Dating tall girls

Tall beautiful women are often associated with models, actresses and perfect examples of fashionistas because of their unique and majestic appearance. They look strong and powerful like real queens and stand out against the majority of people - they attract a lot of attention and their beauty and posture make them absolutely stunning.

Even though some tall girls can be a little bit shy and feel awkward because of being outstanding, there are a lot of men wanting to date them. Many tall girls are affected by the stereotype telling them they should only date men who are taller than they are, but this belief limits those ladies a lot. When a tall girl meets a man of their life it’s usually not important when he’s as tall as she is or ever shorter because his soul and mind is what really matters.

  • Nikola, 33
    Odesa, Ukraine
  • Lily, 28
    Hangzhou, China
  • Cristian, 27
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Adelina, 29
    Jiaxing, China
  • Scarleth , 48
    Miami, USA
  • Natalia, 23
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • Mary🥑, 25
    Lagos, Nigeria
  • Delas, 51
    Paris, France
  • Juliet, 30
    Shanghai, China
  • anastasia, 23
    Paris, France
  • Noah, 48
    Sydney, Australia
  • Lyubov, 42
    Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

Unfortunately, many young tall girls have a lot of complexes because of their height and are not very confident in their beauty and attractiveness. Some of them used to be bullied at school just because children can be very mean sometimes, and even when school finishes they can’t move on and forget about the cruel words which were said to them. Nevertheless, as soon as a tall lady decides not to be reserved and pressed anymore, she becomes a real goddess: those ladies usually have attractive long legs and sporty figures, their voice is deep and sexy and a bit of self-confidence helps them to straighten their shoulders and gain a proud posture. After that moment no person can deny their beauty any more!

While a wrong person can spoil their self-esteem for a long time, a correct partner can help them gain their confidence and teach them to love themselves more. After finding that man a tall girl becomes a loving, caring and loyal partner and companion who will remember your attitude and love for a lifetime. There are lots of opportunities for people interested in dating American women who are tall and gorgeous - you just need to know some aspects of dating them.

What are the advantages of dating tall girls?

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There are a lot of good points in dating a tall girl. Whether she is taller than you or as tall as you are, she is a beautiful lady with her emotions, opinions and feelings, and that’s the most important about her. If that’s a perfect person for you, then you won’t even hesitate or pay any attention to her height. That goes both ways: if a tall girl denies you only because you’re not taller than her, that says she’s too shallow or insecure (or sometimes both). Even if the reason is only in her personal taste, that only means that you have no chemistry and that’s not the best person for you. Don’t label the rest of tall girls in the world and give them another chance!

  • It makes a man look like a badass. It will not only make people associate you with the boss guys from movies who often have a tall model-looking woman close to them, but also show everyone that you have personality and interesting enough to have such a lady close to you;
  • Even though some people find it strange that many tall girls love wearing high heels, that actually make them look even slimmer and their legs look even better! More than that, absolutely most of those ladies’ skirts look like short skirts on them, and it looks sexy;
  • They are independent! They can reach the highest shell and are usually pretty strong and healthy. It doesn’t mean that she won’t be pleased if you offer her to carry her bag though;
  • She can defend herself if you’re not around, so you’ll feel less nervous if she walks home alone in the evening. But it’s a nice thing to walk her home anyway;
  • They make a perfect bigger spoon, so there’s a field of new comfortable poses you can try in bed with her (and yes, that’s not only about sleep);
  • She definitely knows what it is like to be a minority. Most of the people who used to be bullied or laughed at are pretty emphatic, so they never laugh at others because of their flaws. People come in all shapes and sizes, and even if she knows that she’s secure with you, she will probably feel like she’s constantly having a big target on her which might be shot at any time while arguing. Of course, that’s pretty sad, but at least you'll know exactly that she will never try to hurt you because of your physical flaws or things that you can't change.

The tips of dating a tall woman

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Own it

Confidence is sexy, so even if you’re shorter than a tall girl you like, you need to try anyway. If a person is a good storyteller and listener who is also caring, loyal and has a good sense of humour then no one will even think of the height. Create chemistry between you and go on: it’s not always important to be tall on the outside, a great personality gives you much more points anyway.

A bad joke or a careless phrase can spoil her mood and upset her for a long time so think twice about what you’re going to say.

Don’t draw attention to a sensitive topic

Even though it seems obvious, some men try too hard to be funny and spoil their chances immediately. Avoid joking or mentioning her height, especially in the very beginning of communication or dating: show her that she’s interesting for you not because you have a fetish, but because she’s simply attractive and seems interesting for you. A bad joke or a careless phrase can spoil her mood and upset her for a long time so think twice about what you’re going to say. Another thing you need to avoid - don’t show her that you feel uncomfortable while speaking to her. Don’t make the situation comic: you don’t need to look for a higher place to stand while speaking to her to look taller. If she sees you feel uncomfortable while speaking to her, she’ll feel uncomfortable and awkward too. At the same time, don’t forget that some short or just not very tall people have the presence of the person twice their height, so if you’re interesting, charming and hilarious - then you have much more chances than a boring and dull but tall man.

Show her that you don’t tolerate but appreciate

Even if you need to avoid being associated with a fetishist, she’d like you to appreciate the way she looks. If she sees that you adore her and genuinely love her appearance - that can be very magnetic. People love those who love them. Every woman loves seeing the face of joy and eyes of a man amazed by her beauty, so express your interest and compliment her. You might avoid some straightforward compliments, especially in the very beginning of the relationship, but it’s never too early to adore her beauty in general.

She probably knows that shorter guys are better boyfriends

Studies show that shorter men tend to be more caring partners and the rate of divorce is much lower in couples where a man is not very tall. It’s usually connected with the fact that smart guys who are not extremely tall don’t tend to stick out their masculinity too often and don’t count on their height too much: while tall guys don’t always value their relationships thinking they can always find someone else, shorter guys actually work on their relationships and invest their time and effort in them. A smart woman often chooses a smart man, and that’s it.

Even though she’s gorgeous, you have to compete less

Regardless of how awesome and model-looking your girl is, the amount of guys thinking that they’re too short for her is still pretty big and the fact that you were brave enough to approach makes you even more valuable. You might be sure the other men look at her, but they probably won’t get too close to her anyway. If you’re just thinking about how to approach a tall girl, remember that many guys avoid dating tall girls because of the fear of feeling less masculine close to them or being seen as equally strong. Of course, in most cases, it’s ridiculous and works just like a filter, so maybe that’s your chance to come and talk to her?

If you’re lucky enough to date a tall and beautiful woman, then try taking care of yourself better.

You can be a classical “Italian couple” and still look fabulous

If both partners look stylish and well-groomed, then it’s not important how tall they actually are - they will look gorgeous together anyway. Don't forget a classical “Italian couple” when a woman is usually much higher than the men but they still look great. If you’re lucky enough to date a tall and beautiful woman, then try taking care of yourself better: think of a nice haircut, stylish clothing and a gym membership. If you both look great and confident then no one ever will think of your height!

Try online dating to find a tall girl of your dream!

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There are a lot of opportunities to meet beautiful tall girls for dating and relationships in real life, but it’s always much more convenient to find the love of your life on the Internet. Online dating sites help people to start communication and know each other better in the first place instead of feeling awkward while starting the communication with an attractive girl who’s taller than you or as tall as you are. It’s much easier to feel the chemistry while both of you enjoy communication instead of feeling awkward in real life. Many people enjoy online dating over 30 because it allows adults with various preferences, interests and tastes to find someone special. helps people all over the world to find their soulmates for dating and serious relationships. No matter who you are, where are you from, what hobbies, religion or height you have - there might be your soulmate who’s waiting for you online. helps people with their socialization whether they are looking for partners or friends.

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There’s always more than a height! Find a gorgeous tall woman for dating and relationships and make you both happy on!

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