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There are lots of things which come to mind when you think about Ireland: Celtic motives, red-headed people, alcohol and Irish dance, St. Patrick’s day and Irish accent - all these things attract tourists and make them fall in love with this country and its people. This place surely has its atmosphere: whether you want to enjoy its nature or to visit lots of local bars, you should definitely go to Ireland. This place has its story and culture which won’t leave you indifferent - at least one aspect of this country will definitely be liked by you a lot.

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There are lots of famous Irish men who are loved by women all over the world because of amazing features they have: they are handsome, humorous, insanely charismatic and they definitely have something magnetic about them. If you’re interested in finding your red-haired (probably) and charismatic Irish partner, then you definitely should know more about them and what to expect from dating an Irish guy.

How to date an Irish guy and what you should know about it

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Ireland is an European country which is also a part of the United Kingdom: it’s location and history have created a pretty unique culture and customs which are clearly seen in its people and their views. Irish people dislike being bored and they can withstand lots of difficulties in their lives. They love their country and its traditions, they are pretty interested in sports and they know a lot about different kinds of alcohol which is often associated with this country. They might appear as too loud or hot-tempered sometimes, but it can’t describe everyone: just like in many other countries, people are different, and so their characters and preferences.

Irish people dislike being bored and they can withstand lots of difficulties in their lives.

There are lots of stereotypes about almost every country in the world: it’s hard to remember at least one which is not surrounded by stereotypes about its life and people. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to distinguish a line where cliches end and truth begins: this like is usually pretty subtle and is based on a person’s own experience of dealing with people of different nations. Therefore, there are many things which can describe Irish guys, but it’s always better to create your own opinion by talking to them and knowing them better. At the same time, there are a few things you should know in advance about them:

  • They are charming. Their charisma is hard to explain for anyone who is not familiar with Irish guys, but there’s definitely something special about the way they smile, wink and speak. Even their accent is something which attracts lots of women all over the world and makes their knees weaker;
  • They are funny to be around. Lots of Irish guys have a unique and irresistible sense of humour: they can make you smile and laugh a lot and you can even look at many things differently after spending time with an Irish man;
  • They drink a lot. It doesn’t mean that they are all alcoholics, but lots of them can find at least a few reasons to drink a pint of beer at any moment of their life. Remembering that lots of Irish alcohol is pretty good it’s easy to understand why;
  • They love good food. Though not every Irish man is a great chef, there are lots of opportunities to be well-fed when you’re in Ireland: for instance, if you’re invited to meet his family, then expect to be fed with lots of delicious homemade dishes, so leave a bit of space in your stomach before going there. Don’t even try to refuse because it can offend his mother who has cooked all these things for your visit - and Irish guys love their mommas a lot;
  • He’s not a great dancer. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like dancing: he definitely does, but he’s probably an amateur in that. Though most of these guys look a bit ridiculous and clumsy on a dancefloor, they manage to look charming in any situation;
  • They might be not very expressive when they are in love or relationships with someone, but they really care. For instance, he’ll know exactly how to make a perfect cup of tea for you or how to make you smile when you have a bad day. These guys are not afraid of giving a compliment to Irish women they like, so be ready to date a charismatic guy who can really warm up your heart.

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Ireland is definitely worth visiting for every person who loves travelling but even if you have no opportunity to go there, then you still have a chance to meet an Irish guy for dating and relationships. There are lots of opportunities to meet one in your country, but it’s even easier to find a charming and attractive Irish guy with the help of online dating services. This approach of dating has already become extremely popular all over the world: regardless of your country, goals, views or religion you can meet a decent person who’s open for dating someone new without even leaving your house.

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