What Does Love Actually Feel Like

People keep asking themselves: “What does love feel like?” This is an eternal question. Everyone feels in a unique way when he or she falls in love. However, there are some patterns, which have been proved over the years and today we can tell how feeling of being in love appears in people’s heads and minds. Love is different. It is foolish to think that there is one only true way of love. So many people, so many types of feelings. For example, according to greek studies, there are 7 types of love in the world and they all consist of different feelings and emotions.

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Passionate and Erotic Love

This type feels like enthusiastic, passionate love, based primarily on devotion and affection for a loved one, and then on sexual attraction. The lover sometimes begins to almost worship the beloved. There is a desire to fully possess him or her. This is love, which equals addiction. However, there always is a period when eyes get opened, and, accordingly, there is disappointment in the person you were attracted to. This type of love is considered destructive for both partners. After the disappointment, love passes. The search for a new partner begins.

Love is mutual, lovers want to possess each other, enjoy the joys of intimacy, idealizing relationships. The attraction is so strong that you want to constantly be there with your partner, stroke each other, bask in the rays of love.

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Love Like a Sport

Love is a sport, love is a game and a competition. This love feels like a marathon. It is based on sexual attraction and it is aimed exclusively at receiving pleasure. Consumer love. Feelings are superficial, which means they cannot satisfy partners completely. Both partners always lack something in relationships. And then the search for other partners and other relationships begins. These relationships can be maintained with their constant partner. However, it continues until the first manifestations of boredom appear.

Partners are lovers and friends at the same time. Their love is based on warm friendships and partnerships.

In such a relationship, there is no true intimacy between partners, only the desire to take what is yours - what belongs to you. Intimacy and emotions are sports trophies. A person does not intend to invest anything, share experiences and responsibility. He wants to play, enjoy attention, freedom and passion flare up. Love in this situation is superficial, people like the feeling of excitement, anticipation of the new, a tick in the next list of victories. But, as soon as the result is achieved, they will switch to a new object of fantasy.

Love Me Tender Love Me Sweet

Love is tenderness, love is friendship. Partners are lovers and friends at the same time. Their love is based on warm friendships and partnerships. This type of love often occurs after years of friendship or after many years of marriage. This kind seems to be the most beautiful and calm one on the list.

There is no romance or animal passion in such a relationship. It's just that two people have been together for so long, have gone through so many things that they have become part of each other, "have grown together by roots." Together they make up a well-functioning mechanism, where each has its own role and a large shared list of responsibilities. They will do anything for their family, because they are an extension of each other. And even if their life is not boiling with emotions, a sense of duty will not allow betraying a partner, even if these two did not choose each other, even if they do not correspond to ideals. The promise to be together in grief and joy is more important than any emotion.

Platonic Relationships

Platonic love, so named because at one time this particular type of love was ascended by Plato as a true love. Your brain probably even wouldn’t define that feeling as a usual love, and you should disagree. This love is based on spiritual attraction. Such love is characterized by a complete acceptance of the beloved, respect and understanding. This is love for parents, children, and best friends. Partners have a nice time together. This love is to be compared to a muse. Plato believed that this is the only kind of love that is true. This is unconditional love. Selfless love. Love in its purest form. It's love for the sake of being in love.

a couple walking outside and laughing together

And who said that only passion or a sense of duty can unite? Sometimes people are so interested in each other - they can either speak or to be silent, to study the world, to create beautiful things together - and that would be enough for them, more than enough, to be honest. In such relationships there is no physical attraction (or it was, but has subsided over the years). But there is harmony of souls, equality of thoughts, separation of interests. A partner just likes to be together, to be next to each other - listening to music, watching a movie, going on hikes, raising children, doing household chores, acting as a team. They have the same attitude towards life. Therefore, in partnership, they receive support for their ideas, views and projects.

Mania: Passion and Addiction

If you are caught by love called “mania” - it is easy to understand that. Mania or as the ancient Greeks called this kind of love: "Gods’ Madness." You may tell it by seeing that this type of love is a combination of passion and addiction. Mania is considered to be a punishment. This love is an obsession. It makes people in love suffer from their feelings. And it also brings suffering to the object of the lover's passion. The lover seeks to be with his beloved all the time, tries to control him, experiences insane passion and jealousy. Also, the lover experiences mental pain, confusion, constant tension, insecurity, anxiety. He is completely dependent on the object of adoration. The beloved, after a period of such ardent love on the part of the lover, begins to avoid him or her and makes attempts to break off relations, disappear from his life, protect himself from the obsession with love. This type of love is destructive, it brings destruction to both the lover and the beloved. This kind of love cannot last long, except in sadomasochistic relationships.

To be honest, this kind of love seems to be the first stage in many romantic relationships. Such love has a destructive effect on all participants, because it is built on the desire to possess and control. As a result, feelings are sucked into the whirlpool, forced to suffer, and live in constant tension. One is under pressure and runs away. Another pursues with all passion, losing himself, tormented by jealousy. Such love is truly destructive, so try to stay safe if you eventually meet it.

Another Selfless Feeling

This type of love is a combination erotic and tender one. This is sacrificial, selfless love. The lover is ready for self-sacrifice in the name of love. In such love, there is a complete dedication to loved ones, complete acceptance and respect of loved ones. This love combines mercy, tenderness, reliability, devotion, passion. In such love, partners develop together, become better, get rid of selfishness, strive to give more than take something in a relationship. But it should be noted that this type of love can also be found in friends, but in this case, there will be no sexual attraction, everything else remains. Also, to be precise, such love is spoken of in Christianity - sacrificial love for one's neighbor. Persist for life. But it is very rare.

This kind of love can be most clearly seen between a mother and a child, when an adult accepts his child with all his heart, reconciling with his imperfection, giving him all his tenderness, warmth and care. Alas, in the relationship between a man and a woman, agape can have negative consequences - the imbalance of the energies "give" and "receive". When a lover is so devoted to his beloved so that he or she is ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of the bae’s happiness: forgive everything, accept everything, be an eternal donor and supporter. This is bad, because it drains the relationship, the feeling loses boundaries. A two-way exchange of energies and the preservation of the individuality of each partner are important in this type of love too.

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Rational Love

This is rational love or the love of convenience. To be honest, such love arises not from the heart, but from the mind. It is born not from feelings, but from a consciously made decision to love a particular person. And this decision is based on the arguments and reasons. For example, “he loves me”, “he takes care of me”, “he is reliable”, etc. This kind of love is self-serving. However, it can last a lifetime, and a couple with this kind of love may be happy. Also, this love can develop into another kind of love over time.

If both partners play their roles brightly, everything will be alright with them.

You are in love, but not as usual. This type of love occurs when people are looking for a comfortable relationship. But not for financial gain (or for it, many people - many reasons), but in order to meet a reliable person with whom you can confidently go through the difficulties of life. In such a couple, love is not so valuable as the coincidence of views, role models, worldview in general. So that both spouses look at life in the same direction and do not devalue each other's achievements. She is a housewife, he is a breadwinner. The match is to be successful, you really know. Lots of people are looking for partners on the best rich men dating sites to be in relationships with successful and confident partners. And you see: both partners play their roles brightly, everything will be alright with them. Without this kind of love, the spouses will not have understanding. For example, why does he not want children, but she wants; why does she spend all her time in the kitchen, and does not travel with him on the mountain prairies; Why is he spending our last money on development instead of investing in his family? Without coincidence in views, criticism, quarrels, condemnation begins - and the family quickly becomes unhappy.

Feel The Difference

As you can see, there are a lot of types of love, everyone chooses something of their own in accordance with values, age, experience. Take five minutes and describe the feelings you have - write the description on the little paper. It’s always useful to define how you feel in love in case that you will know if this kind of relationship suits you. The feeling of love is yours and only you can tell how you feel exactly. Falling for someone is an indescribable feeling, isn’t it? Listen to your heart and you’ll see how it’s going while falling in love.

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