Dating Chinese girls

So, you are interested in dating chinese girls. What should you do? How to approach them the right way? What to expect? Let’s break down everything about the chinese dating scene and discover how to date beautiful chinese girls the right way. Asian dating has already become extremely popular worldwide, so there are some rules you might find useful.

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Not all asian women are chinese

This is a big mistake many men all over the world make: they assume all asian-looking girls are chinese. But that is totally not true. Especially if you live in such a multicultural country as the USA is, you can come across a person of any background. But also remember, that asian people value their background very much and if they are from Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan, which are often thought to be parts of China, they want you to remember their place of birth specifically.

Young chinese girls from Beijing and similar ladies from the mountain regions of China are probably two very different people.

Generalizing and saying that all chinese girls are the same is also a mistake. Young chinese girls from Beijing and similar ladies from the mountain regions of China are probably two very different people, with different personalities and backgrounds. They still grew up in a society which shares similar traditions, but not necessarily had the same issues and experienced the same things.

We are going to tell you some things which people of chinese background regularly share, but keep in mind that your particular chinese girlfriend may be totally different from what was described.

a beautiful chinese girl outside

What are chinese girls like

These are just a few traits chinese girls might have due to the traditions they encountered.

They appreciate their traditions

If you ever met a person from China, you know how much they value their traditions. There are a few things which are regularly done in chinese households, but are very weird for people outside this country. For example, many chinese families rely on the alternative medical options, such as herbal treatment or acupuncture, besides visiting traditional doctors as well. If this is the case with your girlfriend, just try to get used to it.

Another way to respect traditions for chinese people is through their local cuisine. You will actually be happy to discover how many dishes your chinese girlfriend can cook. There are special treats for every possible holiday in the year, some specifically seasonal things as well and just generally traditional chinese dishes.

All that said, you will have to learn to enjoy the traditional approach of your chinese girl very fast, or your relationships won’t last. But when it becomes a part of your life too and you actually start appreciating it, you will never have a desire to go back to your previous way of life.

They are very family-oriented

Family means everything to chinese people. Even though the immediate families are regularly pretty small, they love each other dearly and have tight connections throughout their whole life. Restrictions connected to childbirth led people to being extremely caring and loving to their relatives.

Chinese children are taught to respect the older generation from the very early age.

At the same time, chinese children are taught to respect the older generation from the very early age. It doesn’t necessarily regard their own family, but can be best seen in this example. Chinese people know how important it is to honor their ancestors and the legacy they left behind.

That being said, dating a chinese girl you will have to meet her family and spend time with all of its members at some point. Good news is you won’t have to memorize the names of all the possible aunts and uncles, since there are only a few members of the family. But with time you’ll start to enjoy traditional holidays like Chinese New Year spent in this tiny loving circle.

a chinese girl drinking tea

They value reputation

When choosing a partner, chinese girls rely on his reputation a lot. If you still think that women like bad guys, you have to forget this concept or you will never be able to date a beautiful chinese girl.

Women from China will pay a lot of attention to your background. Ideal case is a man having good education and a good position in some company. Your relationships with the family and the amount of respect to traditions will be judged as well. And don’t think you can get away with some flaws - chinese girls will notice everything.

But their own reputation is also important for chinese women. They do everything to leave the right impression and hide their flaws as much as possible.

They are very honest and direct

And this is actually a great trait for relationships. If she doesn’t like something, you will hear about it immediately. And it is not just about stating the facts and acknowledging a partner about the issue, these girls actually expect you to have a conversation and find a solution to whatever issue arose. And if you never come to any conclusions and just waste each other’s time going about the same problem over and over again - it will be a great warning sign for any chinese girl, which might lead to a breakup in the future.

a black-and-white portrait of an Asian woman

How to date chinese women right

Here are a few tips on how to date pretty chinese girls the right way:

  • Be a man. In China, gender roles are still pretty vivid. Women expect their partners to pay for dates and court them, though courtship in China might be a bit different from the one in western countries. But if you go out, pay the bill, if she needs some transportation, pick her up or call a taxi. Gifts are also appreciated - even a small gift is a sign of care and attention;
  • Talk about marriage. The thing is, marriage in China is not so simple. People dating over 30 usually see marriage and creating a family as their goal in relationships. Statistics show that male population is much more prevalent, with 33 million more men than women. But these men don’t just get married to any woman they see. They are very picky and have high standards, which is why every chinese girl is worried about getting married. It doesn’t mean that you should promise to get married immediately. But if she sees that you have marriage in mind for, say, 5-10 year perspective, that’s already great;
  • Make her family like you. First of all, if a chinese girl invites you to see her family, it is a big step and you can be sure everything is pretty serious. Try to establish good relationships with them as well, be interested in their issues, try to overall get closer with her relatives. It will be very helpful in the future, because her family will support you to;
  • Be responsible and stable. Be in charge of planning dates and arranging various activities for both of you. Show her you can take responsibility for another person as well. Care about her feelings and check up on her issues, comfort her, if she needs it. Stable people are the most attractive for chinese girls.

a man kissing his girlfriend’s cheek

Online dating in China

Matchmaking is actually a very popular chinese tradition. More wealthy people have always come to look for a partner through a professional, who would put them together with a person, who suits their preferences and needs.

Chinese girls have a very definite idea of an ideal partner.

But since online dating sites emerged in China, everything became much more simple. Nowadays, anyone can join a dating platform online and start looking for love. Single chinese girls don’t miss this opportunity - most of the young chinese women have their profile on a dating website.

Chinese girls have a very definite idea of an ideal partner. If you ask one, you’ll get a list of various criteria which a perfect man should possess. It is extremely hard to find the right person in such conditions in real life. But online dating sites in China solve the problem easily, since they allow the use of customizable searching mechanisms. is one of the most popular chinese dating sites. Join it and see the following benefits through your own eyes:

  • The number of single people here is really impressive. Since it is such a trustworthy dating platform, people don’t think long before registering and starting to look for love here. There are thousands of single chinese girls from all over the country and other regions as well. And you don’t have to be located in China to look for one - international search is also available;
  • This dating platform is totally safe, which is one of the main concerns of those who are looking for the perfect dating website. You can be sure security measures are taken here to prevent you from meeting fraudsters. And if you want to do even more to protect yourself, the management of offers you a set of guidelines which you can follow for extra safety;
  • It is very simple to use You can register both using your email or any social media account. Then you just have to complete your profile and upload some pictures, and the next step will be setting the search. With such simple rules it won’t take you long to find the love of your life.

You can both use at your computer and as an app on your phone. Stay connected with your dates wherever you are and enjoy all possible benefits of chinese online dating with

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