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Italy is a place where both your soul and body can rest: it’s a beautiful place full of wonders and beautiful things which are loved by millions of people all over the world. Italy is perfect not only for relaxing but also for exploring and wandering around: it’s a country with huge cultural heritage and rich history which can impress everyone interested in culture and its artefacts. Lots of stunningly beautiful old architecture, amazing views, many museums and art galleries full of various masterpieces - everything can be found there. People of culture come to Italy not only to relax but also to recharge their emotions and feelings and to enjoy communication with not only attractive but also interesting and developed people. There are lots of culture lovers there: if you’re interested in meeting someone who loves art and beauty as much as you do, then Italy is perfect for you.

  • Adrian Q, 32
    Hangzhou, China
  • MAX, 43
    London, United Kingdom
  • Natalya, 50
    Bari, Italy
  • Tatyana, 47
    Phoenix, USA
  • Irina, 43
    Helsinki, Finland
  • Shuga , 26
    Abuja, Nigeria
  • Emily, 43
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Abe, 26
    Shanghai, China, China
  • Emma, 24
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Adelina, 29
    Jiaxing, China
  • Violetta, 43
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Noah, 49
    Sydney, Australia

Another great reason to visit this country is amazing Italian cuisine which can satisfy almost everyone on Earth. Whether you’re a great fan of pastry, cheese, pizza and pasta or a person who prefers a very healthy diet full of seafood and fresh vegetables - Italian cuisine has something to please you. There are lots of Italians who can cook masterfully: both men and women can create a culinary masterpiece which will definitely impress you.

In many people’s eyes, Italy looks like a paradise: its excellent climate, beautiful weather and lots of delicious food attract people all over the world to come to Italy again and again. Lots of people dream of moving there and spending the rest of their lives in this amazing atmosphere: a life full of sunlight, great wine and attractive people around is something which is strongly desired by most of us. It’s a place where people truly know how to enjoy life: Italians tend to be very passionate and full of life but they prefer to live at their special pace of life without being nervous or in a hurry. A world-famous phrase “Dolce Vita” can describe Italian life a lot: it’s a country where everyone wants to love, relax and enjoy life at its fullest. Dating an Italian person is something which can bring you lots of amazing emotions: there’s a great chance to have the most beautiful date in your life there.

What is essential to know about dating an Italian guy

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Italians are well-known for being extremely attractive: their great appearance is often a combination of their perfect sense of style, great genetics, healthy diet and their ability to enjoy their life. Lots of Italians are naturally glowing: their beauty comes not only from their appearance but also from their behaviour and charisma. They radiate attractiveness: it’s extremely hard to resist their charm because of how emotional, sincere and passionate they are. There’s no surprise that women love Italian guys that much: they can easily steal ladies’ hearts with their sense of humour, stylish neat looks and their romantic nature.

They radiate attractiveness: it’s extremely hard to resist their charm because of how emotional, sincere and passionate they are.

Just like men in other countries, Italian guys love and praise beauty: there’s a huge amount of extremely attractive women in Italy. While French ladies are world-famous by their natural and seemingly careless looks, Italian women put lots of effort into looking wonderful every minute of their life. Therefore, Italian men are used to seeing extremely attractive ladies, so it’s pretty hard to surprise them: at the same time, they are very sensitive towards female beauty and they can see something attractive in most women around. Dating an Italian guy requires lots of time and effort because you should look stunning all the time, but for most women, it’s worth it: these handsome guys really know how to demonstrate their love and make a lady feel special.

Though stereotypes never reflect the whole picture of who Italian men are, lots of people still use them to simplify their attitude and opinions about them. Every person is unique because we all grow in different conditions, we’re raised in different families by different parents, we have different standards of living and different traits of character which can influence our life and accomplishments a lot. Therefore, every Italian man is unique and it’s always better to form your own opinion after knowing him in person. At the same time, lots of Italian men have some common features you should know in advance to be more successful in dating there:

  • These men definitely know how to look stunning. It’s easy to understand what attracts ladies the most: Italian guys tend to look gorgeous most of their time. Sometimes it seems that they are born with a naturally perfect sense of style: everything from their outfits to their haircuts looks amazing on them. These guys tend to combine neatness and masculinity: most of them look like they all have a casting for the role of the new James Bond. Another thing which makes them so attractive is their healthy and good-looking bodies: lots of Italians do sports and follow a healthy diet to look their best. Imagine living in a country where every day is a perfect day for a beach - these conditions make people try hard to look stunning all year long;
  • Most of the Italian men are very romantic. It’s an important part of their nature: Italians know what to do and what to say to make a lady’s heart melt. They tell lots of compliments and give lots of their attention to women they like: it might seem that they attend some special classes where they’re taught how to conquer women around. They know lots of beautiful places around and a few great restaurants to invite ladies on a date, they can do really impressive romantic gestures and they look, speak and behave the way which makes them irresistible;
  • They are very social. Italians love talking and communication takes a very important place in their lives. Talking is vital: there’s nothing better sometimes than to spend an evening with a bottle of good wine in a company of old friends. Most Italians have lots of friends and acquaintances: don’t be surprised to see your Italian boyfriend talking to almost every person he sees outdoors because he might actually know all of them. Dating an Italian guy means spending lots of your spare evening in groups of friends enjoying conversations, delicious food and good company;
  • They are extremely passionate. Their passion is seen in the way they cook, talk, communicate, date and dress: they have so much creativity, energy and willingness to express themselves that it’s always easy to spot an Italian person almost everywhere in the world. Their passion will be definitely seen in their relationships: they know how to love as strong and beautiful as it’s portrayed in romantic movies on TV. At the same time, their passion often results in jealousy and their hot temper, so be ready for them making scenes from time to time;
  • Many Italian guys cook really well. Food is sacred in Italy, and there’s no surprise because their food is delicious. Italians love eating and cooking, so lots of men can cook at least a few dishes masterfully: lots of them become real chefs in the kitchen. Therefore, most Italians expect their ladies to cook well too: of course, no one can compare to their Moms (because these women are simply irreplaceable in Italian men’s lives), but learn at least a few nice dishes in advance;
  • They know how to enjoy life at its fullest. These people know a great balance between work and relaxation: everything in Italy lives at a very special place. These people love communication, they enjoy life in detail and try to have as many emotions as they can from every day of their lives - and that might be the secret of them being so full of life. Italians attract people around and radiate positivity - so date a handsome Italian man to turn your life into an endless holiday!

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Italy is a country which is definitely worth visiting by everyone who loves history, culture, good food and attractive men. At the same time, visiting Italy is not the only opportunity to find your Italian guy for dating and relationships: nowadays more and more people try online dating because of its effectiveness, security and comfort. It doesn’t matter where you are and who you are looking for: there are thousands of attractive singles online who are open to the idea of finding someone special for dating and relationships. People of different ages, religions, nationalities, views and goals go online to communicate and socialize: it’s extremely easy to find new friends and potential partners with the help of your gadget and internet. Whether you travel all the time or rarely leave your house, online dating allows you to talk to handsome singles at any moment of your free time: just go online and start a dialogue.

People of different ages, religions, nationalities, views and goals go online to communicate and socialize. is one of the most popular online dating sites which can help you to start dating an Italian man of your dreams. Whether you’re interested in a small romantic adventure or a long story of a stable relationship, the service allows you to meet a suitable person for communication and dating. Online dating knows no limits: whether you want to find your potential partner locally or abroad, you can use a searching algorithm to find the most suitable person for you. The best relationships start with mutual understanding and great compatibility, so allows you to sort your potential partners not only by their age, nationality or appearance but also their relationship goals, interests and hobbies. Learn your partner better before meeting in real life for the first time and you’ll have an amazing experience of dating someone who you already know but who is a new person to you at the same time.

Create an account and write about yourself and your preferences to let your potential partners find you. Tell the world about who you are and who you are looking for: write only truthful facts because this information can influence your potential relationships a lot! Match with handsome and interesting Italian guys online and use direct text messages on the platform or live chats to communicate and know them better. Your perfect Italian partner is waiting for you online - so join and let him find you!

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