Dating Persian girls

While dating in the modern world is strongly associated with romantic interactions and seeing other people, in some more conservative regions there are people with a very different attitude to this. In Iran, for instance, openly dating was not prohibited, but very much looked down at till the very recent time. It might not be exactly the same as dating American women or men or people from Europe, but still very reminiscent of it nowadays.

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You might have many stereotypes about Persian girls. Even though they are raised in quite a religious and restrictive environment, they still can be very independent. Before you start dating a girl from Iran, we suggest you learn more about them and find the best way to approach such a lady.

What is Iranian culture like

To understand a woman from Iran better, you should learn more about the culture she grew up in.

Since Iran is a very traditional country, people here are grown to be family-oriented. Gender roles are very traditional in Iran, with men going to work and providing their relatives with everything necessary and women keeping the house and looking after kids. No wonder Persian women become amazing wives - they are raised with examples of perfect mothers next to them and absorb these traditions. Lots of local dating customs are close to the dating customs and traditions in Turkey, but they still have some unique aspects.

Even when a girl gets married, she still keeps connections with her family. Many iranian girls like to call their moms and have lengthy conversations over the phone. It is similar to how western girls call their best friends. They share everything and ask for advice.

Persian girls manage to look extremely neat and sophisticated.

At the same time iranian culture raises girls to be very humble. Though there was a period in iranian history, when women used to be extremely modern and independent, nowadays it is much more common for local ladies to be more reserved and modest. Amongst other arabic countries, Iran is still one of the most progressive ones in terms of gender equality, but conservative views definitely influence women. For instance, there is a certain dress-code all women have to follow. It doesn’t necessarily include hijab or niqab, but definitely demands to cover the body as much as possible and wear a scarf on the head. But regardless of any restrictions, Persian girls manage to look extremely neat and sophisticated. You would never think they are forced to dress a certain way, it feels just as if they created a unique style.

a woman in traditional clothing posing outdoors

What are persian girls like

Speaking of the personality of a Persian girl, here are some of the common traits:

  • They are very traditional in terms of relationships. Even if a Persian girl claims to have the most modern views on life, she will probably expect her man to pick her up on dates, to pay the bill at the restaurant and to make romantic gestures. Even if she doesn’t tell you what you did wrong, you might see how her behaviour changes and know you should be much more gentleman-like. But at the same time, don’t try to decide everything for her. Discuss all important decisions which regard both of you - this way you will show her respect and prove you value her opinion;
  • They are extremely jealous. If you have any female friends, remember that your Persian girlfriend won’t tolerate them. Girls from Iran like to know they are the only women in your life, excluding the mother, of course. Or course, it is mostly their desire to know they are exclusive, but their possessiveness can sometimes drive a man crazy;
  • They are very expressive. Even though Persian girls are raised to be modest, they don’t hide their emotions and can tell they are not liking something in a very expressive manner. If you think you’ll never get into an argument with an iranian girlfriend, you are completely wrong. They are amazing wives, but they don’t completely conform to their husbands;
  • They cook very well. If you are a gourmet, you will be happy to discover iranian cuisine. Traditionally for the region, there is a lot of meat going into iranian dishes. But there are also a lot of dishes which are very hard to prepare. So if your girlfriend decides to treat you to a date night full of iranian food, you can tell she really likes you, since a lot of effort goes into cooking such a dinner.

a modern woman in a muslim clothing chatting on her phone

How to date an iranian girl

If you are eager to win a Persian girl’s heart, here is how you can do it:

  • Be respectful of iranian culture. Be it religious beliefs or close family bonds, accept it and learn to enjoy it. She will not ever give up her culture, so it will become an important part of your life too, if you get married;
  • Court her. Iranian women love guys, who are true gentlemen. You should take her out, organize romantic dates and bring her gifts. And all of these shouldn’t end with marriage - treat your wife the same way you treated her as a girlfriend and you will be impressed by how caring and loving she will be;
  • Be honest. Especially if your Persian girlfriend is very religious, she will be extremely honest. You are expected to be clear about everything you do as well. Only the most trustworthy men can stay in the relationships with iranian girls;
  • Respect her views. Don’t get into political discussions or arguments over religion. She won’t change her mind anyways and you’ll only waste time on unpleasant communication. Don’t try to persuade your iranian bride she is not right - it might feel offensive to her.

a beautiful Muslim girl taking a selfie

Online dating in Iran

It might not be so widely discussed, but online dating exists in Iran as well. Use of the Internet is controlled in Iran quite a bit, but people here still find opportunities for online dating. What they are looking for is a trustworthy and secure platform.

Use of the Internet is controlled in Iran quite a bit, but people here still find opportunities for online dating. can be the best option in this case. It has amazing security, which allows to avoid any fraud or scam. The website is well-moderated, so that every user here could feel safe. But for those, who are not satisfied with the measures taken by website owners, there is a set of guidelines which can be used to take extra precautions.

Apart from being a safe place, also has a huge database of users. Regardless of where you are in the world, you will be able to find some individuals from your local area. And these are not just random people, since you can use the searching system to customize the pool of compatible partners however you want. You can choose any settings, starting from education and hobbies to appearance, location and many more spheres. This allows us to meet just the right partner which raises the chances of building successful relationships and staying together for ages.

Muslim women having fun and jumping together

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