Dating single Chinese guys

China is a country which reminds you of its growing economy, ancient culture, the Great Wall of China and lots of other things which are associated with it. It’s a great place for tourism, business and studying - and it’s a great place to find love too. There are lots of single handsome Chinese men who are open to the idea of dating a foreign woman: though there are a lot of conservative Chinese people who would rather choose a local partner in China, lots of them are ready to experiment and try something new. Just like a Western girl might find it unusual and exciting to date a Chinese guy for the very first time in her life, a Chinese guy can also be as excited and surprised as she is. It’s a great opportunity not only to explore each other’s culture but also to meet your significant other who will be your perfect partner for life.

  • Mido, 40
    أبو ظبي, United Arab Emirates
  • Vasilina, 35
    Paris, France
  • Fang-Florence, 46
    Shenzhen, China
  • Patti, 29
    Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Michelle, 32
    Sydney, Australia
  • Zah, 40
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • kiara, 47
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Leandro, 47
    Brasília, Brazil
  • Emma, 24
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Dimitry, 31
    Atlanta, USA
  • Shuga , 26
    Abuja, Nigeria
  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia

Unlike Asian women, Asian men aren’t usually fetishized by women all over the world: while the huge popularity of anime has made Japanese (and most Asians in general) women extremely popular, there is no such thing happening with Asian men. At the same time, the enormous popularity of K-pop has created a league of fangirls who adore the very unique handsomeness of Korean men: their appearance is often far from a masculine one, but ladies all over the world find them extremely attractive. Anyway, appearance is not everything which makes Asian men so interesting and likeable: their upbringing and dating culture are often pretty different from what Western people are used to, so dating Asian guys can be a great improvement for every Western woman. There are lots of things which make us different - but there are also lots of things which make us more interesting and exciting to explore and know better.

Appearance is not everything which makes Asian men so interesting and likeable.

Dating a Chinese guy can be an amazing experience: these guys have lots of great qualities which definitely make them stand out. Hardworking, patient, reliable, loyal and caring Chinese men are often underestimated by foreign women who have never tried to date them: a Chinese boyfriend can surprise you a lot and become the only guy for you in your life who can also potentially become a great husband and father. In many cases, the stereotypes about Asian men decrease their chances to date Western women, but in reality, most of these stereotypes are absolutely wrong. Women who don’t blindly believe in cliches can sometimes win a great prize - so don’t be afraid to experiment!

What dating a Chinese guy is like

a portrait of a serious mature asian man outdoors

China is a country with huge historical heritage and its unique culture which has influenced its modern dating culture a lot. Because of the high Chinese population, Chinese people tend to be very hardworking and persistent: their upbringing and the necessity to compete has made them extremely tough and ready to put most of their effort to accomplish great results. It’s seen not only in their education and work but also in their relationships: it’s pretty customary in China to compete over a lady’s attention and to try hard to persuade her that a guy can be a great provider and a reliable potential husband. In China, nothing can be accomplished easily: these people can teach people all over the world to work super hard and achieve their goals because hard work pays off.

It’s pretty customary in China to compete over a lady’s attention and to try hard to persuade her that a guy can be a great provider and a reliable potential husband.

Chinese men have lots of qualities which make them amazing boyfriends and potential husbands: they can impress women all over the world with their reliability, loyalty, their readiness to help and to provide for their women, their serious approach to dating and creating a family. While lots of Western guys date to entertain themselves, most Chinese guys date when they understand that they are ready to find a very special woman to create a family with. They are not into fruitless dating or random hookups: for most Chinese men, dating is a long-term process which usually leads to marriage and creation of a family, so they prefer to know their partners as good as they can at their comfortable pace. Lots of Chinese men are much more mature and serious about dating than many Western guys: that kind of dating is perfect for women who are tired of immature boys interested only in one-night stands or short relationships without any responsibilities.

Though there are lots of stereotypes about every nationality on Earth, we shouldn’t forget that they are only stereotypes which shouldn’t influence your perception of all people living in the country - especially if you don’t know them personally. We’re all different, and all Chinese guys are different as well: people’s family bonds, standards of living, their friends and upbringing - all these things are extremely important in forming their character. There are lots of genetic factors which can influence their appearance as well: yes, Chinese men can be tall, they can be very masculine and attractive, they can be muscular and strong just like men from other countries. They also can be very energetic, funny, extremely intelligent, humorous and charming - just like guys from other countries of different corners of Earth. But there are also some things which are often pretty common for many Chinese guys and their dating customs:

  • Chinese guys don’t date for benefits like green cards or free English lessons. They are not that shallow: just like any other men, Chinese guys are interested in dating real people with their personalities, interests and characters. It’s often considered inappropriate for Chinese men to have many benefits like that from their girlfriends: a Chinese man is typically seen as a provider, not a receiver. Besides, they have lots of other opportunities to improve their English or to have their green cards, so dating foreigners is never “an easy option” for them. These men are not that mercenary: they don’t use women to achieve their goals;
  • These people date with serious intentions. Though many young men prefer not to have any serious relationships until they’re about 30, there are lots of Chinese men who are interested in creating families pretty soon. They often see casual dating as fruitless because it doesn’t lead to marriage: it’s usually better for a Chinese guy to find a good girl who can later become his wife than to date lots of attractive women just to break up with them later. Chinese men are not obsessed with marriage: it’s their culture which declares that marriage is always a result of a great and stable relationship. Therefore, they don’t rush things: they want to be sure that their lady is the one for them;
  • Family is very important for Chinese people. Parents play a significant role in Chinese people’s lives: these people can sacrifice everything they have to help their children to succeed. At the same time, they are often pretty strict with their children: they try their best to have a good life for their kids. Therefore, a parent has a huge authority in their children’s eyes: their opinions and advice are always valued there. Lots of Chinese people help their parents after they grow up because looking after their seniors is customary there;
  • They can feel very shy and unconfident. Lots of Chinese men who study or work abroad feel pretty shy while dating foreign women because of their traditional views: a guy often feels like he should provide and care for his woman, and it’s not that easy to accomplish when you’re an expat and your lady is a girl from a comparatively rich family. They are afraid that they can disappoint their girlfriends, so they tend to work even harder to be able to provide even more: a Chinese man is usually seen as a breadwinner of his family, so it’s natural for these men to feel their duty to pay for everything on dates and to give lots of presents to their girls to show their ability to be great potential husbands and providers;
  • Chinese guys want to provide for their girls. It’s pretty customary for Chinese men to shower their ladies with presents and to serve them: this kind of chivalry allows their ladies to choose the best candidate to start a family with later. These men often want to make every wish of their girlfriends come true, so they work hard and try to be very attentive and sensitive with them. Dating a Chinese guy can be a great experience for a woman who loves caring and tactful men who are really interested in their ladies’ feelings and comfort;
  • Long-distance relationships are fine for Chinese people. Chinese guys often look for new good opportunities to have better jobs or money: they often can sacrifice their comfort and move from city to city to find the best place to settle. Therefore, lots of them feel fine to have long-distance relationships with their ladies: they understand that their ladies can’t move with them all the time, so it’s easier for him to find a good place and to invite his lady there later. Also, most Chinese men are very loyal and patient, so they often believe that long-distance relationship allows a couple to test their relationship in advance;
  • It takes time for relationships to grow. Because of how serious Chinese guys are about their relationships and intentions, they don’t hurry in their dating process. When you’re interested in finding your potential spouse, you don’t want to make any mistakes: lots of people confuse their friendships or passion for love and they break up later. A Chinese guy will never be pushy or too intrusive with you: he wants his woman to feel comfortable and ready to make their relationship more serious.

How to date a Chinese guy correctly

a young asian man wearing a suit is smiling outdoors

There are a few things you should remember about dating a Chinese guy in advance:

  • Don’t be pushy. Chinese men tend to be chasers who feel their need to conquer their women: when they understand that a lady is too assertive and pushy, it might be seen as strange and suspicious. At the same time, lots of Chinese guys are pretty shy, so it’s fine for ladies to be initiative sometimes - especially in the very beginning of relationships. A Chinese guy should feel that you accept and respect him - and after that, he’ll take a leading role in your relationship and will make everything possible to improve it;
  • Avoid discussing stereotypes or cliches about Asian people. Just like many cliches, stereotypes about nationalities are pretty frustrating and tiring: a person might feel like you see them not as a personality but as a mixture of cliches you’ve heard about them. Avoid hurting his feelings and concentrate on his personality instead: try to forget that he’s Chinese and pay more attention to the fact that he’s a man in the first place;
  • Create a good impression on his family. If you want your relationship to be more successful and serious, then put an effort into creating a great first impression on his relatives. If his parents understand that you’re a good and reliable girl, then they won’t be pushy or suspicious towards you and will approve of your relationship. It’s mentally easier for a Chinese guy to know that his family supports his choice, so don’t make it any harder for him;
  • Don’t abuse his wish to serve you. Though a Chinese guy will probably try his best to please you and to serve you, it doesn’t mean that you should become more and more demanding every day. It’s not a game when he tries to win your favour again and again: if you’re already in a relationship, then he just tries to care for you and to prove that your choice was correct. A lady who always wants more and more is someone who can’t become a good long-term partner or a wife because she doesn’t value things which are done for her- so it’s a deal-breaker;
  • If you’re not ready for some serious relationships - then make it clear. Lots of Chinese men see marriage as a logical result of dating, so if you have another opinion - then it’s better to be clear about it. Though no one forces you to become married to a man you know for a week only, it’s important to know whether you consider this option available or not. In case you only want something casual it’s better not to waste your and this guy’s time;
  • Don’t assume he’s not masculine or manly. Though many young Chinese men are comparatively skinny and young-looking, it doesn’t mean that they are any fewer men than guys of other nationalities. Don’t treat your Chinese boyfriend like he’s younger or less experienced than he is because this attitude can be offensive. Instead, enjoy the fact that he will probably look young and attractive for a really long time.

Try dating Chinese guys on

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If you are interested in Asian culture and Chinese history and would like to see lots of amazing artefacts and sights of this country, then it can be a great idea for you to visit China: it can become not only your opportunity to explore this unique culture and atmosphere but also to meet an attractive Chinese guy who is open to dating and relationships with you. But even if you have no opportunity to go to China, there are lots of other chances to meet a Chinese partner and date them. There are lots of Chinese expats living in other countries of the world who have a good knowledge of the language of the country they live in and who are already used to its customs and habits. You can also try online dating to communicate and date handsome Chinese men: regardless of your location or your knowledge of Chinese language, this approach can open lots of doors for you and help you to meet your significant other for relationships with them.

You can also try online dating to communicate and date handsome Chinese men.

Online dating has already become extremely popular among people of different countries: people communicate, meet and date with their real soulmates every day with the help of different online dating services. This approach has lots of advantages: it’s more convenient and comfortable for introverted and shy people who prefer to know a person better before meeting them in real life, it’s fast, safe and allows them to communicate with new people without leaving your house. Dating online means looking for someone who is not only physically attractive but also like-minded, mentally compatible and has the same views, interests and relationship goals as you. It’s still exciting and interesting to meet a person for the first time when you already have been talking for a while and know a lot about each other’s characters, interests and preferences. Also, online dating knows no limits and unites people from different countries: singles can socialize and communicate within their groups of interest or experiment and learn something new. is one of the most popular online dating services which has already created thousands of happy couples all over the globe. Its searching algorithm and matching system have already helped many people to find their soulmates and potential partners: whether you’re interested in dating locally or in finding your partner abroad, it’s always easier to start stable and mature relationships with someone similar to you in many ways. Sort your potential partners by their age, appearance, nationality, interests, hobbies, views, religion and goals to meet people who are truly perfect for you: match with attractive singles and create your own love story online. Love knows no limits, so meet your perfect Chinese partner on!

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