Dating Irish women

Ireland is a land of amazing nature, redheads, pubs and leprechauns? Of course, all these things are mostly just stereotypes and myths about this amazing country. There are a lot of amazing people there and many people all over the world would like to date a beautiful Irish woman.

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Irish women have a very specific type of beauty which makes them outstanding and unique: though sometimes dating a local lady might be like dating American women, they still have lots of unique traits. These ladies are often very pale, have cute freckles, their hair can have different colours but often is blonde or ginger. Even though red hair is considered extremely rare in nature, this hair colour is believed to be stereotypically connected with Ireland. So if you dream of a beautiful ginger lady - then you should think about dating an Irish woman.

These women are often portrayed as brave, strong, loyal, courageous and caring. If you dream of a tender flower, who can instantly turn into a warrior maiden ready to protect things and people she loves - the Irish ladies are definitely for you. They are strong and tempered and they prefer their men to suit them well - so it’s up a time to remember that deep inside you’re a warrior and a knight too. Be humorous, romantic and behave like a gentleman - and every Irish woman will appreciate it!

What you should know about dating Irish women

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Even though Ireland is a European country and has a lot of dating customs and traditions which are pretty common to European ones, there are still some specific features of Irish character you need to remember about. Even though in general Irish ladies are gorgeous and cheerful, there are still some sensitive topics you need to avoid and rules you have to follow.

Choose your words carefully

It’s not a surprise that Irish people can be pretty hot-tempered and there are some sensitive topics you shouldn’t touch if you don’t want to see your lady getting furious. Just like in many countries, avoid speaking about politics, don’t judge the local culture, don’t say unpleasant things about her relatives and don’t forget to compliment your Irish girl. There is a tendency among girls to claim (sometimes as a joke, but in most cases, it’s probably not) that they are “fine”, “grand” and “gorgeous”. It might be a special way to boost their confidence or to scare the wrong men away, so don’t act surprised and compliment her as well.

There is a tendency among girls to claim (sometimes as a joke, but in most cases, it’s probably not) that they are “fine”, “grand” and “gorgeous”.

You'll probably wait a lot

Irish people are not considered very punctual in general, and Irish women tend to be late a lot. If she says she’ll be there in 20 minutes, have a beer and prepare to wait for an hour.

Buy her a drink

It’s pretty traditional in Ireland to buy a round of drinks for everyone around the table, so everyone tries to pay for beer and cocktails at least once a night. You should expect your lady to be very persistent in her will to pay, but there is a moment to say “no” and take responsibility. Even though she might look very reluctant, she is actually very delighted and pleased inside.

Be ready to warm her

Irish ladies are famous for being cold regardless of weather and season. If you spend a lot of time outdoors with her, be ready to offer her your warm jacket or a cup of hot tea. Irish women love tea, so it might be a great opportunity to spend some time together in a warm and cosy Irish cafe.

Meet Irish women on

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Online dating has become one of the most popular ways to find a partner in the modern world. Instead of awkward approaches and misunderstandings, people choose to find someone who suits all the standards and are interested in dating and communication. More than that, online dating saves a lot of time and effort and helps people to socialize at any moment - they just need to have internet access. It’s a great opportunity for people dating over 30 as well: it helps everyone to stay connected with the world.

Online dating saves a lot of time and effort and helps people to socialize at any moment.

If you want to find single Irish women ready for dating, then is the best choice for you. Thousands and thousands of attractive people from your local area and all over the world are waiting for their love, so you have a great chance to find a perfect soulmate. Your redhead love is looking for you right now, so help her to find you!

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