventure might try some German dating apps to find an appealing person to spend time with.

Knowing how serious the Germans arrange their relationship and marriage, it’s no surprise that German guys are exemplary family men.

For the Germans, a wedding is not mandatory in a relationship and most of the German women are not crazy about getting married too. They usually feel comfortable living together with their men as a couple for many years without marriage. Also, the Germans have another significant feature - their couples often don’t have any children. People don’t see anything unusual in that fact and don’t judge couples who are not ready to make this serious step, cause it’s considered that any step in life should not be taken under the pressure of certain traditions, but only by personal desire. Knowing how serious the Germans arrange their relationship and marriage, it’s no surprise that German guys are exemplary family men. The period before the marriage can last several years, but when it comes to marriage and making a family, the Germans take this matter very seriously. They are very reliable partners on whom you can always rely and entrust any business.

Also, most of the Germans don’t like their weddings to be celebrated. Those who organize the wedding ceremony make it modest and it’s usually held in a circle of close friends and relatives only. This is another example of the pragmatism that most of the Germans have, because they will not spend a lot of money on a magnificent banquet for all friends and all extended relatives they have.

So how to meet someone special for German dating?

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If you’re sure that a pragmatic and reliable partner is exactly what you want, you might be interested in how to meet a single person and what to do to have the best German dating experience ever. The answer is simple: if you think that you’re not good at meeting new people face-to-face, the best option for you is to try online dating in Germany.

This approach is highly recommended for everyone who finds it much easier to chat with someone appealing online for a while before asking this person out for a date. To download a German dating app and to start chatting with single people looking for a potential partner just like you - what can be easier?

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