Dating Turkish girls

Warm blue sea, white sandy beaches, beautiful oriental cities with great history, amazing rocky sceneries - these things can create an image of modern Turkey. The country attracts millions of tourists from different countries annually and is considered one of the most popular inexpensive places to relax.

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Turkey is an ancient state that has carried huge baggage of culture and traditions through the centuries. The modern country differs from the empire that once conquered its neighbours and united many cultures centuries ago. Also, people have absorbed interesting features of both Eastern and Western cultures. All this influenced the formation of social norms and local characteristics of relations between men and women: dating customs and traditions in Turkey are pretty different from the Western ones.

Whether you visit Turkey because of your job or go there on vacations to relax and enjoy stunning Turkish nature you might be interested in dating a beautiful Turkish girl. They are often seen as humble, respectful and well-behaved beautiful ladies who can be great girlfriends, wives and mothers. It’s not a big surprise that men value those women as amazing wife material: they are pretty, carrying, wise, they know how to cook and don’t mind being housewives while their men are real breadwinners and heads of their families. But are there any more things you should know before dreaming of great Turkish girls?

What dating a Turkish girl is like

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Turkish culture and the significant role of religion in their society have created certain traits of character among the locals. The norms of behaviour and communication can differ significantly from what you are used to, so be careful. A direct approach to dating a girl in Turkey is not suitable, especially when meeting on the street. At home, Turkish girls behave much more closed than, for example, in America. They feel a little more liberated in nightlife. Therefore, if you like nightclubs, this is a good way to meet interesting and open girls.

A direct approach to dating a girl in Turkey is not suitable, especially when meeting on the street.

Strong ties with the family and traditions of the country make Turkish women wonderful wives. Family ties and maintaining a strong family are very important for them. Thanks to their upbringing, they know perfectly how to manage the house and keep everything under control. Besides, Turkish brides cook well. Traditional cuisine has its characteristics in each of the regions, but it can definitely win over the lover of exotic dishes. Therefore, many men are so eager to form a couple with local girls. A good option for those who themselves strive to settle down and create a cosy home. However, if a quick marriage and a conservative approach are not to your liking, then most likely you will face unjustified expectations.

But this does not apply to everyone. Some prefer personal development over early marriage. In the West, Turkish girls can be very different as the lack of pressure from the conservative society allows them to express themselves more widely. Many people go headlong into education and career building. Someone retains elements of their native culture and partly values ​​while adopting a new way of life in an emancipated society. With such girls, there are clearly more chances for a calm and equal relationship, also, no one will press against a quick marriage.

How beautiful Turkish girls look like

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Turkish women are some of the most beautiful in the east. Their appearance attracts with its exoticism and brightness. The combination of beautiful fair skin and light tan with luxurious black hair and big dark eyes captivated a lot of men from Turkey and abroad. They also have a natural propensity for an athletic and flexible physique. In Turkey itself, most often you will see fit and physically strong women. But in Western countries, fewer girls bother to maintain a beautiful figure. As always, it depends on the personality and life priorities, therefore, it is worth looking for a person primarily according to common interests and worldview.

Beauty is very important for Turkish women and they put a lot of effort into looking their best. Even though most of them are very modest and conservative, a lot of women there don’t cover their heads and use makeup to highlight their natural beauty. Most of them don’t need to wear makeup regularly: they have great skin and the natural contrast between their eyes, eyebrows, lashes and skin makes them extremely appealing.

Even though most of the Turkish women can cook tons of delicious dishes, they rarely gain a lot of weight: they have an active way of life and sometimes it seems that they are moving constantly, so those calories tend to drop off easily. If you’re lucky enough to have a Turkish wife, then be ready to buy a pair of bigger jeans or a gym membership - those delicious dishes won’t leave you unsatisfied!

Online dating on

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In our modern constantly changing world it’s sometimes difficult to find a suitable attractive single to start dating and form stable and healthy relationships with. There are many opportunities to meet a beautiful Turkish girl, but it’s always hard to do it intentionally: Turkish culture doesn’t approve hookups and local women with their traditional and conservative upbringing won’t appreciate such an approach.

There are many opportunities to meet a beautiful Turkish girl, but it’s always hard to do it intentionally.

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