Dating in the Netherlands

It’s considered to be that the Netherlands is one of the happiest countries in the world. Some people may find it surprising - Paradise Island is usually believed to be sunny, hot and densely planted with palm trees. It’s not about the Netherlands, but instead of those things this country has a very high standard of life, appealing salaries and strong economic system. One of the biggest life goals that modern people might have - is to move to a small rich European country to live in good social and financial conditions, and the Netherlands seem to be exactly suitable for that. It’s not like all the country looks like a postcard with windmills and flower fields, but it’s an extremely beautiful and old country with wonderful architecture and interesting places which are worth visiting for everyone.

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A little bit about the country

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The Netherlands (or Holland) is an amazing country with unusual geographical features that largely shaped its appearance and character of the inhabitants. A significant part of the territory lies below sea level. The country has a huge number of reclamation canals and dams, which the Dutch built over the centuries, conquering the land from the sea itself. The country is separated into twelve provinces, and they have some significant differences, even though it might not be clearly seen to the tourists. They all can be separated into South, West, East and North ones.

The cold north wind created the Vikings, and the unusual natural conditions created the Dutch people - pragmatic and persistent as they are.

What the Dutch are like

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A lot of tourists see the country annually, and many of them consider moving there and dating local people. But people who would like to try dating Dutch men and women should learn about their culture and traditions first. To understand the way the Dutch think and how their minds work it’s better to communicate with them and make some friends and acquaintances there.

Just remember that if you ask a Dutchman or a woman about what they really think of something - be ready to deal with the answer.

Conscientious and hardworking residents of that country are accustomed to doing everything in time and to bring any matter to the end. Punctuality and professional attitude are welcome in business and personal life. Some people consider the Dutch even too practical and think that their pragmatism is pretty far from romantic relationships. People in the Netherlands avoid celebrating the St. Valentine’s day because of its commercial side - those numerous toy hearts and luxury bouquets are not impressive for the locals. Of course, some Dutch women are pretty happy to receive such romantic presents, but all in all the attitude to all that dating attributes is pretty different there.

Since the people are so hard-working and pay a lot of attention to education, they often get into relationships pretty late in life. It became quite uncommon to get married in your 20s, so there are multiple over 30 singles all around the Netherlands. But people don’t get too sad about it - their life is not limited to romance.

Also in the Netherlands, honesty is paramount. This feature results in the extreme straightforwardness of the Dutch, so if they do not like something they will express it directly. That feature might scare some foreigners who are used to being extremely polite all the time. But you should remember that the Dutch being honest is not the same as people being rude - no one likes that, and the Dutch don’t behave disrespectfully to anyone too. Just remember that if you ask a Dutchman or a woman about what they really think of something - be ready to deal with the answer.

Those people are always for justice and take bias issues very seriously. In the Netherlands, the country with one of the lowest crime rates, the locals simply do not take and do not give bribes. There are always exceptions, but the bulk of the Dutch are very law-abiding people and demand the same from others. It results in very neat and beautiful cities and the general well-being of the country.

Dutch tolerance is world famous too. There, as nowhere else, the Dutch are loyal to absolutely any people with their habits, worldview, inclinations, appearance, etc. It is unlikely that an extravagantly dressed person or strange behaviour will surprise the residents. Complete freedom and fair treatment for everyone until a person breaks the law make The Netherlands one of the most comfortable countries in the world for the homosexuals and same-sex couples.

The Dutch appreciate the rational approach and try to apply it everywhere. They tend not to waste any resources they have, and most of them try to avoid unnecessary spending in general. However, this is not stinginess at all, it’s just that these people are used to appreciating and saving any resources they have. The inhabitants of the Netherlands are very relaxed and non-conflict people, and their easy-going attitude is one of the most recognizable features that they have. They don’t have the habit of setting up scandals, they even swear in calm tones among themselves, and then reconcile in the same calm manner. They are also very friendly and polite, so it is always pleasant to contact them. Spend a few days in the Netherlands - and you will catch their mood and accumulate their smile and cheerfulness.

Respectful attitude and courtesy - these are the hallmarks of communication for people who are interested in each other.

Dutch relationships and dating

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  • The most important principle in Dutch relationships is equality. They have almost abandoned the old distribution of roles in society by gender completely. Women and men perceive each other primarily as an equal partner, they work equally and most people receive an equal salary that doesn’t depend on gender at all. Therefore, traditional etiquette rules such as opening doors or paying bills in a cafe or a fancy restaurant are completely absent. And this is not a sign of bad manners at all, their upbringing is just different and the values ​​of the Dutch society are more progressive;
  • It is usually believed that it’s always a man who should make the first move. Well, it’s not a thing there: if you like someone - just go for it and try. “Til’ the fearless come and the act is done” - that’s how it works there. There are also no rules about who should call after the first date - the Dutch mostly act according to their instincts. If it feels right - then it must be right” - that’s the approach they tend to follow. It makes the very beginning of dating much more honest and appealing, cause if a person calls you after the first date - it definitely means they spend a lot of time thinking about you;
  • That equality makes the relationship process much easier for everyone. The men can help their women with dinner, and the women don’t expect their men not only to be the bread-feeders, but also the ones who should pay in the restaurant. In the Netherlands even married couples often split their bills in half;
  • There are no common standards for how to look. In this regard dating in the Netherlands is pretty similar to scandinavian or german dating.No one will tell you about flaws and imperfections or shabby comfortable clothes you wear. Every person is free to choose what to look like and the main thing is just to be also tolerant of the quirks of others. You can meet a make-up man in a dress and the only reaction of the pedestrians will be a polite smile. At the same time, many women there simply don’t use makeup and prefer comfortable and simple clothes. There you can be who you want to be without being shy or afraid to face the reaction of the others;
  • It’s no need in choosing smart and impractical clothing for a date too. You won’t probably impress the Dutch and it might be not very comfortable to cycle through the rain on your way back. Dutch people prefer cycling or public transport over cars, so it’s a pretty realistic situation to happen. Once again, the locals of the Netherlands prefer simple and comfortable clothing, so keep natural and be yourself without trying to make an impression; The Dutch don’t usually like to play games with hints and omissions - they simply value their time. That shows a great level of self-respect and confidence the Dutch have. If a potential partner says no, then it definitely means no, so people just say goodbye and the possibility of a romantic relationship is dead. Respectful attitude and courtesy - these are the hallmarks of communication for people who are interested in each other. No one is gonna play hard-to-get, and no one expects this approach to start dating too. Be consistent in what you want and don’t try to manipulate or confuse people around of you - and the Dutch will definitely appreciate that;A practical and honest approach is clearly seen in the Dutch when you think of their way of dating. They are not fond of sugar-coating everything they say and avoid giving compliments all the time. It might look a bit distant and cold, but they just see no use in that. They are just reliable and loyal and prefer to know the person they are on a date with instead of what they pretend to be while trying to make a good impression. The Dutch tend not to give useless presents as a symbol of their affection - it’s more likely they present something less romantic but much more useful and practical;
  • The last but not least - the Dutch have an interesting opinion about marriage. It’s considered to be a very serious step - so people are very slow in making that decision. In the Netherlands people usually start with dating, then they move together, have a pet, then (optionally) - kids, and only in the end - marriage, and only if you’re lucky. They tend to think not even twice, but thrice and more. If they are not sure they would like to live with the person all their life - the marriage won’t happen. Maybe your potential partner is a spender or a bad parent? It’s better to know first - and that’s why the dating might last for many years.

Online dating in The Netherlands

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In the country as progressive and highly developed as the Netherlands is, it’s very clear that the Internet is extremely popular and widely used almost by everyone and everywhere. It’s not only a comfortable way to do business and to communicate with friends, but also a new approach to find some romantic relationships and a potential partner for dating. Millions of people all over the world consider online dating to be the fastest and the easiest way to find new people.

One of the most popular dating websites in the Netherlands is It’s very easy to explain its popularity by the effectiveness of the searching algorithm and comfortable interface that makes it easy for everyone to start their adventure in the world of online dating. The Dutch don’t like to waste their time - so the registration process on takes only a few minutes to be completed. The registration opens a lot of opportunities to find thousands of the Dutch wanting the same as you do - to find a reliable partner for a one-night stand or a long-time romantic relationship.

Complete your profile with some information about yourself. You may write about your interests, hobbies and life goals to find someone exactly suitable for you. Share your dreams and wishes with your soulmate on!

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