Definitive Ways To Tell You're In Love With Someone

Our life is getting faster and faster. We meet new interesting people almost every day and in the length of time get surrounded by dozens or even hundreds of friends. Colleagues, people we go to GYM together, innocent bystanders fill our days with communication, so we feel needed and wanted. However, once we stop running in the circles of life because of meeting someone special in this giant crowd, someone we want to share our time with.

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From the very beginning: signs that you are in love

What is love like? Sometimes it feels like an endless adventure, romantic fairytale, beautiful story that everybody wants to get into. Sometimes you know love by obsession and sad thoughts that keep her company. Love can be different and it beautifully evolves while growing.

When you fall in love you start worrying a lot, taking care of your appearance like never before, you aim to be better, in fact you turn into a sensitive nerve. Once you feel more energized and then totally exhausted just five minutes later. It may look like a disorder from the side, so you get yourself a simple question: “Is it something wrong with me?”. Probably not, maybe you’re simply in love. How do you know you love someone? Here’s some definitive ways to tell if you have feelings for someone and that’s not “just a sympathy” that will leave you in a few weeks.

1. They’re living in your head

When you’re in love with someone, this person is totally in your head all the time. You think of them after waking up, before going to bed - every waking moment, to be precise. You know the smell of their perfume and can get wind of it in the crowd, you detect their favorite food at the shop even if you don’t want to get that very thing. You start associating places you’ve been to together with this person, planning walks and trips to the places you’ve never been, even to improbable ones. You can often find yourself in the midnight trying to build in your head a truly perfect scenery of your shared future.

Thinking of the person you like is pretty normal, unless you come up with the idea of not dreaming, but spending all the time together without asking the other person if he or she wants to share time with you.

The situation may seem even obsessive to you, but there is nothing to be worried about. Thinking of the person you like is pretty normal, unless you come up with the idea of not dreaming, but spending all the time together without asking the other person if he or she wants to share time with you. You should remember that insisting on keeping company is always a bad idea if you’re not trying to become noisy.

a young couple cuddling

2. You can’t help staring at them

How to know you’re in love? Your bae seems to you the most beautiful creature on the Earth - and there is nothing to discuss. You can watch them studying, working, eating, cooking, laughing, crying, sleeping and so on. It’s much more fascinating than any Oscar-winning movie and you would do it for hours if there was an opportunity. If you can’t help staring at the person you like, you should know that you are in love then.

It’s needless to say that your eyes have this special glow while looking at your sweetheart. People always notice that looks full of love, care and absolute adoration. The way that you look is the best visual proof of your feelings for all the people around, so you have to control yourself if you prefer not to show personal life in public, for example in case that your job calls for it.

3. You’re sure they’re perfect

They say: “Nobody is perfect until you fall for them”. The sauce at the corners of the mouth while having lunch, messed up hair in the morning, wrinkled clothes because of the rush you’re both constantly into… Nothing can make your bae less attractive when you’re in love, and this is how you know for sure the feeling of love struck you. Neither sleeping really late, nor laughing out loud so everybody in the room can hear it. All the minuses may be turned into absolutely cute pluses, so you love them even more. You even can run out of words while staring at your bae, so it takes a few minutes to put yourself together.

You support your partner with no conditions. They can do and say nothing wrong. However, if they did, you’ll still stay on their side in any debate. As a person you may disagree, but as a lover - never.

Are you still not sure if you love someone? Let’s see, there are some more points to take into consideration.

a couple meeting at the restaurant

4. You start doing strange things, which you were not interested in before ( just because your bae likes it)

Does your lover like anything kind of crazy? Life’s hard, so often we fall for people whose interests are not similar to ours. That’s insane, but still exciting. One of the greatest pleasures in the world is the pleasure of getting to know the people you are into. You worlds meet each other and try to find points of agreement - you try to find things to discuss and to do together.

When you love someone, you’d like to spend together with him or her as much time as possible.

“Do I like her or I simply wanna be her?” - a popular meme is partially true. Firstly you may even deny or hate that, but after a short time you start listening to music they like, watching their favorite movies, reading about their hobbies, etc. You may start copying their style and getting dressed like them unconsciously to make them like you. If you noticed that, you’re definitely in love.

5. Time flies when you are in love

When you love someone, you’d like to spend together with him or her as much time as possible. That’s one of the signs that you’re in love. You agree to keep your destiny’s kompany even if he or she wants to climb a mountain and you have no idea if it may be dangerous or not. It might be difficult to get into something you have never been involved in, but still you’re up for that. You’re able to join any activity automatically just to be closer to your loving partner.

You’ve spent all the weekends together and you don’t feel like that’s enough. Actually, it will never be enough while you have these feelings.

a couple drinking wine and having fun together

6. Unbelievable level of understanding

You interrupt each other because you’re trying to say the same thing at the same moment. It really seems like lovers when they are turned on by each others’ wave. They understand each other deeply and it feels like complete harmony.

You appreciate the sense of humour of your lover and they laugh at your jokes even if they’re not so good. That’s what people call “a perfect match”. Whether you like it or not, understanding each other and the ability to accept opinions is one of the most important parts of any relationship. Please, think of one simple question: “Are you ready to share the time you have left with this person even if he or she won’t change even a little bit?”. If your heart says yes, so that’s the feeling of love.

7. You with them nothing but being happy

Hellen Mirren once said: “There is that awful moment when you realize that you’re falling in love. That should be the most joyful moment, and actually it’s not. It’s always a moment that’s full of fear because you know, as night follows day, the joy is going to rapidly be followed by some pain or other”. As it was already mentioned, life’s hard and falling in love is often a complete mess, so sad things happen from time to time. The person you love is not obliged to love you too. They may have different priorities, interests, tastes. They may have no time to invest in your relationships, so they choose not to be with you. That’s heartbreaking, however, that’s the choice they have the right to make. Life could be dull with only the happy endings.

When you know you love someone who doesn't like you, you’ll still do anything to make them happy. Even if the point is to stop seeing or texting them. Your life isn’t over after a little love-failure. There will be another chance, another love, so the show must go on. Stop being under the weather and keep your head high. The most pleasant things are only to come.

a couple cooking together

To conclude: now you can tell if it is love

It doesn’t matter if it is love from the first sight or the feeling that appeared after a long-term friendship. Signs you love someone are pretty simple and there is nothing for you to do about them. So, if the points we’ve listed sound like your behavior in the past few weeks or months - that means you’re definitely in love. If these syndromes appeared like a flash and disappeared quickly, so now you think what was going on in your head and why it stopped, - probably that was just a sympathy. After flashes like that people often feel depressed because of the lack of hormones, and want to come back to the state they were happy in.

There’s no one right way or time to do that and usually people are not expecting that to happen.

Everybody falls in love differently, in their special ways. There’s no one right way or time to do that and usually people are not expecting that to happen. Being in love is pleasant and painful at the same time. You feel that you own this world and you’re ready to give it to your bae just as another gift. Love has no borders, also no limits.

Now you got some points and recommendations on how to know if you are in love or not. However, all you need in fact is to listen to your heart gently and carefully, because that’s the only one way to get the right answer to all your questions. Open your heart and let the person you love become a part of your world. The feeling will last forever if you both really desire that.

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