Dating Japanese girls

If you want to approach a girl and win over her heart, you should understand her and her cultural background. Sometimes even building friendships with people from other countries is complicated, not to say about relationships. Japanese girls are amazing to date, but you have to know exactly how to communicate with them, so that no one gets offended.

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Cultural aspects also leave their imprint on the character of local people. You’ll have to understand the way your girlfriend thinks and behaves and the reasons behind this while enjoying Asian dating. If you are not used to the Japanese culture, there is a chance it will be hard for you to get used to dating scenarios, common in this area.

We gathered some tips and tricks, which will be helpful while dating Japanese girls. You’ll learn everything necessary to make a woman from Japan satisfied.

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Japanese women character

Let’s start with the basics and discuss the main traits of character most Japanese ladies share:

  • They are very shy. You’ll have to get used to the fact that women from Japan are generally quite reserved. In Eastern countries the reputation of the family often depends on the behaviour of its children, especially girls. Which is why kids are taught from an early age that they need to be more timid in order to show themselves from the best angle and not harm their family. Such behaviour also represents respect to the older generation, who might not like loud and aggressive young people;
  • They might seem cold. Being used to the Western traditions, you might expect the same from the rest of the world. But Japanese girls may seem very cold and distant, especially in the very beginning. They will develop and show their other sides as you know each other better. Many of them prefer to develop relationships from initially having a friendship, so take your time to know the Japanese girl better and she will become the warmest and nicest person you would ever know;
  • There is some common body language among Japanese women. For example, they don’t often look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor. It is considered offensive and inappropriate. In most cases direct eye contact means you are very close to the person, which is definitely not the case at early relationship stages. They also often cover their mouths with their hands when smiling or laughing. This gesture comes from an old custom which implied that showing the inside of your mouth is impolite;
  • There is not much display of affection. In western culture you might see people kissing or hugging each other on the streets. In Japan, it is very vulgar to do so. You can still hold hands and or give a hug while meeting is perfectly fine, but all the rest of physical signs of affection are regularly kept private. Again, it is thought that it’s much better to do less than overdo something and discredit the whole family.

Overall, you will see that Japanese girls are quite modest. This trait is one of the main aspects of Japanese culture overall, and if you live in Japan or often communicate with local people you’ll learn to accept it once.

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Who is a perfect man for a Japanese woman

So who is the ideal partner any Japanese girl would date? Let’s break it up:

  • He is educated. The culture of this country values knowledge and education regardless of gender. Beautiful Japanese girls all have a university degree and often attend various courses and seminars to make the knowledge in their professional sphere even deeper. No wonder they want a partner with the same level of literacy. Education is also thought to give a great understanding of discipline, since Japanese people are perfectionists and work hard to get the best diploma possible;
  • He is emotionally stable. Brazilian soap opera drama is not what Japanese girls want in dating. Their partner should be reasonable and morally adult, with the ability to resolve conflicts and commit to creating a safe space for building relationships. Since people in Japan often look up to the future, they want to plan it with their partner. And that means, it is important for them to be sure their partner will make a good husband and father, will be able to take responsibility and have a reasoning behind all actions;
  • He is a breadwinner. Commonly, Japanese women go to work and earn a living just like the men do, but at the same time many of them confess they would be equally happy to have the role of a housewife. Even though your Japanese girlfriend won’t necessarily stay at home, it is always preferable for the man to have a stable financial situation. Especially if you are planning on having kids together, your girlfriend will be happy to know you will be able to support the whole family financially for some time;
  • He is polite and has good manners. It is very important to behave the right way to impress a Japanese woman. If you are not from Japan originally, she won’t expect you to do anything extraordinary or behave exactly like people in her country do. It is much more important to be polite overall, to be attentive and ready to change something if it doesn’t suit your cultural environment now;
  • He is honest. Sincerity is one of the main aspects of relationships in general, but in Japan honesty is especially valued. People here want to connect fully on a spiritual level and it is not possible if one of the partners is lying or hiding something. No close relationships will work well here, if one of you doesn’t trust the other;
  • He has a sense of humour. Though it might seem that Japanese girls are extremely reserved, they love to laugh and have a good time anyways. A man with a good sense of humour always gets some bonus points, when it comes to choosing a partner. But be sure you understand the Japanese sense of humour well enough: don’t bully anyone and don’t present another person as stupid or small-minded.
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How to impress a Japanese woman

There are a few things you can do to raise your chances of winning a Japanese girl’s heart:

  • Be learning something constantly. Mental abilities and knowledge are extremely valued in Japanese society. So if you show your girlfriend you are striving to become a better person and want to develop your skills, she will be happy to know it. Being a better version of yourself is key to Japanese life philosophy;
  • Don’t be late. Japanese people are very punctual in general, so you can forget all the stereotypes about women constantly being late. If you agree to meet at 6 o’clock, she’ll be right there, and if something makes you be late, she will call or text you to let you know. Respect that and be on time yourself - it will show you as a responsible person;
  • Be polite. Remember, that politeness is one of these traits of character which is raised in Japanese people from the very childhood. You’ll have to learn how to behave properly and follow the rules, otherwise you will easily offend somebody. It is very common to apologize even for the smallest mistakes and behave modestly;
  • Learn something Japanese. Discover the Japanese culture in general, with all of its hidden gems. Learn behaviour rules most people here use. Find out regional differences - there might be something people in your particular city do in their own special way. Learn to cook Japanese dishes - they probably will never be rated as well as her mom’s ones, but the attempt will always be appreciated, and you’ll just discover multiple delicious meals too. And you can always learn some Japanese - it’s always so fun to study a new language;
  • Look smart. Even though appearance is not so important for Japanese people, they still judge you by it, especially during the first date. It is not that you should have expensive clothes and have a personal stylist. Just try to look neat and smart - this will already be enough to impress a woman.
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What to avoid

But there are also some things which repel Japanese girls. Some of them are:

  • Showing too much dependence and affection. It is great that you have feelings for someone, but don’t overdo it. If a girl will feel like you are trying too hard or now depend too much on these relationships, she will not be satisfied at all. Everything should be in moderation, and the expression of love is not the exception. Don’t tell her you love her too soon and don’t repeat it too often - show your love with actions rather than words. Don’t be too controlling and don’t call her too frequently - this won’t feel like love at all;
  • Complaining. People in Japan in general try to think about the feelings of others and avoid unpleasant topics. Constant complaints are one of these things which not everyone wants to hear. You may be a great person overall, but if you have a negative attitude to everything - this shows you as a weak and unreliable person. Complaints are also seen as a sign of childishness, which means that if you talk about your troubles too much, you waste your time instead of actually solving the issues;
  • Talking too much. You should respect your partner’s personal space and give her the opportunity to participate in the dialogue as well. If you are not listening and only talking about yourself, it might be considered rude and you will never get another date;
  • Talking about your ex. Japanese people tend to stick to their own gender when it comes to communication, so if you talk about your ex-girlfriend too much, it might be suspicious. The issue of jealousy is not discussed too widely, but it actually exists in Japanese society and Japanese girls tend to be much more jealous than their male partners.
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Online dating in Japan

Even in a country which feels so conservative there are enough options for online dating. Japanese people use online dating sites quite actively, so if you want to meet hot Japanese girls and build new relationships, it will be great to check some of them. offers you a nice platform for communication with single Japanese girls. Thousands of people from all over the world are registered here, so you can easily meet new individuals from any area you want. Moreover, there are many abilities for international dating here, since you can communicate online and maintain long-distance relationships.

You won’t have to waste your time talking to random individuals in order to understand whether you suit each other or not.

Being established back in 1993, has successfully led multiple couples to amazing long-term relationships. The mechanism here works perfectly to choose the most compatible partners. You won’t have to waste your time talking to random individuals in order to understand whether you suit each other or not. The searching system allows you to choose multiple setting options in order to present you the perfect pool of the most compatible dates. You can include any traits you want your potential date to have: from appearance and location to education level, hobbies and interests. With such a personalized search you significantly raise your chances of meeting a suitable partner and building relationships for life.

There are only a few steps required on the road to love:

  • Sign up on the website. You can use your email to create a new profile or log in through one of your social media accounts;
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  • Add some pictures. It is important to see who you are talking too and decide whether this person is attractive or not;
  • Set the search. Choose multiple criteria and press the search button. You’ll get a list of members who meet the requirements;
  • Start messaging. This is the only step left. Choose the profiles you like the most and don’t hesitate to send the ice-breaker message. can make the love life enjoyable and fascinating. With all the useful features and convenient interface, you can just simply enjoy online dating and wait for the perfect partner to meet you.

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