Dating Dutch girls

The Netherlands is one of the most developed and interesting European countries you’d probably like to visit. Amazing tulip fields, old European architecture, attractive modern people and high standards of living make this place not only a great tourist destination but also a wonderful place to move. There are millions of tourists coming there every year to do sightseeing, to get closer to Dutch culture and also to find someone special for dating and relationships.

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Dutch girls are considered very attractive not only because of their great genetics and healthy environment but also because of their healthy self-esteem, great personality and ability to look effortlessly stylish and up-to-date. People interested in attractive Dutch girls also often use the best Swedish dating websites to find love: though Dutch people aren’t Scandinavians, they often have the same type of beauty. Every modern man who wants to date an equally modern and developed woman can easily fall in love with beautiful Dutch girls and dream of dating them. They can be blonde or dark-haired, tall or short, have blue, green or hazel eyes - they still have great chances to win your heart.

If you want to move there or just to visit this amazing country, it’s always better to do it with an attractive companion who you find appealing and like-minded. If you’re single, that’s a great opportunity to meet one of the beautiful Dutch girls and change your life completely. But what should you know before dating them?

Things you should know about dating Dutch girls

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These ladies are children of a very progressive and modern country who are interested in creating a bright future instead of only keeping the old traditions alive. Dutch girls are not for men who only want women close to them who are more like a trophy or an accessory. They are not humble ladies who dream of becoming housewives and mothers, they won’t give up their dreams and careers to become women who only cook and do household chores. They are great partners for men who want real companions with their interests, hobbies, views and goals, who are interesting to talk with and who you can plan your future together - they will build it with you.

Dutch girls are not for men who only want women close to them who are more like a trophy or an accessory.

Even though a lot of European countries have many customs and rules in common, they all have their traditions and views on dating, relationships and life in general. To be successful in dating Dutch girls you need to know what is customary there and what you should avoid doing to make your relationship healthy, strong and long-lasting. Whether you’re into one-night stands or serious relationships there are a lot of Dutch girls who can be your perfect partners, so you just need to find the right approach to them.

Dutch girls are independent

Just like many other women who live in modern developed Western countries, Dutch girls are independent and can easily imagine their lives without men who defend and provide them. In general, these ladies have a nice income, cars, houses and everything they need to feel comfortable and confident and don’t rely on a successful marriage. A number of feminists there is very high, but you need to understand that these ladies have nothing in common with hating all men and following all the ridiculous stereotypes we can see on the Internet nowadays. Their healthy self-esteem and whole personalities make them interesting and likeable people, not just dependent women interested in your money and status.

They prefer to pay separately

Their independence is so well-known that a lot of young people from modern Western countries prefer to “go dutch” while dating. It means that it’s always preferable for a Dutch girl to pay for herself in cafes and restaurants: a man doesn’t need to show off and pay for everything (remember that some local cafes have pretty pricey cinnabons and coffee) and she doesn’t need to feel obliged to give him anything in return because he bought her coffee. Every person who is interested in Dutch dating needs to understand that dating there is just an opportunity to communicate and know each other better, not a way to show all of your advantages as a potential husband or “sugar daddy”. No one needs it there, so just be yourself and enjoy the conversation.

Unlike modern American society, where people claim their political position in the very beginning of your conversation, Dutch people tend to be more reserved while demonstrating their views.

They have political views and opinions

It’s pretty obvious that independent and modern Dutch girls have their opinion connected with politics and all the recent news in the world. Even though people prefer to avoid such themes while dating and speaking with not very close friends, it’s often pretty normal to have such conversations there. Unlike modern American society, where people claim their political position in the very beginning of your conversation, Dutch people tend to be more reserved while demonstrating their views, but it doesn’t mean their opinion is not as strong as the opinions of the other people. Dutch society is very tolerant and you need to deal with it: no hatred and inappropriate jokes are appreciated there.

They are not obsessed with marriage and kids

If a woman has everything she needs to have a happy and full life she doesn’t rush things and doesn’t want to have marriage as soon as possible. The Dutch women see marriage as a stage of relationships which can be or not to be in her future. If you have a partner you want to spend your whole life with - that’s great, but if she’s not completely sure - that simply won’t happen. People marry there not only to marry when they are mature and know what they want but also when they are sure that they are happy and marriage can make it even better. Therefore, there are lots of Dutch people dating over 30: they don’t feel like they should hurry up things. The same goes with kids: local people can’t even imagine having children when they are not completely sure they can provide their children with everything they need, so there are not so many people who would like to have one or who have children in their twenties.

A lot of them smoke

Even though in many countries it’s not customary for women to smoke (or at least it’s seen as something that deserves disapproval) there are a lot of smoking women in the Netherlands. The locals consider this bad habit as a part of a basic human right to manage their health and life the way they want. Though a lot of people all over the world consider smoking very harmful for potential children, the locals think that a smoking man influences his future kids as well. Also, remember that a lot of local women don’t want kids, and even if they change their mind they can change their habits as well.

They don’t like small talks

People there are pretty direct and don’t need small talks to behave politely and sound more friendly. They prefer to discuss more interesting things than the weather and your favourite colours. Sometimes small talks are just necessary to avoid awkward silence but in the Netherlands, people are comfortable with a few minutes spent without talking. At the same time, there might be a lot of situations when a Dutch person asks you very straightforward questions which can be seen as rude in many other Western countries. You need to remember that no one is interested in offending you - these people just have another opinion of what is OK to ask on a first date and what is not. Also, they try to understand your opinion about important things in the very beginning of a relationship to understand if you’re both compatible or not. It can potentially save your time, so why not?

People there don’t usually want to rush things and they start their relationships slowly.

A lot of local couples live together before marriage

Another thing that can be slightly different from what people from another country are often used to. It’s absolutely normal for a Dutch couple to live together before (and sometimes even instead) marriage. These people can run a common household and some even have a family budget without being officially married. People there don’t usually want to rush things and they start their relationships slowly: it might take a few weeks or even months before people can call themselves a couple. There’s no surprise they also think about marriage for many years and see no reasons in becoming officially tied as soon as possible.

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