Dating single Swedish guys

Swedish guys are one of the most desirable grooms on the planet. Sweden, first of all, is a country of strong, calm and self-confident men. This Scandinavian state cannot be called a popular tourist destination, and its main asset is its people. And, it should be noted, government agencies are doing everything to ensure that the local population lives well. The general standard of living and social guarantees here are among the highest in the world. All these factors make marriage in Sweden a very attractive option for single girls. But won't the difference in mentality make living together impossible? And what are Swedes in general? Now let's try to figure it out.

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Reasons to marry in Sweden


Striving for peace and stability, many women begin to think “I want to marry a Swede,” and it is difficult to blame them for this. The Swedes are an example of ideal husbands, loving, capable not only of financially providing for their spouse, but also helping with the housework.

The Swedish husband does not find it shameful to put things in order in the house, prepare food for the family, raise children and perform other household duties, which are considered exclusively "female" in our country. If anywhere it makes sense to talk about democracy in the family, it is in Sweden! And our women are right when they think that they will create an ideal family by marrying a Swede.

If anywhere it makes sense to talk about democracy in the family, it is in Sweden.

To begin with, you should learn about the characteristics of Swedish men, and what to expect from them in relationships and marriage. If you can take some averaged version, then the main qualities of the Swedes can be called reliability, integrity, sentimentality, some shyness and laconicism. Men here are essentially loners, they are comfortable spending time at work or in household chores that are not at all a burden to them, whether it be repairing or swaddling a baby. The thoroughness and curiosity of the Swedes is manifested in literally everything, they constantly analyze the situation and are not afraid to ask questions, this applies to the social and even sexual sphere of relations.

Life with a Sweden man looks like Heaven

Swedes are very beautiful and stylish men, they keep in good shape for a long time, they have love for sports since childhood. If you are suddenly worried that the Swede can look around, then it is important to understand that they value comfort and inner harmony very much. Your Swede will not run away from you, if he has already decided to marry, then he understands all the responsibility. Moreover, it is very difficult for him to get to know someone somewhere, in Sweden many rules and restrictions have been created for men, and they themselves are quite modest.

The Swedes are very caring husbands, they will gladly cook you dinner, buy warm clothes for the winter, prepare a beautiful date, take care of the children if you need to relax. Moreover, this is not an exception, or some kind of holiday once a year. It is an everyday practice of family life in Sweden.

If they love you, they will open up gradually, and you will be happy to see more and more good qualities in them.

Almost all men in Sweden are fond of design and home improvement, they like to assemble furniture themselves and buy some things to create home comfort. That is why your home will be your “safe place”, where everything will be done for you, with taste and comfort.The character of the Swedes is cold only outwardly, inside they are very open and kind. If they love you, they will open up gradually, and you will be happy to see more and more good qualities in them. They are calm, rarely come into conflict, sometimes it's even difficult to find out what they might not like. Only if you ask a direct question will they answer honestly.They are easy-going, you will often go to nature, some kind of music or sporting events. Most likely, your family will have many common interests - this is important for Swedes.

Paradoxical people… Life with a Swedish guy would be interesting


To say that Swedes are paradoxical as a nation is to say nothing. Swedes mostly are terrible homebodies and proprietors: the average inhabitant of this Northern kingdom has a very difficult time trying to get along with people. At the same time, a huge number of public associations successfully exist in Sweden, which unite people according to various interests, social problems they are worrying about and so on. People just get together and communicate.

They can remain faithful and even love each other with a special Swedish love.

Only in Sweden there is one strange custom: people who are officially married can live separately, meeting once a week or even once a month. At the same time, they can remain faithful and even love each other with a special Swedish love. There is also another extreme - often people live together not bothering to officially register relationships. And they can live like that for decades, give birth to children, die, and never create an official union.

Another myth that begs to be debunked is Swedish tolerance towards foreigners. Of course, there is no obvious discrimination here, and there is no infringement of the rights of first generation immigrants. But it is impossible for a foreigner to take a managerial position in a Swedish company, under no circumstances and never, no matter how high his professional and personal qualities are. The only exceptions are the closest neighbors - the Dutch and Norwegians, whose culture is very similar to the Swedish culture and customs. So you can see how “easy” would be your path, if you have strong intentions to find a Swedish partner and keep his company in Sweden. All life spheres are very unique there.

Swedes: very emotional people

There are many stereotypes about the inhabitants of the country of Scandinavia. That they are, they say, emotionless and difficult to communicate with. This is not entirely true. Indeed, Danes, Finns and Swedes may seem much more relaxed than we are used to thinking of them, especially when compared to other Europeans. Italians and Spaniards, compared to them, are simply a never-ending fountain of emotions. However, the same Swedes can in no way be called absolutely incapable of communication. Quite the opposite. This is especially evident in their behavior in romantic relationships. The Swede always approaches them with meticulousness and seriousness characteristic of this nation. If something does not suit you in your life together, do not be afraid to tell him about it. The Swede will always meet you halfway and will do everything possible to somehow improve the situation.

This is where all the Swedes are - even to such a subtle matter as love, they try to approach as clearly and rationally as possible. They can be called pedants, they prefer to do everything on schedule. This makes them very organized and punctual. Planning is one of the favorite activities of most Swedes.

What is about Family and Children

The Swedish family in most cases is not official. They live in civil marriages - this status has exactly the same legal effect as an ordinary marriage. The Swedes prefer it because this type of relationship is much easier to dissolve (divorce in an official marriage is very expensive and lengthy), while everyone will remain with his own - this type of relationship does not provide for any "jointly acquired property". At the same time, the attitude towards this type of marriage is quite serious - for many years they live in perfect harmony and do not think about the fact that it is possible to sign "for real".

Family responsibilities in Sweden are divided equally between husband and wife - everyone does what he or she can. For example, a man will never shy away from the opportunity to sit with a child. It is not uncommon for a wife to work, and a husband, along with his friends and their children, walks somewhere in the park or sits his pants in a sandpit. This is normal practice in Sweden.

A man will never shy away from the opportunity to sit with a child.

Children in local families are raised independent; Swedish culture does not provide for long-term care for them. Most often, the child lives with his parents until the age of 18, after which he tries to move out to a rented apartment. This does not mean a complete break in the relationship, but the young man most likely will not appear regularly asking for money.

Swedes are not the most strict educators, but they are not the most indifferent to the behavior of children. Recently, family values ​​have come into vogue. More and more young people prefer old-fashioned wedding ceremonies with feasts in the banquet halls, visiting churches. The concept of "Swedish family", meaning the life of several partners together, is absent here. It is just a myth.

How and where can you meet a Swede


In fact, recently Swedish men are increasingly looking for a potential spouse abroad. The fact is that Swedes are becoming more and more emancipated and more often begin to play the role of the main family member. Not everyone likes this, and not many want to put up with this state of affairs. So marriage with a Swede has long ceased to be a pipe dream - now it is not just possible to do this, but rather easy. You just need to know how and where to look.

The path most people take is to search free dating sites. This method, however, has many hidden and very significant disadvantages. By registering on such sites, you automatically agree that your personal data becomes visible to other visitors of the site. Of course, you might not risk it and cheat in some moments, however, this way you initially deceive your potential groom, even if you find him on the site. By the way, your interlocutor can do the same - before a personal meeting, you are unlikely to get the opportunity to check whether he indicated the truth in all the points of his profile. The administration of such resources does not have the ability to verify the information of people - it only provides a platform for it.

So, do you want to marry in Sweden?

Swedes are very fond of home comfort and home cooking. Therefore, if the future wife is also good at cooking, then it will be appreciated. The family usually has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

The Swedes themselves are very kind and helpful people, always ready to help. They are reliable, punctual, principled, sentimental and reticent. And they are, like children, naive and do not know how to lie. They never complain about life, because they are quite happy with it, but they also do not like to listen to whiners, since a whiner can "curdle blood" and "kill" the mood of even the happiest person in the world.

Swedish men know how to make you happy. They can be romantic and generous with gifts, they like to arrange pleasant surprises. They value home comfort, they also love homemade food, pastries, and the culinary skills of their love will be highly appreciated by them, despite the fact that most of the men know how and love to cook. In general, the Swedes combine independence and successful self-realization with the ability to be a part of the family, although modern young girls often prefer not to officially marry a Swede, but go for a “civil marriage” without registering a relationship.

If you want to make new interesting acquaintances, Sweden is a country of open, friendly and cheerful people, here you can find a pleasant company and meet your destiny. Swedes, like many Europeans, like attractive and caring girls, as many Swedish marriage agencies say, and there are lots of singles you can find on the best Swedish dating websites. Sweden is ideal for a quality life, it is easy to adapt here and truly fall in love with this amazing European country and it’s men. Go for your happiness!

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