Dating French girls

France is known to be a country of romance, a sanctuary of passionate lovers, tender feelings and most amazing relationships. French women are famous around the world for their unique style and attractive appearance, so even men dating American women can often see a bit of “French style” in their ladies.

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You might think it is extremely hard to date French women, since they are so spoiled by romantic men of their country. But actually, you won’t find them very different from any other western girls. We’ll be happy to give you some assistance in dating French women, so we suggest to learn more about them.

Main French dating rules

Let’s start with some dating rules common for all French people.

Games are a part of French dating culture

And actually, not exactly games but flirting. People in France behave flirtatiously in everyday life as well. They don’t necessarily imply it should lead to something serious, this is just their regular behaviour. You can see it especially well in women: they are charming, they are feminine and attractive, but they don’t have any serious intentions behind this.

For a person outside France, this can be very misleading. We are used to understanding the signs in the straightest way possible, so looking at a French person flirt with you makes us think they are into us. They might be, but not necessarily in the romantic way.

Communication with the opposite sex is acceptable

Nobody in France expects their significant other to give up on friends, even if these friends are of the opposite sex. Men still spend time with their female friends and women can grab a coffee with a male acquaintance. Even if a man approaches a girl somewhere and offers to get acquainted, it is not necessarily thought to be a sign of romantic interest. French girls would just mention that they already have a boyfriend and the man would back up or suggest to be friends.

Men in France tend to be very romantic and put a lot of effort into dates to show their woman their attraction.

On the other hand, it is sometimes very hard to understand whether you are still friends or are already dating. A girl might agree to go out with you, but just as a friend, while you will be expecting much more from her. Men in France tend to be very romantic and put a lot of effort into dates to show their woman their attraction. And French girls actually expect this effort - you can’t just take her out for a coffee and expect to be done.

Signs you are exclusive

a couple cuddling while sleeping together

There is one definite sign you are dating in French culture - if you have kissed, then you are in a relationship. No particular conversation is required, once you kissed each other, you can be sure now you are exclusive.

French people value freedom, so they won’t put themselves or their partners in restrictive conditions.

Again, being exclusive doesn’t mean you should fully change your behaviour and stop communicating with people of the opposite sex. French people value freedom, so they won’t put themselves or their partners in restrictive conditions. Rather than that, being in relationships means you are spending more time with your lover (but reasonably, of course) and don’t try to cheat on them. And since jealousy is not a common French trait, it will be very simple.

Dating in France is quite casual

In many cultures it is common to be outstandingly romantic from the very first dates: though partners you can find on dating sites in Germany tend to be more practical than romantic, it’s still a trend. While in France men definitely have to be more romantic and persistent when it comes to winning a French girl’s heart, the initial relationship stages are regularly very casual. You are very likely to spend a lot of time within your circle of friends, especially if your partner comes from this friend group as well. You won’t necessarily go out to dinners - this is something friends regularly do and there is nothing which can surprise your partner in such a move.

Main characteristics of French girls

So, let’s discover what French mademoiselles are actually like:

  • They are independent. If you are looking for a girlfriend who would later become a housewife, don’t make a mistake of hitting on French girls. They are definitely the opposite of this description. A French woman values strength and independence in herself, so she would rather make a career and develop herself than spend time at home. They are always in control of relationships as well. They set the tone for your affair and you have to follow it, if you are in love. A French woman wants to be treated as an equal, she wants her partner to recognize her emotions and worries, and if you don’t respect this, the affair won’t last;
  • They value relationships. Charming and frivolous as they seem, French women actually treat relationships very seriously. They know establishing a long-term connection takes time and effort, so they are eager to work on relationships, especially if their partner agrees to do the same. They have flirtatious character, but serious intentions inside. Don’t disregard this and don’t think that you can cheat on your French girlfriend. Being less controlling doesn’t mean you can do anything, if you never agreed so with your partner;
  • They are beautiful in their own way. France is known to be the fashion capital of the world and it is definitely reflected in the way local people look. French sense of style is looked up to all over the world, but no one else but French women can pull it off. They don’t stick to regular beauty standards and fashion trends, they put it through a prism of their unique French understanding of style. They have unique haircuts and make up as well. These altogether French looks are incredibly hard to imitate, so you will never mistake a French woman;
  • They have a great approach to food. While all over the world people tend to indulge in various dishes, especially of their own cuisine, and then go on a diet to keep the body in shape, French women chose a totally different approach. The portions at French restaurants are usually much smaller than what you expect to get and sometimes a cheese platter and wine is considered enough for a good dinner. But that doesn’t mean French girls starve themselves. People in France generally eat in moderation, they don’t like to waste food. Together with the mediterranean diet, French men and women manage to stay healthy and girls don’t have to go on exhausting diets just to lose weight.

What to do while dating a French woman

a portrait of a young attractive woman smiling friendly

This simple advice will help you make your dating life much more successful:

  • Remember about personal space. French women don’t want to be fully consumed by relationships. They still need some free time and space to realize their ideas and keep up with friends and relatives. Having some fresh air is vital for a French girl;
  • Talk to her. Even though much of French relationships is built on guessing, there is always room for an honest talk. Address all the issues you might be having, and if you feel that your partner is not feeling the greatest, just ask her about it. You are not supposed to read minds and everyone understands this;
  • Make her a part of your life. You now have a life together and not two separate lives and a relationship. Introduce her to your friends, share some activities you commonly do on your own, take some time to spend with your family and a partner together. These simple things will give a feeling of actually being a part of somebody’s life;
  • Support her. Even if she seems so independent, she still has feelings. It is very common to underestimate the worries a strong woman has. Be nice to her and care about her issues, give a hand of help when you can and she will be extremely grateful to you;
  • Take her out regularly. French people are not used to staying inside too often. They lead an active lifestyle and expect to keep on it together with their partner. Go on long strolls over the city, visit your common friends, go out for a dinner or just a cup of coffee. Don’t get stuck at home watching romantic movies, this will get boring very soon.

Other than that, men can also do some of the following things:

  • Look after your appearance as well. It is not only female responsibility to look good, in France everyone should look smart and neat;
  • Talk about paying the bill beforehand. While most women in France would enjoy a man paying for them on the date, some of them prefer to go dutch. Discuss this before going out together, just that there are no unpleasant surprises and no one is offended;
  • Be patient. Since kissing each other means being in the relationships, you might not get the kiss on the very first date. It doesn’t mean she dislikes you, but she might need more time to decide whether to be exclusive;
  • But remember, there are no set rules. Everything depends on you and your partner, and if you don’t like the courtesy the traditional way - just don’t do it.

Online dating in France

a young woman uses her smartphone while holding a coffee cup and posing on a pink background

Dating online in France is actually blooming. Every single French person has at least once visited a dating website or app. And since they are so open-minded and communicative, they are not afraid to talk to multiple people at once. Even if this doesn’t result in long-term relationships, nobody is disappointed, because people you met on a dating app can become great friends of yours.

Conversation has the starring role in French online dating, since people genuinely want to know more about each other.

French people actually don’t try to represent themselves better than they are on dating apps and sites. They usually try to make their profile a representation of their true self, with realistic pictures and simple bios. Conversation has the starring role in French online dating, since people genuinely want to know more about each other. is one of the popular platforms French singles choose for online dating and here is why:

  • It has a convenient interface and can both be used in a browser version and as a mobile app. This means it is possible to communicate with your potential date wherever you are, the only thing needed is access to the Internet. It is also convenient for people of all ages - both young and older French singles can find their love online, without having to adjust to new technologies for a long time;
  • There are many people on If there are only a few individuals from your region on a dating website, there is no reason to even waste time on it. With a huge pool of individuals you can expect to meet just the right person and have enough choice;
  • is completely safe to use. The website is well-moderated, which allows to avoid any possible scammers or fraudsters. Website managers also developed a set of guidelines for all those who want to take extra precautions to feel secure. With all of these things, you can just relax and enjoy online dating to the fullest.

The searching system at is also worth special attention. It has multiple parameters, which allows you to customize the search and get the most compatible partner. Whether you have some appearance preferences, want your partner to have a certain level of education or expect him or her to share some hobbies - you can choose these settings and only see those people who meet your requirements. is widely used for dating in France, because of its multiple advantages. Thousands of people have already found the love of their life here. Don’t waste your time - join and start looking for a partner. There are only a few steps needed on the road to love, so don’t hesitate to step on this way and walk towards your dream.

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