Dating in Greece

Greece is an incredibly beautiful and wonderful country with very interesting people. All of us are all familiar with the history of Ancient Greece, it was the source of many things we know, the cradle of our civilization. Many people are attracted not only by the local climate, stunning architectural monuments and incredible views, but also by the temperamental Greeks. Dating them can easily turn into one fascinating romantic adventure. If you are single and you want to make a difference in your life, then a relationship with the Greek is what you need. Cheerful and open-minded, they know how to enjoy life like no other people in the world.

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Greeks have a truly hot blood. They enjoy gossip, quarreling, and then continue to communicate as if nothing happened. Sometimes they speak Greek so loudly it may seem to an eyewitness of not Greek blood that they violently argue about something extremely personal for each other. In fact, it is nothing but an illusion. They simply discuss weather, work, neighbors or have a small talk about their daily lives. Almost nobody can compete with their temper. If you want to start dating such passionate Greeks, then the best way to do it is

All you need to know about Greeks

Enormous hospitality, cordiality, openness, responsiveness and goodwill are laid down in Greeks with the parenting process. Locals look at themselves and the entire world with simplicity and pleasure, no matter who they are. Everyone from ministers and financiers to market traders treat life with amazing ease. Greece regularly goes through periods of economic crises, but such things never cause the atmosphere of gloom in the country. Sometimes it seems that feeling good in any situation is their superpower.

If you need help, Greeks will try their best to solve your problem, you won’t even have to ask to do it.

Greeks cope well with constant and daily problems, easily becoming a support at the right time. If you need help, Greeks will try their best to solve your problem, you won’t even have to ask to do it. This applies equally to family, friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. If someone is in trouble, the help must be provided, for them it is as clear as day. They are very kind-hearted and sincerely convinced that it is necessary to follow the main rule of morality - do your best to treat others as you would like to be treated.

couple in love enjoying their vacations

Moreover, if the problem cannot be solved right here and right now, the Greeks are able to masterfully abstract themselves from it. No other European will have fun when just a couple of hours ago he lost his permanent job. However, the Greeks look at things in a very different way. Lack of money or problems with a job are not reasons for any Greek to avoid parties. They will relax and have fun with everyone, simply because such things are just a daily routine and it should not interfere with anyone from enjoying life. Such an ideological view as hedonism could arise only in this country.

In general, most of the Greeks are very hardworking people, they work really hard to have a good life and to provide their family with all the necessary things. As a rule, they prefer to support their own family, but in a question of job gender roles in modern Greece are almost equal. A woman can work just like a man, and no one will blame her for an irresponsible attitude to the family. Nowadays it is perfectly normal for the Greeks that a father spends as much time with his children as its mother. The opinion that the Greeks are extremely lazy is nothing more than a myth and a delusion.

couple driving through the picturesque landscapes

Greeks are Orthodox Christians, unlike some other countries of the region; in Greece, state and religious national holidays are strictly observed: Christmas, Easter, National Women's Day, Independence Day, and so on. This is a tribute to traditions, they treat it with great respect. In general they are characterized by a very caring and attentive attitude to history, this is not surprising. Greece has a huge historical heritage, which the Greeks themselves are very proud of. They pay great attention to all cultural monuments and show great interest in the national characteristics of other people. If you start dating the Greek, then do not be surprised by constant questions about the history of your homeland. It seems obvious to them that people will love the place where they were born and will be proud of it. But though christian influence is huge, it doesn’t make local people shy. Greek women are quite independent, unlike, for example, bosnian girls, who are neighbours, but very different in culture.

Tips and facts about dating Greeks

Greeks are really those people who know how to have a good time and enjoy every moment of their life.

If you want your relationship to be constantly filled with romance, and every day to be turned into a tiny holiday, then Greek dating is the best choice. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about a few facts that will help to build a long and happy relationship, and also provide the understanding of what to expect from a passionate and temperamental Greek:

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  • Greeks are really those people who know how to have a good time and enjoy every moment of their life. They don't need an official reason to have a party or get together with friends and family. Greeks spend quite a lot of time outside, constantly visiting various pubs, clubs, exhibitions, museums, concerts and other special events. The best date for them is some unusual activity, a new experience that will come with a huge amount of ​​fun and pleasure. No one will ever teach you to love life as passionately and sincerely as Greeks. They turned the skill to overcome obstacles and difficulties into a true art;
  • The Greeks have a very developed resort culture. Wonderful Mediterranean climate, as well as numerous islands and extensive opportunities for recreation are the reasons for that. There is nothing better than starting an online Greek dating before you go on vacation to the Mediterranean Sea. You will have time to learn some things about each other in advance, and in the end spending time together will make such a vacation truly unforgettable. In this case, it is convenient to use, since you can find yourself a date in any region of Greece according to any criteria you set;
  • Greeks do not pay attention to trifles. If you accidentally missed an online or offline date, if you forgot something your date told you before there is no disaster at all. Greeks are very easygoing, so you will not receive a huge amount of complaints. They get along very well with a lot of everyday troubles, such things are not able to spoil their mood. The most useful fact here is that such an attitude towards life is very contagious and after a short time of dating, you will notice that you begin to treat all the things around quite similarly;
  • Greek national cuisine is one of the richest and most diverse on the entire Mediterranean coast. In many things, it can be compared to enormous Italian cuisine. If you do not know how to cook or are not interested in cooking at all, after you start dating Greek such an approach will definitely change. They really love food and understand it very well. Greeks are well versed in various types of products and ways how to make a truly amazing dish out of the simplest ingredients. They have many national recipes that are passed from generation to generation. Therefore, if your were shared a family secret or recipe, you can be sure that you won your dates heart;
  • Greeks are incredibly responsive and famous for their kindness. They will always give you a helping hand, no matter how serious the situation is. For them, it makes no difference whether they help a member of their family or a practical stranger. The important thing is that in this culture, anyone who needs help will receive it.

breathtaking black statue of a cupid

  • Greeks are quite talkative and are not prone to secrecy in everyday life. Be sure that you will be introduced by video chat to the whole family and friends at the very beginning of dating. They will introduce you to everyone and you will be accepted into the close social circle very quickly. It is absolutely normal for them to share all the moments of their life with others. Greeks tend to live all significant events not alone, but with someone they trust.

You will be constantly showered with compliments and small gifts, so you can see and feel the depth of their feelings.

  • Like almost all the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast, Greeks are very open people who easily express their feelings and easily talk about them. They might remind you italian men and women in this regard. They are fairly straightforward, and therefore you will quickly find out what they truly think of you. Greeks are incredibly generous in compliments; they directly tell people about their strengths and weaknesses. They are also pretty bad at lying, most of them don’t even try, they prefer unpleasant truths to anything else.
  • Greeks are incredibly romantic, although sometimes their imagination slightly fails. Therefore, you will get a huge amount of wide and very beautiful gestures, many of those will be borrowed from books or Hollywood films. Yes, such an approach is a total cliche, but they do it sincerely from the bottom of their hearts. You will be constantly showered with compliments and small gifts, so you can see and feel the depth of their feelings.
  • Family plays a huge role for all of them. Both Greek men and Greek women have great respect for their partners and always try to support a strong and prosperous family. It can include dozens of people, many relatives, parents, uncles and aunts, cousins, even close friends will be considered as a part of the family. In order to join it, you most likely will have to please your date's parents. However, if you sincerely love their child, you will easily get a blessing.

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