Dating Greek singles

Dating might be a confusing and complicated thing altogether. With all the social traditions you have to follow and the guessing you have to do, even dating someone from your local town is not the easiest thing. But if you want to start dating a person, who grew up in entirely different traditions, it takes the hardships to a whole new level.

Greek people seem very attractive in many aspects, which is why both men and women are eager to date them. They have a charming appearance, they are welcoming and nice, but most importantly - dating a greek person you will feel like in a true romantic movie. But is it all so pleasant and nice?

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If you are willing to start dating in Greece, you might need some guidance through their culture. We decided to break down what it is like to date a greek person, so that both men and women could have the most pleasant experience of dating in this country. Dating Greek women can sometimes feel like dating Bosnian girls bit it definitely has lots of local charisma and colorite.

What is dating greek men like

Handsome and appealing, men from Greece also have their unique features, which should be take into consideration:

  • The appearance. Greek men are really handsome and they are fully aware of this. They are used to attention from women and know how charming they can be. But greek men also know that appearance has its cost. They go to the gym and stick to mediterranean diet, which is very healthy altogether. They go to the barber’s, pick smart clothes and just generally look after themselves;
  • They are gentlemen. If you want your future partner to be caring and traditionally masculine, greek men will be right what you are seeking. Maybe they are not extremely romantic in some terms - they won’t bring you hundreds of flowers or take you to fancy places - but they are like a stone wall: extremely reliable, responsible and caring. They also know, how to woo a girl and do it like true professionals;
  • They are passionate. This is a trait all greek people share, but you might not expect it to be so vivid in the male inhabitants of this country. Still, they are very passionate and don’t hesitate when expressing their emotions. Greek men take everything close to their hearts which is why you might think they are kind of moody. But this is just because everything touches them so much and they are not used to hiding their emotions. This trait also has a definite disadvantage - greek men can be kind of jealous. Sometimes, when your partner decides your friendship with another man is quite suspicious, he can become angry and get into an argument;
  • They love caring women. Those, who want to win over the heart of a greek man, should know they are used to loving and caring mothers. So they expect their future wife or girlfriend to be the same - loving, caring and tender. It doesn’t necessarily mean being a housewife, though the ability to cook is a great advantage. Just be attentive, interested in your partner’s feelings and overall tender. This will be the greatest sign of affection a greek man could get;
  • Family matters. Greek people in general tend to have great relationships with their relatives throughout their whole life. And it is not just a made-up impression, everyone actually cares about each other and loves to spend time together. All possible holidays are just another reason to gather together and have fun sharing everything that happened in the past weeks. When you are dating a greek man, you immediately become a part of this family. Prepare yourself for remembering all possible relatives and building bonds with them;
  • Mom is the main person. Even grown up greek men have extremely tight bonds with their mothers, so even if your partner is an adult man dating over 30, it doesn’t mean that his mom won’t be an important part of his (and your) life. You’ll have to accept this and make sure you leave the right impression when you first meet the parents. His mom is either on your side or you are her worst enemy, and in the second case chances are the relationships won’t last for as long as you wish. Greek moms are also very sensitive and thoughtful, so don’t try to lie or trick them. They will find it out very quickly and it won’t work in your favour at all;
  • Approach to life. Though greek men are definitely family breadwinners, they have a very interesting approach to life. They are sure, work exists to make life more pleasant overall. That being said, they work to live and don’t live to work. They love to relax and will teach you how to enjoy the free time.

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Dating a greek woman tips

Greek women have some specific features too:

  • They are great housekeepers. Even though they don’t consider themselves entitled to do this, they like to cook. Greek cuisine is actually very versatile and has many unique dishes, but each woman has a slight hint to every recipe. Even the famous greek salad is made completely differently in each house, but either way is delicious. With greek women cooking regularly and incredibly tasty, you will have to look after your body and probably go to the gym to keep fit;
  • They are very sociable. Greek ladies love to attend parties and socialize. They actively communicate with people, which sometimes can cause jealousy from the side of their partners, who might consider it inappropriate to talk to other men. Greek women also have nothing against drinking, so many parties involve some kinds of alcohol, including traditional greek drinks. But if you have a greek girlfriend, be ready to attend a lot of parties and social events;
  • They like to be wooed. Since greek men have a very specific approach to dating, greek girls are used to being courted in wooed. You don’t necessarily have to go over the top on each date, but some excessive romantic gestures are always welcome. Many greek girls also love jewelry, so, especially on the later stages of relationships, they will be happy to get such a generous present;
  • They love to discover new cultures. If you are a foreigner and want to impress a greek woman, share some parts of your culture with her. They will be fascinated by new traditions and happy to implement them into daily life, if you will have a trip to your native country.

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Greek dating culture

But there are also traits both men and women in Greece share when it comes to dating:

  • People live with their parents before they get into long-term relationships. Sometimes it even takes people to get engaged before they decide to move out. Especially since family is so important for the Greeks, they don’t hurry up and don’t want to separate too soon. But don’t think they are not independent enough or are afraid of serious commitments. Just because the Greeks don’t want to waste money renting a separate apartment, doesn’t mean they won’t be able to live together with their partners when the time comes. And even though such approach is more common in Greece, there are definitely some exceptions;
  • Greek people support traditional gender roles. They do support equality as well, but at the same time they enjoy the traditional way of life in their families. Men regularly go to work while women keep the house and look after children. Such examples are very common among all generations, so no wonder younger Greeks adopt such a lifestyle and implement it to their family and love life as well. Speaking of which, if you are a woman who likes courtesy and enjoys the man paying for your dates, greek partners will be able to meet your requirements easily;
  • Friends and family are of the biggest importance. There is that close circle of people, who are extremely important to any greek person. Traditionally, these are close family members and friends who are acquainted with your significant other for a long time. Before you get the approval of all these people, don’t expect your relationships to become any serious. But don’t be afraid, they are not so judgemental as it might seem. If there is anything they don’t like about you, there will be a definite description of such traits. People here are not used to judging the others without any basement for the superstitions;
  • Greek people love foreigners. They are always extremely welcoming to all those who come to Greece from other countries. There is this thing they have to all foreigners which makes them easily fascinated. Therefore, mixed greek and non-greek couples are quite widespread. So, if you are a woman travelling to Greece, you can expect local men to try and court you. Don’t think they are not serious - if you happen to get into relationships, they will treat you just the way they would treat a greek woman. Foreign guys can also be sure they will have success among greek girls;
  • Greek approach to resolving conflicts also takes some time to get used to, when it comes to foreigners. There is no way a greek person would finish the argument and just leave without coming to a certain conclusion. In a perfect situation, a compromise is found which suits both parties, but if there is no way you would come to terms with what your partner wants, he or she might back up just to resolve the conflict. This is actually amazing, since there is no way anyone will be left offended.

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Online dating in Greece

If you don’t know where to look for greek singles, there is a simple solution, which is online dating. There are actually quite a few ways Greeks use online dating sites and social media to meet a potential partner.

One of the most common things to do is to look through common friends and interest groups on social media. This way is so popular because if you like somebody, you can immediately ask your common friends and learn more about this person. You will also easily get the approval for the relationships and will know exactly how to approach this guy or girl. Chances are your mutual friends will be able to introduce you to each other, and, especially if you both are single, your friends will do everything to help you stick together.

But if you are not a fan of social media or don’t have any close greek friends yet, there are various dating sites. When you register on one of them, you can choose the desired location - for example, any of the greek cities, and start looking for singles in this area. Dating sites also allow to sort the singles according to various parameters, which not only include hobbies and interests, but many other criteria, This means you can customize the search and have more chances of meeting the perfect partner.

Chances are your mutual friends will be able to introduce you to each other, and, especially if you both are single, your friends will do everything to help you stick together.

Greek singles enjoy using dating sites a lot. There are many stories of couples, who met online but then managed to lead successful relationships for years. Young people don’t feel ashamed to tell they met their significant other online - this is now just another way of meeting other people, just as if you got acquainted on a social event, or something.

When it comes to online dating, you will easily notice how often greek men take the initiative in their own hands. Even though they text quite a lot of women when they first get to the dating sites, when the communication goes on and some sort of a bond establishes, only one of the girls is selected. There is no way a greek guy will date several girls at the same time and lie to all of them - they are very traditional and don’t accept deception.

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The best platform for greek dating online

If you are looking for a perfect platform to start dating greek singles, we offer you the best option - It stands out among other dating websites for several reasons:

  • It has proven its credibility. Being launched in 1993, became a starting point for thousands and thousands of happy couples. There are multiple success stories from people all over the world, who met their partner on and been together ever since;
  • There are thousands of greek people here. When you are choosing a dating platform, you want to use the one which can offer you a big pool of compatible individuals. If there are just a few people from your area, you won’t have too many chances of meeting the right person. But is a global dating platform, which means individuals from all over the world register here to find the love of their life. Greek people are not an exception;
  • It is safe to use. Another concern people often have about dating websites is safety of use. No one wants to come across scam and fraud - this can turn a person away from online dating at all. is a trustworthy platform with amazing security measures, which allows all of its users to stay perfectly safe while dating online. There are also safety guidelines, so if you want to make sure not only the website security but you yourself take all precautions, you can study this advice and implement it to dating online. is a very simple site to use as well. The interface is extremely user-friendly, so even if you have very little experience of using dating sites, you will easily get used to this platform. There are only a few steps requested for registration, so you won’t waste a lot of time completing all the possible steps. Just create an account, fill in the information about yourself, upload some pictures and start looking for a partner - amazing dating experience and success are guaranteed.

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