Dating gamer girls

Gaming community is constantly growing and attracting new players all over the world. A lot of people of different age, race, religion or gender are united with one common hobby - they love playing and spend a lot of time in a wonderful and exciting world of video games. That's why so many people are interested in girl gamer dating.

If the world of virtual entertainment is not an empty phrase for you and if you are seriously passionate about video games, then you probably thought that it would be wonderful to share your interest with a gamer girl. But how to meet the one with whom you can not only go through dungeons but also meet in real life?

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What you should know about gamer girls

a couple playing video games in vr together

First of all, you should remember that the male audience is mainly interested in gaming and therefore most of the gamers are guys. Girls who like to play video games present a much smaller part of a gaming community. And this is not only because many people still have misconceptions like "games are for children" or “only boys play video games”. In many cases, men are more attracted to the competitive aspect of gaming, and this applies not only to online games but also to single-player games. Therefore, girls often prefer more relaxing and simple entertainment, so many girls who actually like video games prefer to play meditative and non-aggressive games. That’s why humble and easily mastered games are more popular with a female audience.

Girls who like to play video games present a much smaller part of a gaming community.

Besides, the toxic environment is largely preserved among gamers and this often repels women from online gaming. You can often meet aggressive teenagers who are ready to pour poison on their team at any moment because of their failure. Emotional involvement in the process often makes people forget about the norms of behaviour. Women usually prefer to avoid this kind of community and concentrate on games where the communication between players is less aggressive or even absent. That’s why you sometimes don’t even know that the player is a girl - they just play and see no reason in starting any conversations. At the same time, lots of men are interested in dating American women who love games: they just aren’t sure where to find them.

While speaking about not casual players, but real game lovers, who play consoles in the company of friends or hardcore gamers who collect their computer hardware, there are plenty of women who are actually interested in gaming and would like to find new friends and even potential partners. Geek culture is quite popular now and you can find a wide variety of people there. But first, you need to decide where to look for a potential partner.

How to meet a gamer girl

a couple playing video games together

The most popular way of finding a gamer girl is to look for her while playing MMO games. Many people are passionate about massive online games and spend a lot of time playing and communicating with other players. For most people socialization is the most important part of MMO games. All those things like wandering around the game world with your group or clan, talking about everything and meeting new people seem very attractive for many players. There is a good chance to establish communication and learn more about the girl before the meeting in reality for the first time. Chatting and regular communication can move to social networks and sometimes it can even grow in something bigger. People visit each other regardless of the distance, spend some time together and start dating. However, not everyone is looking for a romantic relationship in MMO games even though it is pretty common for people to find partners and start relationships thanks to their passion for the same game.

There is a good chance for you to find a company with the same hobbies and interests there or just start a conversation with a cute girl near the stand.

Another popular way to find a single gamer girl is to visit gaming festivals and conventions. Even though a lot of gamers prefer staying home and playing their favourite games in their free time, everyone needs socialization sometimes. Events are usually taken every year around the world and are dedicated to games, comics, movies, etc. Many real enthusiasts gather at this type of event. A lot of cosplayers, gamers, collectors, artists and craftsmen come to the conference to exchange merchandise, experience and just chat. There is a good chance for you to find a company with the same hobbies and interests there or just start a conversation with a cute girl near the stand. But many people come there with the company of friends, so you should not be intrusive and annoying. If you see that people seem uninterested in finding new friends then don’t distract them from enjoying the holiday, but if you see that people are as excited to communicate as you are, then that’s your lucky day!

The most important thing you should do to find a gamer girlfriend is to expand your social circle. Forget that games are just a men's club and start looking for more new friends. You need to be friendlier and leave any toxicity behind the door. If you want to make a good impression, you need to learn to communicate with a variety of people and accept that your interests and favourite games may differ. This community still requires politeness and respectful attitude for its members, so behave decently and your chances to meet a gamer girl will increase.

What you should remember about dating a gamer girl

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If you are lucky enough to meet an attractive girl who is fond of games just like you, this does not always mean anything special. Do not forget that outside of hobbies there are many other factors which can influence our chances to attract people and start dating them. We all have different characters and habits. Major differences in worldviews and disputes can quickly break communication. You need something more than your mutual love for gaming to start dating someone. Also, do not rush things with a person you like - it might have an opposite effect and push a person away from you.

Do not impose your tastes on a girl. If she has been playing games for a long time, then most likely she already has her favourite genres and series. You can try to share your gaming experience, but you don’t have to persistently advise your favourite game or get upset if this game is not exactly the best thing for her. It is better to look for something else that you will be interested in playing together. There are lots of cooperative games which you can enjoy playing with a girl - just be patient and don’t be afraid to try something new.

A girl who is interested in a guy can sometimes become a real stalker who is able to find a lot of facts about you online.

Be honest and do not forget who you are dealing with. Girls who are passionate about games are most often well versed in programs and the Internet. A girl who is interested in a guy can sometimes become a real stalker who is able to find a lot of facts about you online. Any hidden facts and details will be found sooner or later. Your accounts in game launchers or communication programs can sometimes provide a lot of information about us, just like the search history and files on your PC. So if you have already decided to meet a gamer girl, then remember that she is smart and probably knows a lot of things better than you do. Don’t try to make her “a side chick” or lie to her about your real location, age or other facts - it’s always better to stay honest and decent. There are many ways to impress a girl and lying is not one of them.

Online dating with

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One of the easiest ways to find a great gamer girl is to look for her at online dating sites. A lot of people who spend a lot of time playing online games are used to this kind of communication and find it much more comfortable and relaxing to meet new people online. provides its users with a great number of people wanting to find their happiness and love online. One of the most helpful features of the service for people wanting to find their gamer partner is an ability to sort people by their interests and hobbies. That will help you to find many interesting and attractive singles in your country and all over the world who are ready to fall in love and change their life.

Remember that the gaming community is huge and it’s full of appealing singles who want the same as you do - to find a loyal and like-minded partner for dating and relationships. connects lonely people and helps them socialize without any misunderstandings and awkwardness: if you both like each other then you will be matched and able to use direct messages and live chats on the platform. There are no dating games anymore - only video games which you can enjoy together!

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